Pokemon Facts: Did You Know? Part 5 - The Pokémon of the spirit world

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Pokemon information, trivia, hidden secrets, and fun facts.
Pokemon Facts:Did You Know? Part 5
By: CHAOS A7X (MetroTechUniverse)

Norman and his family are from Olivine City which is located in the Johto region, Groudon is still the heaviest Pokemon in the Pokemon world, in Generation III; the player can skip the Fortree city Gym entirely, Misdreavus can be seen as a parallel to the Pokémon Murkrow, Misdreavus frightens people with a creepy cry and then absorb the fearful feelings and turn them into nutrition, Dusknoir's head captures radio waves from the world of spirits that command it to gather people and take them to the spirit world, Pokemon Cofagrigus could not be traded without a nickname because there is F-A-G in Cofagrigus, Metrotechuniverse, ChaosA7X, Chaos A7x, Pokemon Fact of the day, Pokemon Facts: The Pokeology, Pokemon Facts: Did You Know?

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Author alyssa santos (3 months)
Can anyone tell me what the episode is that featured the dusknoir :) thank

Author procrafter (22 days)
poke fact: groudon is 11 fett 8 inches high that just 3,5 meters... what im
saying is pokedex is bullcrap

Author mega charlesard X (6 months)
nosepASS and sKUNTank

Author GamingPower (2 months)
What was the music for the misdreavus part?

Author Alvino Fadillah (9 days)
how about patterns on sigilyph stomach? the patterns almost the same as
dusknoir has

Author Amin Dahir (3 months)
3:37 Come with me, children. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Author Trygg Rølsåsen (6 months)
Omg! When i watched tatt episode of the ghost girl i godt freaking

Author Ralph Villa (20 days)
missigno is supposed to be ho-oh but they forgot to add the model so its
just a bunch of code

Author Gui Shark (3 months)
I don't get the nosepass one at the beggining...
Edit: It has ass in nosepASS

Author Matthew L (3 months)
The first time my brother let me play his Sapphire I completely forgot
about the Fortree gym and skipped it... I was like 8 years old.

Author Mdadil Ehsan (1 month)
Most of these facts we know already, create son

Author Ziz O (4 months)
Ya know what freaks me out, in that last thing where the dusknoir is
protecting ash the ghost girl looks just like the one in B/W and B2/W2

Author x hasan (1 month)

Author King Cecil (1 month)
You could skip gyms in gen 1. I skipped Sabrina's gym. In gen 2 you can
battle Pryce before Chuck and Jasmine.

Author man5tyl (2 months)
dusknoir is a grim reaper 

Author Gold (3 months)
My Dusknoir is nice.

Author Ronin Ganalon (3 months)
i was kinda expecting him saying wailord is the heaviest pokemon ........

Author Ryan Dunworth (3 months)
What is the song used between 1:10 and 1:14? Anyone know? I've heard it
before a long while ago and can't remember it!

Author tubefan90000 (9 months)
I don't think Dusknoir is evil, its just the Pokémon version of the grim
reaper. they are supposed to take only certain people to the spirit world,
only people meant to die, but at the same time are supposed to keep people
out of the spirit world that don't belong, thus why it protected Ash and

Author nachikethasfun:) (6 months)
You can even skip dewford gym

Author Noel Levai (4 months)
+nicolas grandos Skuntank= kunt (cunt)

Author Fawful God (7 months)
So misdrevious is the Pokemon version of monsters inc

Author Braxton Steves (3 months)
Wow I didn't know you could skip Winona's gym however I think you can do
that with Brawley in the same game if i'm correct.

Author JPR300 (4 months)
some one tell the names of musics

Author nicolas granados (4 months)
Nose pass= a-s-s

Author Hunter Hammerstrong (4 months)
Radio waves....... You mean the type that the Unowns are said to
communicate by? As heard when you turn on the radio in HeartGold and
SoulSilver to the middle place that you can hear them? Never going back to
the Unowns Ruins now.....

Author david getsout (4 months)
I had mew on my black & white see thru gameboy in the 90's felt so special.
Fuck I'm old.

Author teeonezee (4 months)
1:09 [Ass] and [kunt]

Author Darknightwolf AJ (5 months)
i love monkeys and i do it cause i want to b like them

Author isaiah monroig (8 months)
Also in the Japanese script it said under world instead of spirit world in
the powered entry

Author UberWaffle95 (9 months)
I love Dusknoir~
My favorite Ghost-type beside Gengar. 

Author Aura Guardian (9 months)
Interesting facts about Gym Leader Norman and the Dusknoir. This is marked
as one of my favorite episodes in the fact series.

Author Miguel Angel Mendez (7 months)
if you use your imagination, a Rotom with the Grim Reaper Cloth on looks
like a Shuppet!

Author Rap Ville (7 months)
Nosepass could not be traded because it says "ass" in it.
Now Skuntank (this one made me laugh), it says "kunt" in it.

Author 1jaymost (5 months)
Wats wrong with skuntank

Author hexbox23 (10 months)

Author Dwarfsk8r (7 months)
What about that Pichu is number 172 which means it's a Gen 2 pokemon where
Pikachu and raichu are first. I know they do this a lot, But the fact that
Pikachu is the protagonist's pokemon which feels like it should have been
planned out a little better?

Author Owen Donkers (7 months)
Snot lax was not the heaviest in gen 1 it was golem

Author Chris Cross (11 months)
nosepASS. sKUNTank . . . I don't see anything wrong with these names.
Nothing at all.

Author amgregorash (10 months)

Author fan2mario64 (3 months)
I think you can also avoid the 2nd gym if you are good navigating trough

Author Rap Ville (7 months)
Nosepass could not be traded because it says "ass" in it.
Now Skuntank (this one made me laugh), it says "kunt" in it.

Author mrDaytin sweetman (8 months)
In japan translation its said that dusknior send people to HELL

Author ben.sansome1 (8 months)
whats so bad about the name nosepass?

Author amgregorash (10 months)
Mistrevus looks like a evolved form of supper, anyone agree

Author Damian Hawkins (9 months)
Pokemon is scary

Author Luke Mott (9 months)
Not all Dusknoir are evil.

From my understanding its the Pokemon trainer that's evil or good, not the
Pokemon itself. Pokemon follow their trainers and obey no matter if their
trainers are good or evil.

But that's for Pokemon that have trainers, what about wild Pokemon?

Well, I think of wild Pokemon as humans (us)
We all have reasons for our actions, or/and why we are like this.

Two things, one: Pokemon are born with reason to scare people and suck
their fear for Nutrition's. Or born to cling onto children and carry them
That doesn't make them evil, its just how they are. We as trainers need to
work around them.

And two: Just like humans, wild Pokemon can also experience a hard life or
terrible up bringing. Even being abandon. With these events, it changes
them to being 'cruel' or 'hateful' to other Pokemon and humans.

Then again, you could argue that if a Pokemon goes beyond being 'cruel' and
ends up conflicting harm to others, then you could say they are starting to
become evil.

I hope you understand what I'm saying xD
Help me out here everyone DX

Author Aaron Dimmick-Hill (9 months)
though a rumor to me and not something i've tried (yet) it is also
interesting to note that there is a way to skip the second gym in
ruby/sapphire/emerald but doing so would make the game unwinable for norman
wont battle you unless you have the rest of the badges and you cant go back
to that island between a certain point in the game

Author zokakazojedan (9 months)
which number of episode is that with darknoir

Author CupcakeTheWolf (10 months)
If no one knows why Nosepass and Skuntank are not for trade its because
NosepASS and sKUNTank (C**t spelt with a K, I guess...)

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