André Rieu - Nearer my God to Thee (Titanic version)

Concert from Maastricht with some Titanic pictures and footage added. Video made in honour of the heroic band onboard the Titanic and the over 1500 people who lost their lives on April 15. 1912.

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Author LIM. CHAE HONG (3 months)
André Rieu - Nearer my God to Thee (Titanic versi…:

Author josparkes1 (21 day)
I watched the film at the cinema 8 times before buying the video and it was
and still is incredible and movingly poignant and also melancholy in its
sadness !!!

Author Werner Holland (1 month)

Author Victoria Robin (1 month)

Author creativeplanetjanet (7 months)
"Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight."

Here is one of the most beautiful performances of this precious hymn.
Thank you +miclu2011 for sharing!

Author Stan Janssen (2 months)
God bless the people, who were on this ship!!! RIP

Author Miguel Baro (3 months)
Beautiful Welsh Hymn. Every time I listen to it brings tears to my eyes.
May all the souls who parish on that night onboard the Titanic rest in

Author Ebor York (3 months)
This isnt the version from the Titanic. Why do people always get it wrong?

Author weylin6 (9 months)
I always make sure to bring a violin when I go on a cruise so I can be
ready to do this at the appropriate moment.

Author Carolina Prieto Martinez (11 months)
Cerca de ti señor

Author Trainbrain1949 (5 months)
There has always been questions about what was played as the Titanic went
down. It may have been the Bethany version that was played. W\Get a copy of
"A Night To Remember" to see what it may have been.

Author noseworthyp (6 months)
I'm king of the world

Author slaxxxer (9 months)
'this track loses a lot of its power when performed by a full orchestra!

Author sherp2u1 (9 months)
And the band played on!!

Author Rambof5 (3 months)
My great great great aunt died supposedly on the titanic listening to this

Author Daten Schutz (8 months)
and not forget the People on Board of MH 370. R.I.P.

Author Valmir Pacheco (7 months)

Author Roxanne Wodtli (8 months)
I understand that their were independent men who never had met each other
before yet were in the Titanic's band decided rather than leave the ship to
save themselves they went down with the ship playing Nearer My God to Thee.
God bless all who perished..

Author Ujuani68 (11 months)
If people thik, that this hymn is all about the Titanic, it isn´t correct.
In my native country of Greenland, this hymn is sung, everytime, there is a
funeral. So, when I went to see the Titanic movie, I cried, when this hymn
was played over the soundtrack, with the heart-breaking scenes of people
about to die..

Author HondaMiniTrail69 (9 months)
The truly beautiful part starts at 1:06

Author Paul Rene Spenard Sr (9 months)
I come to this site quite often to listen to his inspiring music, this is
one of my favorites.

Author One Love One Heart! Let's Get Together And Feel Alright (1 year)
"Glory! Glory unto the Lord thy God Almighty for you created all things out
of your Eternal Love! Glory be unto your Holy name! Amen"

May all the souls who perished during & after the Titanic disaster find
rest with you the Lord thy God Almighty for they will be with you in Heaven
forever for they are now with you in Paradise.

Author teresa retamal peña (1 year)
Que solemne..

Author André Verville (10 months)
Quand tout semble s'écrouler, un peu de paix et de recule....

Author brjmfjm (10 months)
In Gedenken, derer die Weihnachten feiern, am morgigen 6. Jan. - dem Fest
der Heiligen drei König ...

Unsere <3 lichen Segenswünsche zum Weihnachtsfest +++

Author Catherine Franco (10 months)

Author nagoa214 (11 months)
I hope this is the last sounds that I hear as I die and my soul leaves my
body as I meet the Lord God.

Author Camii Feernandez (11 months)
i love it

Author hiraoka 基 (11 months)

Author Tiborné Sályi (6 months)
Nagyon köszönöm ezt a szépséget!

Author Alvin Chen (11 months)
Glory! My god,I love you.

Author Jørgen Kristensen (1 year)
Og se, jeg er med jer alle dage indtil verdens ende. (Mattæus 28,20)
Alle vore dage tilhører Kristus. Ikke bare de dage, som hegnes af datoerne
for vor fødsel og død.Endog de af vore dage, vi aldrig selv får at se,
tilhører ham.
Så vide perspektiver ligger der i ordene, at han er med sit folk alle dage.

Author kalanisias Elias (9 months)

Author Maria Helena Dias (1 year)

Author YuriXen (1 year)
André Rieu - Nearer my God to Thee (Titanic version)

Author Thilo Bambey (1 year)

Author Marie Linhartová (1 year)

Author Muhammad Rinaldi (1 year)

Author Diana Ferrara (1 year)

Author Maria Conceição (1 year)

Author Conceição Bernardo (1 year)

Author miclu2011 (1 year)
On lunch she was Steam Ship Titanic, the lifeboats has SS Titanic on them,
but on her maiden voyage she was designated to carry the Royal Mail and
could be called Royal Mail Steamer Titanic...

Author Bronwyn West (1 year)
I remember mr goldsmith telling my brother and I even though we were too
young to really understand that he was five years old when the titanic went
down, he and his mother were put in a lifeboat but his father was not
allowed, and when the ship started to go down, his mother pulled him down
into her lap and covered his head so he would not see his fathers fate( his
father went down on the titanic), he didn,t realize his father wasn,t
coming back till they arrived in new york

Author Samuel McKittrick (1 year)
Are you sure I've seen a photograph of her under construction in Belfast
beside her sister Olympic. Each dock has the ship's name signposted,
Titanic's reads "White Star, Royal Mail Steamer, Titanic." That being said
if you read the UK board of trade report it is titled as report of the
"loss of the Steam Ship Titanic" and in the report she is sometimes
referred to as SS Titanic, and often simply as "The teamer Titanic."

Author thomas taylor (2 years)

Author Eric Kessler (2 years)
This always brings tears to my eyes

Author thomas taylor (2 years)
i would of love to been in this room at this Moment!! this is real music!

Author Ilie Pop (1 year)
În imnologia baptistă această cântate spune: Mai aproape Doamne către Tine,
pe care eu în biserică am învăţat-o cu 78 de ani în urmă. Îmi place această
interpretare a formaţiei Andre Rieu care este de excepţie!!!

Author Ahyrta Goveia de Melo Ahyrta (1 year)
Lindoooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luna Sascha

Author cjetitanic (2 years)
Absolutley beautiful. I had tears in my eyes

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