"Don't Mine At Night" - A Minecraft Parody of Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (Music Video)

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The Crew Involved!
Directed & Produced By BebopVox -
Music, Vocal & Audio Editing Composer:
Animation By: Kazzr & Kongering
Lyrics & Singer: Brad Knauber
Skin Design by:

Got my helmet on my head
Figure out what that zombie said
Lava all over the room
Gotta' half heart left, man, I am doomed

Don't have any iron bars
Pick just broke into some shards
Scary noise what should I do
Go left or right I'll have to choose

Visions of last time, flash inside my mind
I'm scared, OH WELL
And I'm pretty sure, there's a big creeper
Right there! (Dang)

(Don't mine at night )
I know your lookin' at that cave
And your feelin' kinda' brave.
Go to bed you'll be alright

(Don't mine at night)
There's nothing that is gonna' change
If you just wait until the day  
Zombie wanna' eat your brains

(Don't mine at night)
I know it's me your gonna' thank
Make a bed it's not too late
3 wool and 3 wooden planks

(Don't mine at night)
How many times I have to say
Drop the pick and walk away-a

Don't mine at night
(don't mine at night )
Don't mine at night
(don't mine at night)

Stomach's all tied up in knots
This labyrinth, I'm gettin' lost
This is really gettin' old
Found like 2 pieces of coal

Down one way there's just stone
Monsters won't leave me alone
Down another there's some lava
And of course I get, PWND

Remember last time I tried to mine at night
I failed, so bad

I lost all my stuff
It was really tough
That's it (RAGE QUIT!)

(Don't mine at night )
I know your lookin' at that cave
And your feelin' kinda' brave.
Go to bed you'll be alright

(Don't mine at night)
There's nothing that is gonna' change
If you just wait until the day  
Zombie wanna' eat your brains

(Don't mine at night)
I know it's me your gonna' thank
Make a bed it's not too late
3 wool and 3 wooden planks

(Don't mine at night)
How many times I have to say
Drop the pick and walk away-a

Don't mine at night
(don't mine at night )
Don't mine at night
(don't mine at night)

D-O-N-T   M-I-N-E  x4

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Added: 1 year
Runtime: 3:49
Comments: 67417

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Author Carlos Jimenez (1 month)
This song is awesome. Its better than the other version of..........
Sweetie Belle: What?!?!?!
S*** I'm screw

Author Hayden Powell (1 month)
People still play Minecraft? I thought that fad had run its course at least
a couple months ago.
Nonetheless, I honestly think the pony version is better, not because of
AHMG PONEEZ LUL RENBOW DUSH, but due to that, in my opinion, Shadyvox is a
lot better at singing, even while holding up the Button Mash voice.

It's still a good song though, and one of the few Minecraft parodies that
don't suck or rant about diamonds/creepers.

Author CandyToontown (20 days)

Author Poppy K (1 month)

Author Stingrays110 (3 days)
...Got a helmet on my head...

Author george jackson (2 months)
I'm gonna comment a line and you guys should comment the next and the next
and the next...(You get what I'm saying.)
Got my helmet on my head...

Author TDG GamingX (4 days)
My friends friend put it on YouTube but my friend invented 

Author Micah Craig (17 days)
I like the rage quit part XD

Author nicole daily (18 days)
actual mining at night is good there's not as many mobs there all outside

Author Captain Cake - Join the cake army! (5 days)
The pony version is better.

Author PoptropicaPerfectSky (2 months)
anyone play Minecraft? This is my most favorite song ever but on
minecrafters would understand it

Author Chris Mattson (6 days)
Honestly, it was this song, along with Button Mash's, that made me decide
to get the game. My laptops are old and wouldn't be able to handle the
game, so I got ot for PS3

Author TheJade1026 (6 days)
"Boned" part..

Author MeDerpy (22 days)
take your age
add 5
subtract 5
that is your age
mind explosion

Author StikBoy (15 days)
I know the miners problem, HE NEEDS A SWORD! and food so he can regen his

Author Ruby nintendogslover (2 days)
My mates keep singing this at school! It's an awesome song tho! :3 Because
I'm not a big fan of Minecraft, I am more a Roblox fan. I thought it is was
Slenderman Instednin Enderman!! But I do play minecraft now. Stupid me! Lol

Author Music Chic 131 (24 days)
What were those endermen in the background spelling?

Author Sam Imperial (18 days)
A boy singing a girl song? It's awesome! Nothing's wrong with it! I love

Author Julia Bolelli (9 days)
por isso é bom ter keepInventory true

Author HarshEmu9601 (1 month)
I have one question Isn't it better to mine at mine because the spawn rate
is lower? Correct me if Im wrong Its Not like Im hating its a great song
but just wondering

Author Storm Wind (28 days)
trying to decide if the MLP version is better or not, not because it's MLP,
because it had Jaden Fucking Yuki singing it (Shadyvox)

Author Militia SnipeR (1 month)
Notch commented on this video!

Author Christa-chan Kies (1 month)
One of the most brilliant parodies I've ever listen to.
(I bet most of you already heard this)
Minecraft Parody: Don't Mine at Night
Artist: BebopVox YOGSCAST

Author Stratos Karagrigoriou (2 months)
Very good parody

Author anna penix (9 days)
yah plus katey perry is the best singer ever and nikki m therre awsome

Author Rodrigo Trinidad (12 days)

Author king kracles (6 days)
i love this song and i have a solution for mining at night put in on
peaceful duh

Author Miro Klimczak (9 days)
265,000 likes!? OMG. But about 60,000 dislikes .

Author Alex Li (24 days)

Author Charlie Sam (13 days)

Author Marissa Rasnick (18 days)

Author doll box (4 hours)
cant stop lising

Author Adrian Wong (3 days)
awesome right?

Author Hailey Speten (16 days)

Author Scot Steinberg (15 days)
press 7 repeatedly and look at ghost

Author Deni Widianto (29 days)
please make the TMNT song order sherder
plueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................... or maybe MLP BECAUSE IWant
to see raph or dash singing in mine

Author JONATHAN rommel (1 month)
+Avery Savio +Zuzu Treble 

Author Am Bee (22 days)
Beast song ever

Author Porsheboygt3 (1 month)

Author Budder Guy 42 (1 month)
This doesn't sound like THE Yogscast, are BeBopVox Yogscast and THE
Yogscast the same person?

Author Stark Cahill (1 month)
Pretty good animation. I like the enderman looking at him.

Author marlayna1991 (25 days)

Author got_milk4 Gaming! (1 month)
is it just me or zombie's are gay at 3:00

Author Eve Dobing (2 months)
You could put peaceful mode on

Author Regit (1 month)
Great song! But mining at night (in caves anyway) is best. Here's why:

If you 'just wait until the day, ay , oh way oh' like the song suggests,
almost no hostile mobs will spawn on the surface because of the light
level, meaning they will instead spawn in the dark caves, meaning there'll
be more enemies there to kill you there.

As for surface mining, definitely. Wait until the day, ay, oh way oh... oh
no the song's gotten into my head!

Author Jayden Lapid (1 month)

Author Keegan Renshaw (1 day)
Ha! Is this a challenge? You're on, mate!

Author alexis maltese (14 hours)

Author hassan ferris (3 days)
Anyone notice when he died he said rage quit

Author J Canuck (1 day)
I'm geving 18$$$$$$$$$,$$$$$$$$$$,$$$$$$$$$,$$$$$$,$$$$ money

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