Mansion in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Custom Estate Home, Moving to Fort Lauradale or Central Florida (Disney world Area) contact me
Lino the Butler at your service.

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Author Janusha (1 month)
Nice house Im sure. But sound and presentation is TERRIBLE. 

Author KandeTV (7 days)
Uau. Super beautiful home.

Author androshi (28 days)
how much is the taxes per year? is it expensive?

Author Nery Wasserman (2 months)
A little photoshop needed to improve the sky
lamp post and lines should be remove
and some color balance. otherwise super

Author Marisa Garcia (1 year)
7 million mansion

Author John Wilkins (1 year)

Author Bishop Michael Andrew Laning (8 months)

Author Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis (5 months)
OMG the house is haunted!

Author stefanYObro (2 years)
actually that's the reason why you will never have this house, period.

Author Anthology Lover (2 years)
Im like some, i dont care if you name was michael jordan show me the house
-fat people- -.-" ikno you guys need love but not now catch in 5mins and 38

Author Sator999 (2 years)
Can I get it without the creepy ghost?

Author karinamena10 (10 months)
Is it still for sale?

Author nathan haley (1 year)
Way to big

Author starlightsilvernight (1 year)
It sucks that I live near all thease big ass houses. just driven by
everyday given them the evil goin "you're gonna be mine soon, very soon"

Author LINOTHEBUTLER (2 years)
It's a low budget Avatar

Author halfvolley11 (1 year)
whats the big deal with 7 million dollar in america?? my home in mumbai is
worth 5 million dollar atleast. has america gone so poor?

Author indygal101 (1 year)
Come on now that's the best you've got it's not big enough I live very huge
and big houses and that's not it it looks kinda simple and cheap if you ask
me...just saying its beautiful but not my style

Author mdmiltonhossen (10 months)
Hey, have you tried "Reveal Travel Deal" (do a Google search for it)? I
have seen numerous incredibly affordable hotels as well as flight tickets.
This can let you spend less on your upcoming vacation also. Just go and
have a look.

Author MrEnano1995 (1 year)
@3re77 Shut the fukc up u dumb bitch

Author Music Night (1 year)

Author BBWulf (1 year)
Tomy Montana used to live here :)

Author erica bizzell (1 year)

Author hotripped123 (1 year)
were not stupid

Author Bdawgz360 (1 year)
uhh....dont u have a tour of ur home on your channel...i don't quite think
this is the same one;)

Author Motley shred (1 year)

Author Clayton Dean (1 year)
That house is dirt cheap

Author eisenherz188 (7 months)
grey alien hybrid child?

Author safire4real (10 months)
These dam Cubans with their witchcraft

Author Marco Gambler (8 months)
You seem kinda retarded to be honest... Is it your grammar or you do have
down syndrome? :)

Author run183 (1 year)
black and white guy has got to go...really dumb

Author Morgan Forshage (1 year)
Its ok my uncle bought one in LA for 20 MILLION his is better

Author viavo (1 year)
LOL there's a mexican ghost in the house

Author doğaç keleş (9 months)
This is movie set of seed of chucky (jennifer tilly's house)

Author Daniel jimmy (1 year)
daymm i wud love a dream house for me n my kidz man haha dope

Author Craig M (1 year)
I sell you mine in the caribbean

Author Kadie L. (1 year)
do you have this nice of a house? Doubt it and id feel shity if i had to
sell these things and go back home and see the crappy house id live in...

Author kk17645 (1 year)
Is that for real anybody tell me!!!!

Author Arielle tobe (1 year)
omg this is fucking beautuful i wish i wish !

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Author Michael Wayne (1 year)
Thanks, for the future holograph social media network to advertise your
products online with your own personal holograph imagine. I'm looking
forward to the NEW WORLD technology is awesome isn't it!

Author MtjEv (1 year)
yeah and i am beyonce

Author xiilazyalex (1 year)
My ass...

Author Datrueast (2 years)
great house, ill do the same thing @anakin82030.... 3 4 blunts

Author Farrar Lindsay-Stewart (1 year)
so is Lino the butler included in the price? lol :)

Author bieberfanatic116 (1 year)
K. You just look incredibly stupid saying that. Obviously it's not true and
you are just looking for attention.

Author vvv3266 (2 years)
this home is simply amazing!;O

Author bjossi2001 (2 years)
i hate my house so much right now!

Author theoistech1 (2 years)
@LINOTHEBUTLER hey what kind of jobs do people have to afford this house?

Author Ryan Reed (9 months)
grammar* you have shit spelling,you're not any better ;)

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