Zyzz in gym - (RARE) Arm day.

Zyzz flexing it up cuzz. Gym bout to close.

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Author FrancoCT15 (5 days)
his fucken god

Author AkKilla97 (11 months)
how heavy the weight it doesnt mean shit, i see cunts maxed out on the
weight of gym machines yet they have the shittest physiques ive ever seen
and their trying to build muscle not strength, then again i see others that
are shredded as fuck and arent lifting nearly as much the same weight, when
people see your physique the weight you lift wont even pop into their mind

Author Fructuoso Torres-Leite (1 year)
He wasn't even that tanned in this one :D

Author TheFluffyYeti (1 year)

Author Endy Burnurnur (1 year)
U mad brah?

Author Laxmi8427 (1 year)
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muscle easily whilst dropping excess fat at the same time. Brandon and
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it helps you also.

Author sebc2s (1 year)
Actually its probably the other away around now.

Author TheRang3purx (1 year)
Before he even babo talks fucking deaf cunt.

Author itachirip (1 year)
his physique is already great here, and all the fuckers who write small:
where are YOUR videos or photos??? i only see that fucking standard youtube
logo! i cant stand you haters!

Author GIZDIR (1 year)
U jelly?

Author TheHoffmanHouse (1 year)
BABO is always the filmer lool

Author Andrew Radford (1 year)
Where is this gym ?

Author Gamer Mash (1 year)
No, cuz my gym is open 24/7

Author MrLisztomaniac (1 year)
He didn't have any of his tattoos yet

Author bowarrful (1 year)
his tats and his dark ass tan ruined his aesthetics. too much tan made him
look Indian which is bad bad bad.

Author mtl347 (1 year)
Hey i've seend all your shit here!!! I'm pretty sure your are so ugly and
your % body fat are so hight that you never ever fuck a women in your

Author danteisbrutal (1 year)
perfect perfection

Author M1KeHD (1 year)
How tall and how much did he weight at this time?

Author harry wilkinson (1 year)
haha, ya dead

Author isubo (1 year)
Why do you get so mad?

Author ivan lordinov (1 year)
I am so jelly!!!

Author Kujien (1 year)
not ne more

Author xxbublebee123 (1 year)
Fact: most girls like guys skinny muscular guys more than thick guys (;

Author wil172921 (1 year)
zyzz warm up is your work out!!! do you even squat?

Author Andrea Marinella (1 year)
how old are you?

Author TheBrahmabul (1 year)
I don't care

Author RobinMcCullough721 (1 year)
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google) You will discover the serious crimes we commit against ourselves.
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Author WinterMadness05 (1 year)
babo u cheeky cunt m8 i swear

Author B. Cris (1 year)

Author Andre H (1 year)
Looks like you need some air by the looks of your profile pic. I bet you
shit yourself good when you took that pic.

Author emrans (1 year)
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website you will find a good free video explaining how you can start
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Author Nick (1 year)

Author GalenAus (1 year)
Fresh gorilla chest

Author Wei-Chun Hsu (1 year)

Author Mircea Cel Batran (1 year)
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Author Jimbo (1 year)
who the fuck you do you think you are to call him skinny lol :D

Author Peter2353654645 (1 year)
this retarded idiot used steroids

Author thesharkman9007 (1 year)
6'1 186cm

Author Jason Todd (1 year)
Dont be a sad cunt, be a shredded cunt

Author Freshprincedela96 (1 year)

Author aurasmash (1 year)
armday??? hahahahaha

Author ThroatyHerois (1 year)

Author Lela Gallo (1 year)
ZYZZ in my opinion was more of a fitness model than a body builder. Check
out Lorenzo me he is a body builder.

Author Kristoffer Fredriksen (1 year)
me jelly brah

Author SteelZ06 (1 year)
Zyzz mad ))

Author Paumonsu (1 year)
No armn tattoo, so yes, before roids

Author Andre H (1 year)
I would know that because you're making it blatantly obvious that you have
nothing better to do than to hate on Zyzz. Haters gonna hate. And he is the
king of Aesthetics ;)

Author young money (1 year)
u need some air bro? dicks been down ur throat for a while now.

Author Doodle92 (1 year)
He was already on gear at this point. He posted on Misc with a "pre roids"
pic. He started his first cycle very very early on.

Author BViani95 (1 year)
wholy fuck you're pure cancer nice ears champ, you do realize there's no
human audio besides the vocals from the song playing in the back ground
BEFORE babo says "Wow, strong Az." absolute joke.

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