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Author phillyslasher (1 month)
Great ride.

Author Brian Tucker (3 months)
Excellent ,thanks a lot

Author Michael Hill (3 months)
The bell ringing indicates a green signal. The rapid beating as an alerter
from the Automatic Warning System to make sure that the driver is okay. If
he does not respond with in 5 seconds, the power is automatically cut and
the brakes are applied to bring the train to a complete stop.

Author soupdragon12345 (4 months)
its goes over shap summit if I remember ????

Author Steven J Parkes (3 months)
Hellfire. I do miss the AL7s ...

In the bleak mid winter.. Brrr. Enjoyed this video. Thank you

Author Edward Pearce (1 month)
Was replacing these excellent locos and comfortable MK3s with Pendolinos
really progress? 

Author Simon Ingram (4 months)
Great video, really enjoyable! Trying to work out the numbers on the speedo
and how fast you were going, 110?

Author Antony Browne (1 month)
Superb piece of history recorded for all, I take my hat off to you!

Author HeartlandTuber (4 months)
Fascinating clip, especially traveling into the snow. What was top speed?
80 - 90 mph?

Author Frickis Orlando (4 months)
where is this?

Author Two Rails (1 year)
I like this Winter Cab ride from Carlisle to Penrith, and Rail Simulator
does a good job in this region too.

Author granddadoftia (6 months)
very nice thanks

Author megatwingo (1 year)
Very nice cab ride. Thumbs up! :)

Author Deb Menzies (1 year)
Forgive my ignorance, but why are there neutral sections seen a few on the
east coast my never understood the reason

Author barttheanorak (6 months)
Awesome. Thanks for that.

Author EssexGayBoi (1 year)
Wow Fantastic vid, loved it, liked the contrast from just wet n snowing, to
full on settled snow & back in to just snowing & not settled yet lol. Loco
didnt seem to bat an eyelid at the conditions, pity they are no longer a
regular site on WCML :( sad but halcyon days :)

Author paul87101 (1 year)
See link in title notes for info on all the sounds and gauges

Author Rabbitbunvoo (2 years)
Wow, that's rapid snow! The warning belling continued to make me jump at
various points in the video =)

Author Pugragger (1 year)
why is the two tone horn so amazing xD

Author Deb Menzies (1 year)
Thanks very much for the reply.

Author MegaZsolti (9 months)
This one's in Bulgaria now.

Author 12Gsooty (2 years)
Another absolutely fabulous video!!!!! And over a stretch of the greatest
section of the WCML that is the former Lancaster & Carlisle Railway. It
brings back so many memories of great runs with Electric Scots over the
fells. Keep 'em coming!

Author silverdalesapphires (1 year)
Right. I guess they changed it following privatisation, 'cos I went up in
the mid-late eighties. They did it on the 'day-train' as well. 'Parking up'
in the middle of Mossend Yard was quite interesting, especially when the
'47' disconnected and there was a hiatus before the 86 or 87 coupled up and
the power systems whirred into action again. You got to see some
interesting 'mileage' as well, by-passing Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Author sandydogy (1 year)
is this a genuine cab ride or a simulator

Author JohnPW22 (1 year)
Closest thing to time travel I reckon! Brilliant vid and appreciate your
posting it!

Author Pablo Escabar (1 year)
from autumn to winter))))

Author paul87101 (1 year)
AWS indicating the signal is green. See 87014 Penrith - Oxenholme for notes
on all the sounds and gauges.

Author 48firefox (2 years)
first time I've watched your cab rides Paul fantastic! I don't think
driving a train at this speed in these conditions is as easy as it looks!
What number of coaches/load on these trains and what sort of gradients on
this route?

Author steve moss (7 months)
its deffo a class 87 note the speedo air vents n noise!!! i used to drive
em great locos loved em !!

Author TheMrgaztop (1 year)
Im coming back as a train driver.

Author paul87101 (1 year)
Yes, Pendolinos started in 2002

Author fitasafiddle (1 year)
the electric locomotives looked as though they could accelerate far quicker
than the diesels.

Author internet123ism2 (1 year)
can't believe he doesn't slow..a bit

Author OXLEYCRUSHER (1 year)
Memories indeed of the old order on the West Coast,i worked on these fine
locos at Oxley Depot from 1989 to 2005.

Author Caledonian (2 years)
80mph past Brisco in the wet. That is how it's done....! Notch up, and
don't be scared if it slips! Excellent ;-)

Author XabiAlonsosCousin (1 year)
I love how there are more and more of these driver's eye views of railways
appearing - about time ! Thanks for the upload, great vid

Author hawktb9 (1 year)
This is similar to the videos of the cab rides in the Amtrak AEM-7. Great
vid!!! :)

Author paul87101 (1 year)
Definitely 87014

Author mikefliesLCY (2 years)
In dodgy rail conditions especially the granularity of control the
tapchanger gave could not be under-stated, one of the reasons why a journey
behind one of these locos was characterised by smooth but powerful
acceleration and braking. There's just no parallel to be drawn between the
driving style here and the choppy, sickly "arcade game" driving that seems
so common when riding as a passenger on Pendos today. Lots of great
memories here, and a Preston man in the Chair to boot. Happy days! :)

Author JLfromEdinburgh1951 (1 year)
The first time I watched this I thought your start from Carlisle was a bit
slow. When I watched it a second time, I spotted the neutral section! I
probably knew about that neutral section once, as I had the road signed as
far as Upperby. I've just made this the first video I've added to
Favourites since I joined YouTube. But it brings tears to my eyes every
time I watch it. Sights and sounds that were once so familiar to me. I left
the railway in 1982. Maybe I should have stayed.

Author formidable38 (1 year)
Apart from a small slip at 2.25 it keeps its feet very well considering the

Author paul87101 (1 year)
Neutral sections separate electrical feeder stations because
synchronisation of the phases cannot be guaranteed. Google it or look on
Wikipedia for more info.

Author Michael Hannah (1 year)
Loved this video brought back memory's of traveling behind class 87s

Author silverdalesapphires (1 year)
So which half did you prefer, Preston-Euston or Preston-Glasgow/Edinburgh?
Did you do the sleeper portion to Mossend Yard from Preston...went on that
one twice. Didn't get much sleep, far too busy hanging out of the window as
we went through Stirling and Perth in the 'wee small hours, en-route for

Author David Walsh (1 year)
A really enjoyable video, did you need to coast through neutral sections?

Author GazzerHST (1 year)
was this the time when the Pendolinos and Voyagers wern't around and you
had class 87's running North to south

Author David Frobel (1 year)
grate vidio,,,funny drivers sit on the left side in england in trains,,and
on the right side in the US. and the cars are oppersit,,i think its
funny,,thanks for poasting.

Author Nigel Gordon (6 months)
very skillful driving stephenson,and superb rk

Author helmitpeak (10 months)
The bell is a warning that a signal is coming up, it alerts the driver to
pay attention to the signal.

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