"Don't Mine At Night" - A Minecraft Parody of Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (Music Video)

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The Crew Involved!
Directed & Produced By BebopVox -
Music, Vocal & Audio Editing Composer:
Animation By: Kazzr & Kongering
Lyrics & Singer: Brad Knauber
Skin Design by:

Got my helmet on my head
Figure out what that zombie said
Lava all over the room
Gotta' half heart left, man, I am doomed

Don't have any iron bars
Pick just broke into some shards
Scary noise what should I do
Go left or right I'll have to choose

Visions of last time, flash inside my mind
I'm scared, OH WELL
And I'm pretty sure, there's a big creeper
Right there! (Dang)

(Don't mine at night )
I know your lookin' at that cave
And your feelin' kinda' brave.
Go to bed you'll be alright

(Don't mine at night)
There's nothing that is gonna' change
If you just wait until the day  
Zombie wanna' eat your brains

(Don't mine at night)
I know it's me your gonna' thank
Make a bed it's not too late
3 wool and 3 wooden planks

(Don't mine at night)
How many times I have to say
Drop the pick and walk away-a

Don't mine at night
(don't mine at night )
Don't mine at night
(don't mine at night)

Stomach's all tied up in knots
This labyrinth, I'm gettin' lost
This is really gettin' old
Found like 2 pieces of coal

Down one way there's just stone
Monsters won't leave me alone
Down another there's some lava
And of course I get, PWND

Remember last time I tried to mine at night
I failed, so bad

I lost all my stuff
It was really tough
That's it (RAGE QUIT!)

(Don't mine at night )
I know your lookin' at that cave
And your feelin' kinda' brave.
Go to bed you'll be alright

(Don't mine at night)
There's nothing that is gonna' change
If you just wait until the day  
Zombie wanna' eat your brains

(Don't mine at night)
I know it's me your gonna' thank
Make a bed it's not too late
3 wool and 3 wooden planks

(Don't mine at night)
How many times I have to say
Drop the pick and walk away-a

Don't mine at night
(don't mine at night )
Don't mine at night
(don't mine at night)

D-O-N-T   M-I-N-E  x4

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Author george jackson (14 days)
I'm gonna comment a line and you guys should comment the next and the next
and the next...(You get what I'm saying.)
Got my helmet on my head...

Author Gabe Wyman (25 days)
This video sucks

Author Leila Khan (1 month)
Dat creeper is like "oh hai there it would be a shame if something killed
chu" :D

Author PoptropicaPerfectSky (6 days)
anyone play Minecraft? This is my most favorite song ever but on
minecrafters would understand it

Author Hillary Librado (25 days)
I Just....Love These Minecraft Songs!...Me and my friend had always Loved

Author king sora (24 days)
my fav!

Author Princess Cadence The Pony (29 days)
should i mind at night?

Author Malinalli Garcia CP (2 days)
Del minuto 0:00 al minuto 1:50 dijo Renata que así estaré el primer día que
juegue Minecarf (se me hace aburrido,pero puedo probarlo)

Author Shia Kim (1 month)

Author Meagan Lee (1 month)
whoa. i liked the dancing part the end

Author Jojoem2004 Minecraft (27 days)
THIS PARODY IS SOO GOOD, just random fact, my friend from summer camp made

Author The Creeper Boy (4 days)

Author chaz pearce (10 days)
This is my favorite minecraft song ever

Author The Budder Boss Core (6 days)
XD lol 

Author Jesse Stafford (13 days)
Good song I got addicted when I first heard this is one of the best songs
he made I think

Author UnbelievableOpera (1 day)
Minecraft parodies are overrated

Author jordan brereton (16 days)
good song

Author AjNerdingTon (9 days)
in my minecraft wolf i go mining for like 4 days at a time and get allot
out of it i got like 6 mob spawners

Author slender hunter (27 days)
i like this song

Author mossclaw jayfeather (28 days)
i swear this song is trying to tell me something i just cant figure out
what XD

Author Christine Pham (9 hours)

Author Elizabeth Pham (9 hours)

Author Jacob Whitehall (19 hours)
You don't copy other peoples games or songs😒

Author jay dulin (2 days)
its actually safer mining at night becalse the mobs on the surface take up
spawn space so no mobs spawn in caves xD

Author Tehddy Franklin (3 days)

Author Yogini Visgilio (12 days)
Love this.

Author louis lim (1 month)
is it okay if I feel this catchier than the original last Friday night?

Author Torch444 (14 days)
The first parody I ever saw)

Author LEIZEL LANUZA (14 days)
Dont mine at night

Author kidactionnews (16 days)
what is the difference if you mine in the day? he even said it himself
"there's nothing that is going to change if you just wait until the day".
the caves are dark anyway...

Author Алиса Рита (1 month)
Cool music video

Author DronetheBorg (1 month)
1:48 Why did he have 4 iron helmets, 3 shears, 2 stone pickaxes, and seeds
when he went mining?

Author Bradley Walford (23 days)
My sister showed me this video a while ago, it's awesome and funny XD

Author Robin Russell (2 months)
Herobrine lol I'm dying from laughing hahaha!!! 

Author Tiara Edwards (1 month)
Wait Skeletons and Zombies dance?= O.o

Author Starkipz The Mudkip (24 days)
I like this song n_n

Author Unknown Guy (19 days)
cool song dude 

Author niberol (1 month)
I get bored when I mine so I don't mine for a really long time, that's why
I mine at night , when I go out of the cave it's day outside.

Author Vi Brown (11 days)
wuz da difference is alwayyz dark in a cave :p

Author Lydia Minson (22 days)
Best part? The skeletons dancing.

Author jonah shinkawa (1 month)
technically you should mine at night because of the amount if mobs that can
possibly spawn in a single biome and because of the monsters out in the
nighttime, the amount of mobs in caves go down

Author Christine Pham (9 hours)

Author Elizabeth Pham (2 days)
Cool I like this song

Author Inosyc Sodalg (1 month)
It won't be you we're gonna thank. Mobs spawn less in a cave during the
night, actually.

Don't be a noob. Mine at night. This has been a PSA.

Author eden ravizki (1 month)
its funny that this song was wached 41 milion times nad BebopVox still have
500 subs... in revenge when he was at the 50-40 milion sparkelz had like
milion or so

Author btijam (1 month)
The scene where all the mobs are dancing is so cute and so funny XD

Author Яна Цацук (1 hour)
Very fun! ;D
Поднимает настроение)

Author Sameh Salamah (4 hours)
pute peasefull

Author Alec Lowenberger (5 hours)
When it said "Remember last time I tried to mine at night
I failed, so bad" It should be so badly... IMPROPER GRAMMAR

Author bob bobson (6 hours)
night is the best time to mine tho D:

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