Let's Play Mario's Wacky World - The Grand Finale Part 1

5 Levels of the Special Zone to go through and then we're done Wacky World. Two of them are covered here, along with an update of the new version of Wacky World.

PS: Schokobescher! It's kinda fun to say.

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Author NZSF150 (2 months)
0:19 lololololololololololololololololol

Author Larna Kinco (5 months)
Somethings not right.............I think somethings not right............I
think.... lol

Author MrOmegatronic (5 months)
Fake lava? Didn't know Mario lived on Zebes.

Author Parnifia (1 year)

Author TheTerrificTracy (2 years)

Author VriskaKick (1 year)
8:07 Thinking's for -DOAAALAVA!

Author Nick VanderKooi (1 year)
I dunno if its just me, but that background really gives me a headache and
I usually don't get headaches from games that display backgrounds like
that. >.>

Author Alan L (2 years)

Author ChrisJKool8 (1 year)
Call out deal or no deal

Author MrKingjacob123 (2 years)
yay,golden eye oo7 music!

Author omar baba (2 years)
silly me, thinkings for dum- LAVA!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Hellscrap3r (1 year)
"Whoa! Where am I?!"

Author Jessica Ellingson (1 year)
Okayyy i dont understand the james bond thing in the begging butt yeea i
understand now

Author ThePhenomenalEX (1 year)
The pipe sits there and doesn't do a damn thing? Is it Drew Carey's pipe?

Author Noé Mar (2 years)
what the hell is going on into the blue switch place? xD It haven't time

Author sacredknight58 (8 months)
Found it :> Have the game so not gonna redeem.

Author DJ Selectsquare (9 months)
my favorite ProtonJon video ever, of aaaaaaaalllllllll time. better? it's
the internet. i'm a confused masses. naturally allow for Error Dancro in
these strange times. plus they both have the name Jon, somebody was bound
to get confused sooner or later

Author InspHCallahan (1 year)

Author Searcy Jackson (9 months)

Author NintendoFan1038 (1 year)
IN B4 PCULL44444

Author Jordan Randall McKendrick (2 years)
This YouTube user wants the first 007 music in the video at the Wacky World

Author speedddogg (2 years)
00:17 please tell me he meant to make his custon charechter look like a
girl and like a good bit of people made a custom charechter of the opposite

Author Brodire2012 (9 months)
this is proton jon, not jontron

Author TheStarwarsguy101 (1 year)
Well, I did also

Author Proton Jon (1 year)
It's actually from Gradius 5, on the PS2.

Author The Smooze (2 years)
4:55 for money!

Author EzraHuntings (1 year)
6:32 wtf happened

Author Luiz Star Armendarez (2 years)
what is pay pal ?¿¿?

Author XxXxMrMarioWorldxXxX (1 year)
:O your alive, and your commenting on your ROM hacks

Author stevethemastersword (1 year)

Author Volcarious (1 year)
Dammit Jon, now I want to go play Goldeneye.

Author Zippity77 (1 year)

Author Maul Park (1 year)
The blue swith palace background made me dizzy

Author Jean Kirschtein (1 year)
More importantly, the first 40 seconds are hurting my ears because of a
really high pitch squealing sound coming from his audio. It's like a
fucking dog whistle. I have a migraine now from it. :c

Author BSUstudent450 (2 years)
8:42 ...That's what she said?

Author Rin Tezuka (1 year)
okay, the duration was different, but close enough.

Author Mud kip (2 years)
metroid super boss battles

Author TheStickKid (2 years)
I wish i was in the land of cherry coolaid...

Author ThePokeme23 (2 years)

Author aut316 (1 year)
.... Wriggle nightbug. And just is a great video ^.^

Author Rin Tezuka (1 year)
>>3:37 Furude Rika: AKASAKA!

Author MegaCeddy1 (1 year)
lol spyfall intro

Author ClubPenguinSeramiop (2 years)
3:43 omy gosh zero seconds whatttttt!!!!!

Author Hunter Lindquist (2 years)
@Jazmyne510 google it.

Author Kyuutoryuu (1 year)
8:43 MAJOR "that's what she said"....

Author drkraid (2 years)
jesus christ what's with that high-pitched sound at the beginning, makes me
feel like i has tinnitus

Author Mailmansicles (2 years)
@ThePedro996 It's sort of like a website that "holds" money for you, so you
can buy items or subscriptions to games online.

Author player9ization (1 year)
9:35 it says luigi course clear...

Author aut316 (1 year)
I make my own walfas (Crap frames though)

Author Samuel Gernstetter (1 year)
9:21 Of course it not right. It's WACKY!

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