The Dragon Chronicles The Maidens of Heavenly Mountians

The one who solves Hermit Ding's chess game will learn the secrets of becoming the grand master of martial arts...

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Author A Jalapeño (3 months)
Strong cheese. But the comic relief characters portrayed by Cheung Man (張敏)
and Frankie Lam (林文龍) made it worthwhile.

Author lee yang (2 months)
gong li is so pretty. why she didn't do bride with white hair lol.

Author KoroRoopu (3 months)
Lol, I had no idea what was going on most of the time but it was
entertaining nonetheless and the women are unbelievably gorgeous. Are there
anymore movies like this? :D

Author Hanafi Ariffin (5 months)
11.36~11.43 It is Power Rangers assemble

Author ravi thapa (8 months)

Author Chuevayee Bliaya (9 months)
you have to love Mrs. Lin

Author taillefond eric (9 months)
i like 

Author James Banner (10 months)

Author clint eastwood (11 months)
the women are beautiful

Author 吳宗鴻 (1 year)

Author hrrslnz (2 years)
Did somebody say "Dragonball?lol

Author edwin manaoat (1 year)
idiot monk

Author Sam Lei (1 year)
not only the know Greek Myth Icarus and all
about flying..the Wright Brother (Americans) also about flying..not only
Chinese but all of mankind and it is no longer a can now
fly...ride an airplane

Author willlee780 (2 years)
great comedy! couldn't stop laughing =) thx!

Author Maheshwar Tuladhar (1 year)
one word for you .. PORN ..

Author complexbrother (2 years)
dig it !!! thank you for posting this.

Author shiningh dark (2 years)
Love this Movies ,,Heros=Strong Female,,Not Stupid Arnold's,Sly,(ill bee
WACK) Movies,,The last hour was great,,.

Author IronGaz (2 years)
This looks like its bootlegged and I mean the type of bootlegged where you
sit in the theater and record the film. If so well done, its pretty clear.

Author kevin franklin (2 years)
this is fucking hilarious! hahahaha!!

Author tonyooi2000 (2 years)
This movie is one of the best all time favourite of Hong Kong. Thank you.

Author chocola917 (2 years)
Is tat Gong Li i c??

Author Hood Mustaffa (2 years)
the monk is hopeless

Author youngjohnny1 (2 years)
There was supposed to be 2 sequences to this with stephen chow playing Duan
Yu and Jackie Chan playing Xiao Feng.

Author Chandimal Harischandra (2 years)
they use nuclear weapons wow they flying......P

Author Anna Kim Reilly (1 year)
This movie is so funny...1:23. "One side's cold the other is hot...i'm
dying, i'm dying!"

Author ustcsuperman (1 year)

Author Catherine You (2 years)
the best versions are on VHS ;)

Author cher vue (2 years)
lol she smart making him cut off his own leg

Author makemap (1 year)
what he implies could be a lower gravity like the moon! Not machines.

Author Ladytron (1 year)
Nice movie.. very entertaining. Thanks.. :)

Author CNX625 (2 years)
For a second i thought the subtitle said "shitting stance"

Author msmsSnail (2 years)
Zhang, Min- 张敏。 She is super pretty~

Author Anna P (1 year)
Have some respect for the elderly.... They made us smile with there acting

Author Baerchenization (2 years)
flying chicks with lasers :)

Author ronnie3027 (2 years)
thnx a lott this is my favoritemovie al time

Author Ethan K. (2 years)
Yeah i noticed that too

Author Boston915 (1 year)
PLEASE, learn to spell... all the power transmitted... because I didn't SEE
him MAKE use of it...

Author Danijel Cajkas (1 year)
so where is Goku?

Author Elohim Masami (1 year)
Nice movie but I was completely lost through it all

Author Catherine You (2 years)
One of my favs

Author Tom Buis (1 year)
thank you God for beautiful Chinese women

Author Abdul Tikas Dalandas (1 year)
Chinese has this dream that human can fly. But it's just dream so far.

Author saiyansoul (2 years)
absolute fooking craziness..4.5/5 stars.

Author moodswyng (2 years)
WELL WELL WELL can anyone spell VHS?

Author derrick phillips (1 year)
i was lost since the beginning

Author Jerry Vang (1 year)
AHHHHHHHHH I love those three BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEIR
ACTING! I havent seen those actors since I was a child! and watching their
movies!!!!! But its a shame that they are now OLD as FREAK lol

Author lwc888 (2 years)
choppy plot... seems some scenes were edited out

Author Adnan Krajisnik (1 year)
Loved it. :)

Author Sol Rosenberg (1 year)
It's supposed to be based on Louis Cha's novel "Demi Gods & Semi Devils"
but they changed the plot so much to the point that I found the whole movie

Author Gammel Prutte (1 year)
Very entertaining, thank you.

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