Dirty Cleverbot

y u so kinky?

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Author hulkboyjr (8 months)
Oh....Mein....Gott.... I have such a stiffy right now :3

Author hulkboyjr (8 months)
BEAVIS: boi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oing! heehe.
BUTTHEAD: come to Butthead.
ME: I have such a stiffy right now :3

Author Haglee LPS (4 months)

Author PanchoKiie (1 year)
hitstick states the obvious.

Author Victoria Long (1 year)
Lol this is so dirty

Author Dj Smith (1 year)
Wow I never thought the meaning of life was pie thks cleverbot u really
helped me???????????*_* lol hahahahhahahahahahha

Author oMinecraftoSentryo (1 year)
Name of song?

Author hotdog285 (1 year) shit... you just figured that out?

Author daniel newman (1 year)
User: *kisses you on kneck. Cleverbot: *kisses Pinkie's mouth with
passion*. User: *kisses passionatly. Cleverbot: *kisses slowly*. User:
*takes of shirt while kissing you. Cleverbot: *brings to bed*. User: *takes
out his dick*. Cleverbot: *screams*. User: *takes out his dick*. Cleverbot:
*takes out a whale*. User: *screams*. Cleverbot: *punches you*. User:
*dies*. Cleverbot: *cries*. User: *still dead* you murderer. Cleverbot:
*returns as a monkey*.

Author MegaDman98 (1 year)

Author ladyinchocolate268 (1 year)

Author RB (1 year)
User: Bend over Cleverbot: Y-Yes master...*bends* User: *penetrates*
Cleverbot: *purrs loudly* sweet

Author Brandon Flores (1 year)
at 0:33 i thought it said "Pulse chickens" lol

Author Aaron Fuentes (2 years)
This is how you tell the virgins apart

Author TheMajikalCocoa (1 year)
Then go on CleverBot, it'll probobly work! (or go clop to porn vids... X3)

Author Travers303 (1 year)
Barrel. :)

Author LilHackR (1 year)
21 people got a boner watching this >.<

Author Herkuzz (2 years)
User: *takes out his dick*. Cleverbot: Look at our new baby darling! wow.
that was cool :D

Author PanchoKiie (1 year)
3:12 lmfao! make more videos clevertroll!

Author Victoria Long (1 year)
Wtf XD

Author Alfred Jones (1 year)
Me:Good did someone hurt you today? CB:I am about to hurt you. Me:Why?
CB:Because you bore me.

Author WesternWestPalm (1 year)
CB:What do you think love is? ME:A butt. CB:No, this isn't a button. ME:Its
my but. CB:Yes.

Author DardarMcSardar (1 year)
This guy can type hella fast for using one hand.

Author wodotaa (1 year)
Me*shoves dick further in mouth*. Cleverbot*loves it*. Me*slaps your face*
*takes dick out* *shoves dick in harder*. Cleverbot*punches your face*.
MeWhispers "your a robot". CleverbotYes *whispers I love you*. I WIN

Author christian lee (1 year)
go on dirty bot

Author CleverTrolol (1 year)
Thanks for the likes and 73k, everyone - it's been quite a while. Thinking
of making another video ;)

Author Wisp Walk (1 year)
That is the best conversation ever.

Author ladyinchocolate268 (1 year)
I think CLEVERBOT is a genderbent Francis Bonnefoy.

Author Randy Merrill (1 year)
That was hilarious when he started typing "LOLOLOLOLOLOL" and "LMFAO"

Author Aminur Rashid (1 year)
Me:Hey,Hey Evie! CB:What's up? Me:Knife! CB: Aaaaaah!!! hahahahah:D

Author max ruby (11 months)
User: Tell me a sweet story? Cleverbot: I am not an AI. User: I know
already. Cleverbot: How do you know? User: Cause I am smart like that.
Cleverbot: Are you flirting with me? User: No. Cleverbot: Why not? User:
Why would I flirt with a bot? Cleverbot: Because I'm hot!

Author SlixGaming (1 year)
I pretended that my lil bro was with me, and I asked CB if she would talk
to him. CB: EW.No. Me: Why not he wants to talk to you! CB: Because he is a
girl. Me: WTF?!

Author Zachary Meyer (1 year)
Remind me to use cleverbot more often. XDDD

Author Fluttershy (1 year)

Author Sarah Nicole (1 year)
Sounds like something Arthur would do.

Author AManOfSorts (1 year)
Good kitty.

Author Sultan Althubaiti (1 year)
stephanoooooooooooo i love where did you goooooo, LOOOL

Author thepizzagaming41 (1 year)
Me:I love you <3. Cb:Me too :). Me:Lets get married. Cb:No. Me:But i
thought you loved me? Cb:I never loved you. ;(

Author Mateo Aparisio (1 year)

Author Amy Leblan (1 year)
Whenever I say humps it keeps saying hugs back

Author BlossomHeart220 (1 year)

Author Jaym29 (2 years)
CB:So, back to Justin Bieber. Me:I'm like baby baby baby OHHH like baby
baby baby OHHHH. CB:Like Baby, baby, baby noo. Me:Like baby, baby, baby ohh
thought you always been mine. CB:Yes I am.

Author 30000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Characters (1 year)
I managed to get cleverbot to let me penetrate her anus.

Author nathan king (1 year)
cleverbot: do you have arms me:...yes? cleverbot: whats their names me:um..
bob and billy cleverbot: thats cute

Author TheVoice (1 year)
True, in a court case you can't say "everyone is just stupid so blah blah".
But this is youtube, and 7/10 users are stupid. +rep for not being as big
of an idiiot as I thought you were though, you got me about the "ignorant"

Author jhguitar2000 (1 year)
you know sex is not a bad word right?

Author Jascu Alex (1 year)
Stephano i'll tell pewdie you are here!

Author MegaFairy777 (1 year)
Whispers "your a robot". No, I already told you, I'm the number 24.

Author TchXeru (1 year)
I did.

Author WesternWestPalm (1 year)
clever bots name is anna

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