Let's Play Killing Floor: Episode 1 - Part 1

Good evening/day ladies and mentlegen! This is Dr.Nick and today I thought I would share and explain the glorious game that is Killing Floor! I go over some basics of the game, a common tactic or two, and you get you get to watch me cut zombies to pieces in the process. Mayhem ensues. Enjoy!

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Author D:_Muffle_:D (3 years)
at the start i tought you said hell o youtube cuz the computer lagged a bit

Author purpleminininjas (3 years)
you cinvinsed me to get the game ur awesome =)

Author Tyrone Lannister (3 years)
sweet vid man keep up the great work :)

Author Teh_HellsD3mon (3 years)
how come every1 said mac 10 blows IT RAPES just use semi auto fire by
clicking middle mouse

Author Teh_HellsD3mon (3 years)
@purpleminininjas lol can some 1 buy me killing floor im sean402g or
SEANTHEEPIC on steam add me and send i will get u bf3 on christmas

Author Jesus The Barbarian (2 years)
@Therealdrnick Another subscriber for you. Thanks for the vid, I'm liking
it :)

Author GameNameLoel (2 years)
Katana <3 I like this vid.

Author L33TBeasTtttt (3 years)
first lol only joking cool vid dude killing floor is an awsome game and i
really want it so bad you just got 1 more subscriber keep making vids dude
your awsome

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