Simple Nice Jazz, Gospel & RnB Guitar Chords & Progressions

Hi! I'm learning to play the guitar, and I wanted to share what little bit that I know to other fellow beginners. It's nothing fancy, but it'll get you moving on the guitar; "Fake it 'til you make it!!!"

Thanks for your support...
-Kevin "KC" Conley

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Author EJ Frenchy (1 month)
Ah shit nigga said Myspace

Author Chico Dennard (6 months)
I like it. thanks... fake it until you make it... :-)

Author Matthew Bailey (6 months)
Can you please redo this song in a clearer video? Very nice.

Author Living Stones (6 years)
NO WAY, KC you truly are gifted. I've been playing guitar for ages, and
can't play anything like this! God is truly unfair with his distribution of
giftings! Oh Well, I'll just fake it til I make it (:

Author cayocayo73 (5 years)
hermano eres bueno, Dios te bendiga y espero conocerte para darte un
abrazo. rick mata desde mexico

Author Chito Mendoza (5 years)
KC... bro, i have a whole new understanding on how to play by ear... You
dont realize it, but you're gonna be a blessing in Arizona

Author daniel k macharia (1 year)
thank you so much....i was looking for this in a long time

Author CTROCK (6 years)

Author ciscokid001 (6 years)
dang KC is there no instrument you dont know how to play? make me want to
go out and buy a guitar!! still looking forward to your wheatworks DVD!!!

Author Indensity (6 years)
lol I learned something about alternate fingering good video

Author Talkin2Me4000 (5 years)
U LIAR! U soooooooo know how to play guitar! Don't try to trick us! that
must be a part of your lesson, make us think that ur not that good? I see
through your tricks! That was really good though, thanx, i'm messing with
it myself now! Thanx a lot!

Author Yawsyone (5 years)
continued...ur positive, encouraging, and all can see that you love the
Lord our God. get ur voice heard. USE ur tallent. thats why he gave it to
u. :-) Keep up the good work. Good Playing, singing, and, God Bless.

Author farrah angel (6 years)
i liked it but can you write it down in a mess as iam a complete beginner

Author antunezjessica (5 years)
Talented--Beautiful voice. Your system is working.

Author nwarrenvibe (6 years)
ha, pretty killin to not know guitar...ima female vibes player teachin
myself teach well i learned this in 15 more!

Author farrah angel (6 years)
Thanks i have started to work it out

Author SumsumShockout (5 years)
U can play!

Author JazzySaxE (6 years)
love the chord proggresions in this one!

Author Alex Billong (1 year)
Thanks for the effort i couldnt see clearly what you playing but can you
send me the tabs please

Author killakeyz81 (5 years)
yeah Your better then U think but thats how all musicians are. I play a lil
also but I knew the chords U were playing but this is very useful

Author farrah angel (6 years)
Still waiting for you to write it down

Author tius1983 (1 year)
Kevin may not be a professional guitarist but he is a professional
keyboardist and he plays for many famous artist and infact he does no
theory. You people really need to learn who these musicians are

Author George Waweru (4 years)
okay, i think i got this. Now if u could only teach me how to sing

Author Psalm33&2 (3 years)
Hey... Did you minister with Debra Killings? Are you a keyboard player? If
so, I think I saw u on DVD.....

Author moody1722 (3 years)
My last name is Conley :-)

Author Chromyne (6 years)
Here is a rough idea of what I think he's playing: Am7 D Gmaj7 Cmaj7 F#m7 B
Em7 D#m7 Dm7 Cmaj7 Bm7 Em7 F#m7 B Em of course many of the chords played
are actually variations on the same chord, you can look this up. I hope
these are right. Wonderful progression. Kudos!

Author Talkin2Me4000 (2 years)
@guitar789 Whether he knows theory or not, he's playing the guitar, and
well! Thats all that matters. He has a system that works for him. For him
to play that well and say he doesn't know how to play is ludicrous! Humble
at best. He says "It's called a fret, I think." He knows what a fret is!

Author Manasa Sovaki (5 years)
that guitar sounds really nice

Author curtissii (6 years)
Very nice!!

Author John Smarts (5 years)
please do moe on guitar plz

Author Jtinnon (4 years)
yeah that sap sucker plays, even though a keyboard player has dexsterity
shux his hands went right to the cords

Author romienomie (4 years)
Dude I've played for close to forty years and that's as good a lesson as
I've ever had.

Author prettysimplemusic (6 years)
thanks!!!... i'll see if i can find the actual audio clip... thanks for the
support!!! -kevin "kc" conley

Author chazyt (5 years)
this is beautiful...r u able 2 send me the chords 4 the 1st songs u
did...pliiiiiiiiiiiiz. i'm lrnin guitar and those r just wow!!!

Author Juniversal (6 years)
Love the tone of the guitar. Nice playing as well. ;)

Author yellabro (6 years)
nice, I'm going to try to use this on bass.

Author guitarslim1989 (3 years)
That chord you did at 5:34 looks almost like a 13th chord just move your
index finger up one fret.

Author kwoods3b (4 years)
You should definitely that I can take that journey along with
you lol! I love playing even though I cant play anything :(!! But whether
you've played before or not I greatly appreciate you showing this and ask
you to continue!

Author Kevbox2008 (6 years)
Nice! I know you don't play guitar ONLY because I'm a musician and you said
so in the beginning of the video. To the untrained ear (and maybe even some
trained cats) you would NEVER know! GREAT JOB! I'm gonna have to use that
the next time I go to Guitar Center!! ;^) btw...5 stars! Keep 'em comin'

Author s1a2m3a4r5a6 (3 years)
have the same guitar !!! Ibanez is the that sound of it

Author Junior Pauga (5 years)
KC mean as bro, just started learning and this the best tutorial Iv found,
all em others are too fast at my level... thanx heaps bro....

Author Alexandria Peeples (3 years)
you sound so smooth for someone who don't know how to play guitar make more

Author FJ67CIWA (3 years)
awesome video man, God bless you brother :)

Author TDredd1 (5 years)
K.C. you are the man!!!! How do you do it? You break things down so well
that I know I can fake I till I make it!! Got your "Unlocking The Keys"
DVD. You got it going on Doc. Keep up the good work and God Bless you!!!!

Author prettysimplemusic (6 years)
sorry for the delay... i don't know how to write it down, nor am i familiar
with writing tabs... this video is 100% real, as i really can't play the
guitar. if you take the time to watch the video in it's entirety, you'll
see how to play each chord. i don't know the notes on the guitar, i'm
sorry... PIANO is my specialty!!!!

Author COGIC100 (6 years)
i been playin for months

Author baggygator (1 year)
You have great voice and should think about recording your own Gospel CD.
I'd buy one. My sister is Christian recording artist Kelly Willard. You
will find tons of her songs here on YT. Also, at kellywillard dot c o m
Here's a request. Show a number system on how to play some jazz riffs. I
can't figure this out. I don't read music. Thx. Great lesson!

Author wout konings (3 years)
Yeah you're right, You CANT play the guitar, really.

Author ALJ029 (5 years)
nice vid i've learnt a new voicing/ cheers!

Author Kevin Hiwat (4 years)
In what key do you play our God is an Awesome God?

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