Samoan Pese Lotu - E Lo'u tama e

Pese 138 sung at dad's family service, love the old school hymns,accompanied by the the singing..priceless..

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Author Hemiquaver (4 years)
no worries

Author uknwho (2 years)
when it went to verse 4 i choked up because I can't stop my tears from
flowing, its sad being away from home this long and sad haven't been to
church also..

Author NANILUHVzCKUE FATE (4 years)
beautifuL R.I.L. 2 youR DaD.. tH!!z song remindz me of my Gpapa R.I.L as
weLL.. thnx 4 tH3 soNg..

Author chaosrunner45 (5 years)
fafetai uso my nana's favourite song can't help but to cry

Author Hemiquaver (4 years)
All good, cheers for droppin in

Author jiggafoo (5 years)
wonderful song & singing.. thanks for sharing

Author johnmasina (5 years)
e lo'u tama e.....nice song

Author maasoama (6 years)
correct me if im wrong dat look like mah unko Otele Perelini

Author Hemiquaver (6 years)
Yes a classic hymn..glad you enjoyed it

Author Smmheldentenor (4 years)
@boboconejos hey the last verse appeared first! song begins from my first

Author polyboi1974 (5 years)
CLASSIC.....can't help but get a little choked up and emotional listening
to this pese. Brings back memories of growing up in the church sitting
right beside my mom while she sang with all her heart. Indeed priceless.

Author Hemiquaver (6 years)
Malo uce,yes you are not wrong about the harmonising, my dad used to sing
this song all the time when we were young, the malu part drilled into our
heads! lol, I guess that's why we chose this song as the first hymn for his
family the song and the memories that come with it..God bless
too uce..fa'afetai

Author petelo savea (5 years)
yeah of course man

Author Hemiquaver (2 years)
RIP Rev Lapana Faletolu, so glad I have this song. Going to miss hearing
your malu over the mic, will always appreciate what you done in our
lives..miss you brada, never forgotten x

Author HernanCrespo7 (5 years)
where is this church anyways? Man this song still takes me away :) ia koe
soso foi ile falesa lmao

Author petelo savea (5 years)
love dis song

Author Hemiquaver (6 years)
Yea man, priceless..soifua

Author gruntinblues (5 years)
Malo lava le pese, malo fo'i ia te oulua le ugali'i talavou, Mutuvai ma
Lemusu.. alofa atu..

Author boboconejos (5 years)
sole bro do you know lyrics to this would be nice to have the
lyrics......faamolemole lava uso

Author DEVEMZ (4 years)
i love this hymn..reminds me of home...:(...

Author Hemiquaver (6 years)
Glad you enjoyed it uce..God bless

Author Hemiquaver (1 year)
Malo ssrabits, I hear you,my dad was a musician so my tribute to him was to
use our band for the lotu songs in his family and funeral services.
Unfortunately we can't please everyone so I hope that sheds some light on
why the band was used, church song is a church song whether it's sung
acapella,with a organ or band right? :) Fa'afetai for popping in

Author Desmond Leota (6 years)
Memories with this song when I grew up in the PIPC church here in Aukilani.
Now a catholic don't listen to much lotu taiti hymns until I go to a
Wedding or a Funeral. Love how the olds have their own harmonising and
making it original rather than a re-edition.. Malo lava fa'afetai mole
video... Thanks Uce and God Bless.........

Author Tamaleaitu (5 years)
Toe fafagu mai ai le amataga mai o le olaga, faafetai lava, ese lava le
agaga ma fatuga fa'aleagaga

Author joeygirl82 (5 years)
I'm loku pope but my grandparents were loku kaiki, and this song reminds me
of them=) ....this was sung at my Grandma's family service....RIP nana XX

Author 761375biguso (6 years)
ua ou misia a pese ia se......thanks for puting this on youtube

Author 2000coco (6 years)
faafetai for putting this up..One of my fav hymns pe a o'o i taimi o faiga
lotu i le afiafi. Ou te fiafia tele e to le pese lea. Manatua ai lava nai
o'u matua pele... This hymn for me just resonates with special family
memories...a nagging longing to be with loved ones back home... I feel like
crying listening to it..

Author Hemiquaver (4 years)

Author petelo savea (5 years)
you are so right

Author Slaterations11 (5 years)
Is that Rev. Lapana Faletolu?? He shouted our Autalavou for lunch in
Christchurch back in '04 I think it was LOL! We always sing this song at
our church for family services as well. Love it!!

Author Hemiquaver (6 years)
No worries...soifua

Author FiaMischaBarton (4 years)
omg mean memories =] R.I.P .. sorry for your loss =[

Author eyeguy09 (5 years)
Look up song 138 of the EFKS or EFKAS hyms book...

Author Hemiquaver (4 years)
Uce, you got the lyrics yet?

Author Hemiquaver (4 years)
Malo, how you know uncle Mutu & Lemusu?

Author MissGFaletolu06 (1 year)
Love you Dadah. Miss hearing your voice. One of a Kind. Wish I could listen
to it all day. Miss you soooooooo much... I'll be listeniong out for that
at my wedding but I know I'll hear it even though you're not gonna be there
in flesh but your spirit with ring throughout. I just know it. I love you
Daddy. <3 Your Baby xo (Thanks Hems)

Author Smmheldentenor (4 years)
@boboconejos e! lou tama e, ua fa'afetai ua sili lou alofa mai ua fai ai
a'u ma taumafai ta fa'amanu ai nei UA, FA'AFETAI UA FA'AMANU, UA FAI I MA
ua fai ai a'u ma tama fai? e le o a'u ua na o oe Ta fa'amanu ai nei (Tali)
Ta ofo i le lenei lelei, ua e au mai mo ita nei o a'u sa agamasesi, Ta
fa'amanu ai nei (tali)

Author HernanCrespo7 (5 years)
old school always does the job.

Author miminini28 (3 years)
I love our culture!!!! Miss being in church :( sorry for the loss though

Author 17angelstylez (4 years)
can u plz tell me de wea aboutz is dis jurc located?? it sort of lukz lyk
the jurc wea ma swit nana had her funeral.. god luv her!!&i sdil misses her
hippz2!! apparently the building woz an old theatre/movie cinemas place..
or sumfing lyk dat ne wayz...den thea jurc brought it & turn it in2 Godz
house of worship..really kool2!! (R.I.P to ur old man2!!) God bless..

Author Smmheldentenor (4 years)
@boboconejos Lenei ta le toe fefe ai, a e nau alofa ia te oe, ma valaau, E!
lou Tama e, ta fa'amanu ai nei UA, FA'AFETAI UA FA'AMANU, UA FAI I MA USO O

Author imani21 (6 years)
I love the old hymns...

Author tliufau (4 years)
Oka.....thats just how we do it, sweet....moremore please!!!

Author Hemiquaver (6 years)
Malo,no worries,like you this song brings back cherished memories, our dad
loved this song and so did that he is gone it's songs like this
that brings a smile to my face when ever we play it at church..glad to have
shared it with you..hope all is well with your matua's..soifua

Author spoti001 (6 years)
one of my favorites

Author Slaterations11 (3 years)
@17angelstylez This church is PIPC in Christchurch, NZ.

Author zen Kennington (5 years)
thanks so much for posting this this video. I attended the PIPC Church in
Otara in the 70's and 80's, and this song brings back so fond memories of
my upbringing in church and at home. I'm now living in london, and cannot
find a samoan church to listen to the hymns...and la'uga's of
course. faafetai tele lava.

Author Janine Poasa (1 year)
yea I love the pese kaiki's with just the piano seki a

Author ASB Polyfest Samoan stage (1 year)
wish they sang it without the band

Author Maria Evalu (5 years)
Rev Lapana? is this in Christchurch? lols!

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