Kelly Ripa Bicep Flex and Feel

The Ripa getting felt up. 8-6-09

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Author RandomUsername010 (4 years)
Kelly Ripa is a bitch.

Author RLviddy (3 years)
I guess she likes to be that fit. But it kind of feels like it's going to
waste on a talk show host.

Author luvsbuffgurls (5 years)
total hotness and cuteness!

Author TheJadensmithVEVO (3 years)
fuck u kelly ripa

Author Wade Carmen (2 years)
What muscle? I don't see one!

Author giorgio taddei (5 years)
her biceps are son sexy, so femenine,so powerfull. she also is cute.

Author pmsama (4 years)
you obviously don't observe women much Eddie...her biceps are incredibly
developed for a chick. She is not a bodybuilder of course, but her arms are
amazing!! It is indeed something special...tiny because she is small, not
because she lacks muscle

Author countryclassic (5 years)
She acts so coy but she knows she's teasing the ass of'fa him!!

Author Kiki brown (3 years)

Author Mistyblue (5 years)
this girl is soooo sexy

Author realfunny7 (2 years)
i like to feel that arm too

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