Mwen vin adore ou

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Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@mikomarcolover09 Thank you

Author lilzxsammie4726 (2 years)
she sounds like she's jokin dawm relax...

Author andomaxcha (2 years)
yes--the dress is too tight, no matter where u r

Author maurice wright (1 year)
great voice and nicely done.. ive always sing this song in english and i'
was wondering if this song is also in creole from chant d'esperance

Author Lu (2 years)
sweetie, it's a beautiful song, and you have a beautiful and natural voice,
but you've gotta stop screaming, just let it flow naturally...Otherwise
great Job!

Author kavitchi (3 years)
C'est Jolie, Continuez comme ça mes haitiens.

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@Answer Marie France Nicolas @jesuisrich Whatever and the Lord like it and
i had a lot commentaries for it and I wish i could do it again and again..

Author mizzgoofii2009 (2 years)
@skasha99 Whether she was in rag or just wearing a trash bag. God would
still get the Praise that surely deserves. This is why most ppl fear to
enter the church too much judgement. Relax!

Author John Pierra (8 months)
Glory to the almighty, Keep up the good work, there is a reward for it.
Just continue.

Author Franklin Z (2 years)
Nou rele trop....but other than that give God the glory.

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@lucienjy22 It was my first time to sing in front of people in school and
sing with him together n thank you for you advice :)

Author jesuisrich (2 years)
it is very painful to watch and to listen. bad vocal, tthe voices are not
together. she's faster than he is. she screams too much. not good at all.

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@mizzgoofii2009 It was a School concert and represent my Country in this
class to tell My class Haitian can sing and The Lord makes me choose a
christian Song so He accepts me the way I am :)

Author KESHAUN JACKSON (2 years)

Author rose-marie geneus (7 months)
Alleluya. Bondieu pap juge ou. Li beniw pou sa ou ye. Les anges sont
contents de ta voix.. Soit beni.

Author mikomarcolover09 (2 years)
so good

Author lamcass (2 years)
if the voice could only match the spectacular body ! body....

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@cacnetwork Mwen pa t'ap rele non, se sa mwen te santi an mwen t'ap mete
deyo se sak fe w santi nou rele..

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@jesuisrich I tried to do my best and I was glad to sing and represent my
country before my graduation day too and I thank God for my voice and
everything he did :)

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@mizzgoofii2009 @ I was just say in a School Concert before my graduation
day n don't judge me about anything, Lord Take me and love me the way, and
Jesus forgive me for everything bad, i did n do... It was my first time to
sing in front a thousand people.. Say watever u want and I don't care cause
i know myself n God enjoy what i did... God Bless u n peace :)

Author Beauté Kreyol (2 years)
Praise God!!!

Author Baybeeka16 (1 year)
u gotta manage yr voice....ou rele twop

Author walmir bernard (2 years)
keep on going girl

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@SONNYBOI1989 I know, Some people don't know that and I am happy with my
voice and I had to sing like 8 songs with the Choir Class and the 8th song
with my friend... So i did a good job and proud of myself to sing a
christian song instead of any other song n I am the first lady Haitian who
did that and represent my country in that calss..

Author Le Ska (2 years)
that's not a worship dress!

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
Thanks e se konsa nou kapab chante e se sa mwen te santi andedan an mwen
an, mwen t'ap mete deyo e mwen di Bondye mesi paske mwen se premye ayisyan
ki fe sa nan Key west High School, Florida..

Author lucienjy22 (3 years)
not bad but they need to practice more

Author Jothsadrack Cetoute (1 year)
nou manke repete an touka esye fel yon lot jou

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@kavitchi Merci :)

Author Jhims Pascal (6 months)
Bay Bondyé nou an glwa..great job.!

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@skasha99 It was a School concert so Don't judge me for my dress..

Author kassimodora (1 year)
leave the girl alone she did what she could praise be to God. Good job
young lady and be bless. love aways for those who's not afraid to stand for
the Lord.

Author Marie France Nicolas (2 years)
@Antisatan7771 Yes, We did it :)

Author Mervens AnnointedKeys (3 years)
@lucienjy22 seriously! they do... specially the girl...

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