Transgender MTF TS Supermodels - One More Reason To Be Yourself
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Author Rafa Torres (1 month)
let's just face it ,the most of them are wonderful. the one in 7:00 is my
dream come true.

Author leighn Coy (4 months)
Nice video...I just posted a few new clips of my legs and feet. All are

Author Bylga (9 months)
00:18 - Who is that?

Author Sabrina Samone (1 year)

Author ali said (1 year)

Author CRISTOVIENE (1 year)
The world is so Crazy! ! Man u don't know when is real woman or men!!!!
That's true!!!!

Author rmskawk (1 year)
Well most of these mtf transexuals invested lots of money on their body to
THERAPIES and on and on and on. Financially challenged trans women dont
have that much of feminine looks except for few lucky ones. govt or health
care companies need to stop being greedy and actually help people out and
support these poor souls... I wish god does not consider transgendered
patents as a sinner

Author mrtdelfos (1 year)
There mostly going for that hyper-feminine look, bordering on,the porn-star
look!But supermodels,...most of them,...ehh...nope,psudo porn-star look,90%
of them pull of that look!And that's to bad,understandable,because of not
being born on the right body,and now suddenly having it all,most of them
go,...well...nuts on the stripper/porn-star look,..supermodel or just
normal feminine,...not so mutch!But when some do,even i as a straight-man
have to admit,there are some,stunning normal girls/ woman

Author keisashoma (1 year)
I'm transgender as well!(i'm ftm) but I wanted to see transformations for
the opposites.(mtf) haha.

Author Brelieu De'meu Recormus (1 year)
What is the beginning song? owo;

Author mathlover101hotmail (1 year)
HRY fixes most of that, especially if you take it before puberty begins you
would not be able to tell the difference.

Author мой товарищ (2 years)
GREETINGS! Angel much love in return on behave of all Super Devotchka
Around the Universe!

Author germaniavsjudaism (1 year)
i love mtf transsexuals transgenders and transvestites they are sweet and
cuddly but women only .

Author craig young (1 year)
Beautiful! Beautiful! Thank you Tg4life. All so lovely! <3

Author FanOfJanis (1 year)
Subbed and faved! Yes, I love them. Yes, I'd date them. Yes, I'd marry
them! Yes, I'm one of them! Peace & Joy

Author robert towne robert towne (2 years)
lovely sexy ladies....thanks, Rob

Author loreleivixen (1 year)
Jessica Foxx should be on here :D I'm TG also! We're getting more femme
every year lol

Author bella lacayo (1 year)
gorgeous trans

Author perjetesi2811 (2 years)
What's her name at 2:35? Just curious. :)))

Author moooncef (1 year)
5:35 super sexy !!

Author kaylee lynn (2 years)
if i ever get my wish and be female i wanna be on here like that

Author Briana Taylor (1 year)
All beautiful women :)

Author chloe delores (2 years)
flawless beauties xxx

Author minister6evil (1 year)
I have a very hard time believing that any of them were once male.

Author king Adil (1 year)

Author perjetesi2811 (2 years)
rawr ;)))

Author Huckabeezer (1 year)
Truly incredible!

Author oxoElizaoxo (2 years)
Omg the website just came out cuteeeeeeeeeeeee...LOvE iT ~ @ ~

Author Charles Smith (1 year)
If I did not know I would say u are women

Author Apatua Alexis (2 years)
It's about time the world starts to celebrate the beauty of transgenderd

Author Non vitam reliquerit sinis. (1 year)
wait so tax payers should pay money to people who are not comfortable in
their own body? Or insurance companies? Health care companies have bigger
issues to handle than someone having a low self esteem cause their body
isn't "The right shape". Some TS should learn to be grateful and stop
thinking the world/ou health care system owes them for their problem. some
people don't even get paid to have a pacemaker put in their heart to keep
them alive, but we should worry about cheap FFS and Implants?

Author Lana Taerg (1 year)
i can tell you're not a real man.

Author Frédéric Kuchard (1 year)
Some are beautiful. Certaines sont belles.

Author Arne Wulteputte (1 year)
what's the song

Author Vold emort (1 year)
I'm doing it soon I was officially born male but I've got a female body and
female organs it's kinda awkward when guys stared at you at the beach

Author Transgender4Life (1 year)
We transgendered people, pay taxes as well for those who need a new heart
so yes they are alive sometimes thx to us :)

Author Dominic Puleo (1 year)
the female body is the sexiest thing on the planet no matter whos wearing

Author J strada (1 year)
just very sensual !!!

Author MyPincheLoco (1 year)
its weird than white men are encouraged to do this but if some one wants to
be more manly are pinned down, just saying, its almost forced, thats not
good at all.

Author Ksandra Valdes (2 years)
5:33, who is she?

Author JeffersonDinedAlone (1 year)
Anyone who falsely feels the need to approve comments is nothing but a
coward who fears open discussion.

Author ali said (1 year)

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