What A Mess! (cartoon intro)

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Author dezthaman (6 months)
My childhood in a nutshell, but now I feel like a fossil 

Author SpeediraWindira (8 months)
Miss this show.:<

Author Reverb Brony (9 months)
my childhood!!! <3 loved this show to bits

Author jimmyshitbags (9 months)
I know I watched this way, way back but I don't remember this theme

Author herp derp (6 months)
Definitely...interesting. I'm attracted to any cartoon featuring dogs or
better yet any canines so even though this is really old I'm give it a

Author alcapone1809 (3 years)

Author no0neiv (4 years)
this show sucked sooo much, nostalgia none the less.

Author HighStakesEntertain (4 years)
LOL! I was around when this was on and only recently (just now) heard of it.

Author RebelTaxi (5 years)
What was with the little creatures walking around, randomly in the show?

Author coolascooler87 (4 years)
I Love What A Mess As a Kid I Dreamed I Was What A Mess A Few times And My
Sister was The Cat from The Show

Author Joe P (2 years)
Ah, when Toon Disney was GREAT!

Author PinkPunkyKat (6 years)
I used to watch this cartoon religiously when it was on Toon Disney.

Author TwilightSylvestris (2 years)
I remember watching this when I mas like 3. :)

Author Luxuryball (4 years)
I have episodes of this on VHS which my late grandmother bought me when I
was like, 4. Never. Ever. Tossing it out. Ever. Awesome show. -3

Author bluecatcinema (4 years)
Can anyone make out the lyrics to that theme?

Author Tyrone Thompson (3 years)
what! a! mess! this show rulez! miss ya 90's!

Author Blazingwheel (3 years)
WOW i fadely remember this

Author GoatOfGhandi (3 years)
haha only after seeing this do I remember, he ALWAYS found a way to mess
with that mail woman, and the cat (felicia?) was hilarious

Author Andy Warhol (5 years)
Where's What a mess's comeback series? Where's What a mess's comeback

Author carolyngibeau (4 years)
OMG! :) i used to LOVEEE this show!!

Author BluBlur1283 (4 years)
Did it come on the old Toon Disney channel?

Author kira fedak (4 years)
no one I knew believed me that this show actually existed! i'm so happy I
found this!

Author MissBarghest (3 years)
I used to watch this when I was little. What channel was it on in the UK?

Author MrCodyMayne1 (4 years)

Author RodStewartfan1 (2 years)

Author coolascooler87 (4 years)
I forgot To Mention I Retaliated By Calling Him Trash The Smart Mouth Tough
guy Dog From This Show

Author Rizwan M (6 years)
does anyone know the lyrics of the theme tune?

Author Wishworks (4 years)
i liked the original british series theme song. it was so odd and funny.

Author MrClassicDoctorWho (4 years)
lool just like my afghan hound! xD

Author roman01wuzhere (5 years)
OMFG! I remember this, LMFAO!

Author Kyle Maxwell (4 years)
When I was a kid and this show was on I wasn't aloud to watch it because it
promoted uncleanliness. Lol :)

Author Skillz990 (6 years)
holy shit. i loved this show growing up. lol

Author Killitwithfirexxx (2 years)
this show was amazing...and i especially loved how the little people/flees
were shown doin their own little things in every seen :P :D LOL <3 <3 <3

Author GenY Comedy (1 year)
Now THIS was a cartoon with class. Made by classic English writer Frank
Muir, no less. Animated in a way that was very easy to love. Great show for
children, head and shoulders above the Power Rangers or Sitcoms of that
time. Worlds above the subliminal assault called "children's programming"
today. Most of all, lots of fond memories for me.

Author amethystducky (5 years)
was there another version of the opening? Ages ago I had a vhs of whatamess
though the animation was less "animated" and scruffier looking

Author wing00hero (2 years)
wow this show was completely erase from my really getting
old even tho im 21 now

Author silvertear (2 years)
I miss this show. I'll be 26 this year and I'd give anything for a saturday
morning filled with cartoons from my childhood.

Author FFGamer077 (2 years)
My mom just reminded me of this show. I feel so happy! :D

Author GrandsonofSoul (3 years)
I love this show so much. Haven't seen it in ages.

Author KittiKat3121 (4 years)
omg i miss the old shows so much :'-(

Author keetner (4 years)
LOL. Wasn't his actual name Prince something?

Author gmondragonmorales (3 years)
i knew i wasnt delusional! i knew there was a show called what a mess lol.
i thought it was a dream lol

Author Rhys Mills (2 years)
this used to be the show i watched while getting ready for school along
with a show about a dodo, dont know the name. Dont make shows like this
today but ill defo make my kids watch reruns haha

Author RockerCheetah22 (4 years)
Its shows like this that seem like a distant memory even though I loved it-
all thanks to todays crappy television.

Author Doublevea (2 years)
damn none of my friends remember this show. whatamess was such a rascal

Author lilmissparadox (3 years)
My sister and I had a newfoundland dog when we were little, when this show
was on. Like afghan hounds (which What-a-mess was), Newfoundlad dogs have
VERY long hair. They also grow very big very quickly, so he was always so
clumsy and he would get into a lot of mischief. When he was a pup he once
took a bag of potting soil and shock the entire thing, coating the living
room in it. When we got home my dog got us home he freaked and yelled "what
a mess!" and my sister and just broke down laughing.

Author Cynthia149 (4 years)
@keetner Prince Amire of Kinjan, I prefer the good old british version, the
american version cost that dog his life!

Author coolascooler87 (2 years)
@whattamessify I Got Mine From A Favorite Dog Too

Author shanesclayland (1 year)
How did this not catch on? I loved this as a kid.

Author Greg canales (4 years)
wow i remember this episode great times now i regret growing up LMAO

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