Hindu Lady Describes Islam (HINDI-URDU)

A Young Hindu Lady Miss Lata Haya from India describes Islam in her melodious voice and fascinating poetry.
Presenting to you in her own words and in her own voice.

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Author salman arief (6 months)
subhan Allah

Author Jay Max (1 year)
Trubute To Islam By A Hindu Lady, Lata Haya.
30th All India Shankarji Memorial 'Musha'ira', Hyderabad, AP.
(Urdu/Hindi Poetry)

Author Aisha Naaz (2 years)

Author Itsajit Raj (5 months)
Ab to hadd hi ho gayi chamchagiri ki...kisi ko v apne bulaoge to
wo tarrif ne 2shabd to bolegi hi na...fir ye drama kyu.....

Author Shoab Chhipa (6 months)
mashaallah kafiron dekho aur kuch sikho

Author Aisha Naaz (2 years)

Author speren berg (11 days)
You may wish look up some Bashar videos (on the Prime Radiant, on M-theory,
on neutrinos) and lots of his other videos, e.g. on reincarnation, parallel
lives and the holographic character of our (your) universe. Contrast it
with theoretical physicists such as David Bohm and Karl Pribram. Then
decide for yourself. (on Bohm and Pribram there are good videos by someone
called Talbot). The Prime Radiant is All-That-Is. You are part of it. In
all your incarnations. Irrespective of your faith. No need to slander or
kill. There never was. It seems that physical reality is entirely different
from what we think. There is enough space for everything and everyone.

Author Awais Ahmad (19 days)
very love u sister

Author mohammed naseeruddin (7 months)
reply to Hanumanchaudry,
Assalamu Alaikum, there is a contradiction in your statement. you
criticized religion of Islam and asked to read Bhagavad-Gita, but according
to Bhagavad-Gita it said coming of the last Messenger ?

Author Ahmer Hassan (20 days)
mare pas alfaz nahee

Author Real Guru (11 months)
Hindu Lady Describes Islam (HINDI-URDU):

Author bilawal khan (11 months)

Author Anand Jha (1 month)
Chup bai

Author Muneer Islam (6 months)
subhan Allah

Author khizar malik (7 months)
islam qabool agr kr lo to hava ke beti bun sukti ho akhrrt sunwr jay gi
allah appko muslim hone ke tofeeq de

Author ali warsi (5 months)
kiya alfaz isthemaal kiya hay bahuth ghoob, kiya rawangi hay. kiyathasalsul
hay ,kiya ghayalaath hay agar aap islam ki thareef na bhi karthe mae aap
ki urdu shaeri se muthasir hoon best of luck

Author Sunny Sandy (5 months)
i guess finnally she z killed by

Author kashif delvi (1 year)
too good

Author Dilip Yadav (2 months)
Tum logo ko itna nafrad paida ho raha pure soudi wale or paki
Afghanistan isral Bangladesh. Iraq sari mulko ki taqat hain jo
india me rahne wale muslim ko apne dil me rahne ka jagah to hain
nahi.sirf bhadkau bhasan dete hain desh me aakar ke.waise hi mere desh ki
chutye loge hain jo aap log ko bula kar ke.apni brend wash krwata hain chan
jakir nayak jaise chutye ki wajah se .itne indin muslim se aap logo ko
lagaw hain to sabko rich cuntry me rahne ka jagah de taaki .us garib
bechare ko haaj ka paisa save to eisa hain hindu or muslim ko ladane
me aage hain.itna humdrdi hain to sabko haaj ka flights free kar
taqat to saare mulo me hain nahi. Aap chan muslim logo ya mula ko istemal
karte hain .ye apki saudi muslim jante baat to aap logo ko dil
or dimag me aata hi nahi. Apki mehant hi apki allah hain bhai.wahi paisa
dhan bangla car family freind.insan ke ghar mr paida hua hain faltu mulo ke
baat mat suno mera bhai.

Author Muhammad Farooq (2 years)
Must wach

Author Muhammad Husnain (1 year)

Author haris hasan (2 years)
Hindu Young Lady Describes Islam

Author Jamal Abdul Nasir (1 year)
See & decide about Islam's wrong concept spreaded around...

Author Awais Ahmad (19 days)
love u my sister 

Author ajay kumar (2 months)
chamchagiri band karo

Author osama tahir (1 year)

Author roger moore (4 months)
being hindu this lady seems to know more about Islam but does not
understand that god exists in all things. She seems to be muslim girl.
TITLE should be changed to MUSLIM lady describes Islam....

Author Malka Rani (2 months)

Author sarfraz ahmad (8 months)
Rana is great man I love him from the core of my heart.May you live long!

Author zamir hussain (7 months)
nice speech 

Author Sev Nagalingam (3 months)
once, she got converted, she will be asked to cover her face with the black
cloth. enjoy

Author AbdulSattar Real (1 year)
Islam as described by a Hindu lady

Author Malka Rani (2 months)

Author ajay kumar (2 months)
jo kare burai dusro ke vo khud be asha nai ho sakti

Author Atwood Middendorf (2 months)
tere amma ki chut chinal bhaika laudi salee......

Author understanding islam (5 months)
Holy Quran in your Language. Free and Safe Download.
God said :''Read In The name of your lord who created'' 96.01.
Plz READ Quran.

Author Ali Jan (5 months)



Author Arshad Mohsin (6 months)
अब भारत का मुसलमान ईंट का जवाब पत्थर से देगा , देखिये भगवा आतंकियों को खुली
Why is it so painfully difficult for 30 cr Indian Muslims to support BJP?
Here's a deep insight 

Author jawad khinzeer (6 months)
she is not hindu.

Author coloi sarovar (6 months)
kutiya hai............ jhuti hai.................. randi sali..........
pakistani hai sali.......

Author Drmm abdulhalim (11 months)

Author いろはほへと (1 month)
1 thing may be, India doesn't seem to have a nature to form life, including
an identity. There stays a certain scale of a living energy.
Then, others come or be pulled to use it, a big floating energy.

Author Ravindra Singh Thakur (1 year)
This lady seems to be a fake Hindu........She is far far away from Vedanta
and Shad-Darshan. She is groping in dark, as far as her knowledge of
religions is concerned.

Author peoplepopular (1 year)
Is your mind so destructive that it can only think of Destruction?

Author shujah4ever (1 year)

Author shujah4ever (10 months)
Masha Allah

Author mukesh chauhan (1 year)
aisa hee pagalpan zakir nayak bhee karta hai youtub par ...bunderkahta hai
meri hee laal ....

Author Jay Viru (10 months)
if u want to know the greatness of any religion, watch the actions of those
people, not what they say or they have written in their holy books... by
praising religion one cannot be spiritual, but by doing good for humanity a
human can feel the divine. being spiritual is better than being religious.
jai hind

Author Ashutosh Badhwar (11 months)
yeah by insulting other religions what a shame

Author dev sharma (10 months)
i understand your emotions mr pandit ,,but you must respecct a religion,,i
know the killings of NON MUSLIM in KENYA , mass killings of hindus in
pakistan, bangladesh and even in india ,,,and i return the muslims arealso

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