Lake Christie, bobbed deuce

Well, got some more vids of the Steelsoldiers Fall Rausch Creek Rally. This deuce was lifted 10" on 1600x20's. This thing was a monster but, sometimes even the biggest trucks need a small tug to get out of a sticky situation.

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Author GUILLOTINE (5 months)
Тут ребята "Урал" нужен, это его стихия!!!

Author PAHardcore570 (6 months)
Not even close to a Cummins. This is the sound that Cummins and all
manufactures want. It is a multifuel. Its a M35a2 cut to make a large
pickup. The bed and tires and lift are after market. The motor has been
turned up for fuel but has an egt gauge to watch temperatures. This is
nowhere near the sound of a Detroit. 

Author Bluewater Traveler (11 months)
Whos got the keys to the Dozer? I am stuck!!! 

Author DoYouWannaDiee (2 years)
im looking into buying a old military truck, 4x4.. no need for dual wheels,
what exactly is this model called..its exactly what id like to have

Author woshidapeng (3 years)
thats wicked, too bad he got stuck

Author clark robinson (2 years)
first off thanks to deuceman and now lets straightin out the retards....not
a cummins. all things cool are not cummins and the only thing that sounds
like a deuce is a deuce..."rootin" would not help its just that deep and i
was gonna try anyway the only reson i quit when i did is the water was
inches from the intake and i didnt want to swamp it if u had any real
experience offroad u would have seen that so NO it wouldent have made it
dumb dumb...MOMENTUM, impossible to build any and have

Author Jsd8675 (3 years)
MOMENTUM, STUPID. Pick up a physics book.

Author kermitdefrog69 (3 years)
"Pretty deep over here, gonna have to get a chain!"

Author jakeisawesomeization (1 year)
Sounds like a cummins

Author david mcfarlan (1 year)
Why does he always let OFF right when he gets dropped in? wtf is that. grab
gear and get some wheel speed up. Guess id need to have been there right?

Author housewhere (2 years)
Sweet. I built the same thing. Went wheeling at my friends ATV park this
past Friday and buried it due to broken axle. Got a D5 dozer buried as well
trying to pull it out. Good times.

Author cgspeeddemon1 (4 years)
thats what you get for ditching that perfectly good 3rd axle

Author yepyepyep oh yep (3 years)

Author NHenry166 (2 years)
Can you make these street legal

Author 67dueceman (2 years)
@weaselclaw learn to type before posting comments.

Author 932fast4u (3 years)
sounds awsome

Author eLiTexSickboy (3 years)
take this al gore...

Author magnis madox (2 years)
so how did you get it out?

Author RebelRider2010 (3 years)
@Jsd8675 Truck is geared far to low to pick up any momentum

Author weaselclaw (2 years)
Learn how 2 go rootin before u go in a mudwhole. That truck could of easily
made it out of there

Author clark robinson (2 years)
power left over when you run out of speed, consult your physics book for
info on gearing and such.... THE TURBO is not and was not smoked be couse
im not retarded i use a pyro to monitor the egt so it dosent burn
up....GOIN TO FAST spinning the wheels to clean out the tire tred... come
on offroad 101.........afraid of sustained periods of throttle. not a
chance!! not point in mashing it when your goin straight down......... so
for all you retards out there infront of your computers insted of

Author Duckyistrippin (2 years)
they are street legal.

Author bodyart3344 (1 year)
do you need air brake endorsement to drive that thing?

Author vtunimog (3 years)
the duece is so stiff I would worry that with the oversized tires the COG
would be so far off that it would either nose over or tip easily. Looks
like great fun though ! the sound of the turbo reminds of the air cooled
tatra's or the detroits, great sound.

Author LilReddneck (3 years)
don't care what you got, you can't beat the turbo whistlin' sound of a
deuce and a half... GOD I WANT ONE!!!!!

Author cam_132 (3 years)
and what does it take to lift it 10" and put those tires on it, and what
tires are on it?

Author hatemyself99 (1 year)

Author JJ_Indeed (2 years)
Sick vid. Nasty truck! I like it.

Author Mud Loving Boy (2 years)

Author 67dueceman (3 years)
@junior2004hasz I think the fuel was cranked all the way up, turbo would
have been smoked

Author international3601 (3 years)
Detroit Diesel?

Author Anthony Albert (2 years)
Bullshit, that wouldnt have happened at all

Author 1951FARMALL (3 years)
Sounds like a cummins

Author james hurlbut (1 year)
Red Neck Philosophy. If at first you can't bog it down in a mud hole try
and try again. Persistence will prevail. Jim

Author mrskater132 (3 years)
haha i was there that day i was up on the hill on the other side of the
lake ith my m715

Author bldeagle10 (2 years)
for those commenting on the motor its an LDS-465 Multifuel engine with the
"whistler" turbo.

Author VanHustler (1 year)

Author Glockenator (1 year)
It's nice to see that I'm not the only person that thinks that! Half the
time people get stuck, it's because they slow down right before hitting the
hole instead of keeping the pedal to the metal!

Author burkdogg21 (3 years)
fuckin bad ass man

Author Brandon Hickey (2 years)
imagin trying to tow that out haha

Author Estrangler X (3 years)
If only someone would have thought to build this rig with a second rear
axle; it coulda made it!

Author cam_132 (3 years)
that is sooooo sick, love the truck bro!!!!! love that sound!

Author bmpauto (1 year)
Good spot to go fishing

Author 67dueceman (3 years)
@vtunimog It was a top heavy MoFo, little too big for my taste. It still
was fun watching him try and cross the pond, even more fun trying watching
him try to make it out of the bowl we were in.

Author james madison (1 year)
Yes.Thank God for it...

Author justadbeer (2 years)
Has anyone EVER made it across?

Author vdawg1414 (3 years)
Lets see the video of the recovery!!!!!

Author clark robinson (2 years)
out in the woods where the men play shut up till your on the trail and i
can tell you your stupid in person now the truck is an m35a2 that has been
bobbed you can buy them bobbed or do it your self look at SS there are
threds there the lift was a wrecked peterbilt frame bolted to the bottom of
the deuce frame custome made hemmit wheels and a 5ton power steering box
and befor the tards come back no it was not welded to the frame becouse
thats a bad idea

Author charlietow (3 years)
@Estrangler then it would have been a super beast!

Author chidoloz z (1 year)

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