Hindu Lady Describes Islam (HINDI-URDU)

A Young Hindu Lady Miss Lata Haya from India describes Islam in her melodious voice and fascinating poetry.
Presenting to you in her own words and in her own voice.

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Author salman arief (3 months)
subhan Allah

Author Itsajit Raj (2 months)
Ab to hadd hi ho gayi chamchagiri ki...kisi ko v apne bulaoge to
wo tarrif ne 2shabd to bolegi hi na...fir ye drama kyu.....

Author mohammed naseeruddin (4 months)
reply to Hanumanchaudry,
Assalamu Alaikum, there is a contradiction in your statement. you
criticized religion of Islam and asked to read Bhagavad-Gita, but according
to Bhagavad-Gita it said coming of the last Messenger ?

Author Arvind Kedia (2 months)
Lata haya u have no right to insult oyr religion. Baap baap hi hota h or
beta beta hi hota h. Hindu hindu hi hota h nd musalman musakman hi hota h

Author Muneer Islam (2 months)
subhan Allah

Author khizar malik (4 months)
islam qabool agr kr lo to hava ke beti bun sukti ho akhrrt sunwr jay gi
allah appko muslim hone ke tofeeq de

Author Shoab Chhipa (3 months)
mashaallah kafiron dekho aur kuch sikho

Author ali warsi (2 months)
kiya alfaz isthemaal kiya hay bahuth ghoob, kiya rawangi hay. kiyathasalsul
hay ,kiya ghayalaath hay agar aap islam ki thareef na bhi karthe mae aap
ki urdu shaeri se muthasir hoon best of luck

Author Sunny Sandy (2 months)
i guess finnally she z killed by

Author sarfraz ahmad (5 months)
Rana is great man I love him from the core of my heart.May you live long!

Author zamir hussain (4 months)
nice speech 

Author roger moore (1 month)
being hindu this lady seems to know more about Islam but does not
understand that god exists in all things. She seems to be muslim girl.
TITLE should be changed to MUSLIM lady describes Islam....

Author haris hasan (2 years)

Author bilawal khan (8 months)

Author Jamal Abdul Nasir (10 months)
See & decide about Islam's wrong concept spreaded around...

Author Jay Max (9 months)
Trubute To Islam By A Hindu Lady, Lata Haya.
30th All India Shankarji Memorial 'Musha'ira', Hyderabad, AP.
(Urdu/Hindi Poetry)

Author AbdulSattar Real (9 months)
Islam as described by a Hindu lady

Author Muhammad Farooq (1 year)
Must wach

Author Real Guru (8 months)
Hindu Lady Describes Islam (HINDI-URDU):

Author kashif delvi (1 year)
too good

Author Muhammad Husnain (1 year)

Author Ravindra Singh Thakur (9 months)
This lady seems to be a fake Hindu........She is far far away from Vedanta
and Shad-Darshan. She is groping in dark, as far as her knowledge of
religions is concerned.

Author peoplepopular (10 months)
Is your mind so destructive that it can only think of Destruction?

Author shujah4ever (10 months)

Author shujah4ever (7 months)
Masha Allah

Author mukesh chauhan (10 months)
aisa hee pagalpan zakir nayak bhee karta hai youtub par ...bunderkahta hai
meri hee laal ....

Author Jay Viru (7 months)
if u want to know the greatness of any religion, watch the actions of those
people, not what they say or they have written in their holy books... by
praising religion one cannot be spiritual, but by doing good for humanity a
human can feel the divine. being spiritual is better than being religious.
jai hind

Author Ashutosh Badhwar (8 months)
yeah by insulting other religions what a shame

Author dev sharma (6 months)
i understand your emotions mr pandit ,,but you must respecct a religion,,i
know the killings of NON MUSLIM in KENYA , mass killings of hindus in
pakistan, bangladesh and even in india ,,,and i return the muslims arealso

Author ror mola (9 months)
ye Pakistani gasti hai jo Jinnah ki aulad hai.. fuck this bitch so hard..

Author DYASHANKAR (7 months)
Great … such a nice post you have written. I love and respect your thoughts.

Author Abdu Kwt (5 months)
So let them worship (Allâh) the Lord of this House (the Ka'bah in
Makkah)[106:3] O ye people! Adore your Guardian-Lord, who created you and
those who came before you, that ye may have the chance to learn
righteousness;(Pls C 2:21-24) [And say, "Ours is] the religion of Allah .
And who is better than Allah in [ordaining] religion? And we are
worshippers of Him."[2:138] Allah is the Walî (Protector or Guardian) of
those who believe He brings them out from darkness into light(C 2:255-257]

Author I. A. Khushi (7 months)
MashAllah, she is great minden, May Allah give her a lot of joy..

Author steelbody02 (10 months)
well many hindus who are urdu poets have very good urdu, better than muslim
urdu speakers, so no surprise about her urdu.

Author Kamal Fryddie (6 months)
Of course you would say that, because it's hard for the likes of you to
make ablution before praying, to place your face on the ground in
submission to God, to fast etc. everything Jesus did..........

Author razzak khan (9 months)
islam hi duniya sabse acha dharam hai ek din puri duniya me islam hoga

Author bilawal khan (8 months)

Author abdul ahad (9 months)

Author Bhudev Pandit (7 months)
secular injected lady

Author Amjad Khan (7 months)
SUBHAN ALLAH I Love U for this Madam

Author 77goify (8 months)
[Europa] A princess character in the Greek Fancy with an identity "the
almighty [power force violence] loved". Its myth didn't bear nor wasn't
used for the Humanity, but for its self-satisfaction & desire. [Jesus] -
from a Jewish wish "May something save us" > "It's God/YHWH, savior"
[Messiah] - from a Jewish custom "The oil-poured man of Israelite = King
Priest Prophet = Trinity" to mean "Holy jobs, savior". !? [Christ] - Greek
translation "Holy things be 1" to be "our Saviour". Zeus collage.

Author youandeye ziza (9 months)
July23-13. I am so glad you have come some more
are nothing but a conceited scared moron.

Author Anish Ramnath (10 months)
hindu muslim sikh ho yah isaai........ subh ke liye shouchale zaroori hai

Author Chacha Hindustani (10 months)
Judaism 5,900 Yrs old Christianity 2000 Yrs old Islam 1400 Yrs old And
Hinduism is Older Than This Earth Jews And Christians Worship only Jehovah
= Jesus Christ Muslims Worship only Allah And We Hindus Worship More than
Everybody We Have a 330 million gods and goddesses So Hinduism is GREAT

Author Gary Busey (9 months)
You seem to be a smart person can you please tell me why a lot of HINDU
people talk very bad about other religions..Does it say anywhere in your
scripts that talking bad about other believes is not in HINDUISM..

Author IshwarDas (9 months)
she must be screwing some muslim dick getting brain washed

Author jatin samant (9 months)
She is fake. When the Vedas were written, if the islam was even in

Author Afzaal Ali (9 months)
very nice

Author Mujahid Pasha (8 months)
You Are Saying Cow Urine Is Good For Health!! Could U Please Refer Me Any
Medical Books Or Doctors Suggesting Or Proving To Drink Urine Of Cow & It
Is Good For Health.???

Author shujah4ever (7 months)
You worry for 1000 people leaving Islam, yet ignorant to the fact that 1000
Hindu leaving your Hinduism and becoming Muslims and Christian under your
clough up nose. You see lots of defect in Islam but totally blind about
your Hinduism that same eating sleeping and smeling Hindus are derived in
touchable and untouchable in 21st century. Es ko kehtay hain Chirag ki Gand

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