Evel Knievel Crashes

Evevel Knievel the worlds best stuntman crashes and retires

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Author Lynxx Williams (2 months)
Where is the rest of this show? I'd love to see the rest of that interview
at the end of this.

Author Aaron O'brien (5 months)
I love level Knievel

Author Anthony Cotto (6 months)
Damn that looked like it hurt

Author Dion1957 (6 months)
This guy is hilarious!! Only Jerry Lewis is funnier when he is being
He beat a guy with a bat in LA, he blew every dollar he ever made, he spoke
about being drug free when he was HIGH everyday of his life. Don't take my
word for it--Look it up.

Author Oregon Bill (3 years)
I hope he enjoyed all that money he made. Thanks Bill.....Bill G

If you look at the 14 bus jump that he did later that year you see what
went wrong on this jump. Going up the ramp he bounces because the takeoff
ramp is set up badly. He needed a better transition going up. The back
wheel bobbles going up the ramp. Evel lands on his front wheel, almost
flat, and sideways if you look at up from another angle.

Author An awesome gamer zaxil333 (1 year)
sighs kenevil he rocked my gosh i feel so bad

Author 40thegardener2 (1 year)
Hi, You certainly know the business and seemingly left in one piece, Thanks
for viewing and comment Bill UK

Author mrkemeeks (2 years)
my idol!!!

Author hector bandala (1 year)
then say God because you thing now ¬¬

Author calvindavis007 (1 year)
Is that Robbie Knievel behind him while he's driving the bus?

Author Talon potter (1 year)
for drimadic affect

Author Tour De Flex Records (2 years)
That hurt!!!

Author William Nordberg (3 years)
Something says me that that crash hurt?

Author tommyboi887 (2 years)
He did NOT want to let go of the handle bars lol

Author Be Raden (1 year)

Author early1900s (3 years)
It would be good if we had the power to read thoughts but to be honest I
think we all know the only thing Evel would be thinking during this jump
was "Is this jump gonna be my last"...

Author joeadlington262 (1 year)
y is it slow motion

Author dbmrhi (2 years)
@early1900s Or, how bad is this one going to hurt.

Author dbmrhi (2 years)
I think at this point in his life he had that rag doll rolling all over the
place thing down pretty good.

Author richie young (1 year)
awful knieawful!

Author jack bean (1 year)
Evil Knievel is a great study in the differrence between wanting to succeed
and preparing to succeed. His entire career is just one crash after the
other, but if he had only known a little physics and geometry it all would
have been different.

Author cdjr66 (2 years)
He used to say, NEVER let go of them.

Author lethrneck4 (1 year)
ha when they tried to lift the bike by the handlebars they accelerated the
bike lucky the tire didnt maul him

Author elijaher88 (1 year)
that's bull

Author tommyboi887 (2 years)
Yea, good point lol

Author Jack Meof (1 year)
Lol gtfo that's a lie

Author First Last (1 year)
I jumped 75 buses longways once...but the cameras were not on...I was on a
monkeybike with a sticky second gear at the time

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