Samsung Galaxy S3 - HD-Spiele / Gameplay Video (720p)

Eine kleine Zusammenstellung wie HD-Games auf dem neuen Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) laufen. Einen ausführlichen Test des Gerätes gibt es unter:

Weitere Details zu den Spielen gibt es u.a. im "Google Play Store" unter

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Author elkolodj1 (4 months)
nova 3 seems pretty laggy, is it right?

Author Legaceybeats (6 months)
dont play to long that battery will just quit on you.

Author Commander Keen (9 months)
+XxITtzXreaMXx how you aren´t serious about that...

Author Sonu Shahanawaz (8 months)
Guys I need help...... M using galaxy s3 n do I need to root my device to
play these hd games or I can play normally ?......plz help me frnz......

Author Louie dela cruz (10 months)
I had my s3 from my brother and I was amazed by the console like graphics
of games like shadowgun, dead space and need for speed now I'm adding dead
trigger 2 for my device. Any idea of the easiest way to root this baby???

Author Przemysław Pawlik (1 year)

Author TheKha0zTeam (1 year)
not sure about the nova one but definitely shadowgun - gears of war

Author Mario Cortez (1 year)
do a list dude pls

Author Albertofanful (2 years)
Danke :D

Author Kole Powell (1 year)
lol the s3 and iphone are the same price dumbass, also our phone has a
clock of 1.5 Ghz yours is 1 Ghz but you know what stay with the iphone dumb
people souldent have good tecnology.

Author UltasBl (1 year)
Nova, GTA and Asphalt are the best! :D

Author Shota Bakhtadze (1 year)
It doesnt have motion screen ?

Author Eng Mec (1 year)

Author VeganSlayer12 (1 year)
I'm really glad to be getting this phone.

Author Kelly Smith (1 year)

Author ckay lim (1 year)
I can feel the lag @4:40

Author iron888888 (1 year)
lolwut? Another poor kid who cant afford even an iphone. Even 4G's OS is
faster then Samsung Shity galaxy Shit 3's

Author Gentrit G (1 year)
who cares

Author gilang1195 (1 year)

Author David Rappl (2 years)
well, of course xD

Author ComputerExperte4You (1 year)
Asphalt ist so ein drecksgame -..-

Author Vshunte Lewis (1 year)
how do i get the games

Author ★Drey&Key★ (1 year)
Where is modern combat 4?? Max payne and gta ?? U forget the best games

Author Liebreaker99 (1 year)
Do you put all these games onto your external micro sd or straight onto
your phone cause I'm trying to find an app that doesn't it automatically a
response would be awesome I've just started buying all apps and nothing
free so ya thank you for the great video

Author Yuki Judai (1 year)
irgendwie komisch zu wissen dass die handys heutzutage mehr draufhaben als
die ps1 und sogar teilweise als die ps2 :D

Author 441meatloaf (1 year)
would u look at those nice looking shooters. Heck its even better than the
stuff PSP have.

Author Duke Bryhoom (1 year)
hey dude do u know how to download the NOVA 3 for free?????????????//

Author Der Halunke (1 year)
ja wie an jedem gerät das internet hat..

Author Vuittle (1 year)
Seems people with your mindset only believe that more expensive means
better features, overall quality, and well, more savings. Not in this case.
Apple products are starting to become left behind in the market so get your
head out of your ass.

Author KrieghofGames (1 year)
GTA 8:24

Author Navhkrin (1 year)
Wait for galaxy s4 for ultimate apocalypse of iphone

Author rodrifo62 (2 years)
this phone is ridiculously better than my pc..

Author ExtraSpieler (1 year)
Nein, ein Großteil wenn nicht alle Titel sind von Gameloft und kosten daher
standardmäßig 4,99€!

Author driftking_narog (1 year)
not all

Author david HiDef (1 year)
Come the the more advanced side my brother we are waiting for you <3
Android is your friend

Author David Rappl (2 years)
Really? CPU or GPU? Where have you found this information? :-)

Author kolombuspetrus (1 year)
I Still use nokia 3310:D and when i saw this video i was shocked!!! it was
something like a time travel for me:)

Author Arde441 (1 year)
kann mir jemand sagen der erfahrung mit diesem handy, wie das mit dem
internet is?? also youtube facebook und so?? geht das genau so einfach wie
beim iphone also saphari auf und mann ist im browser oder wie läuft das?

Author Tantive3 (1 year)

Author campapro (1 year)

Author Ciprian Mogosanu (1 year)
not even a 12 core processor wont fix the gliches in backstab

Author sebastian velasquez (1 year)
that games is free?

Author chenology (1 year)
Shadowgun = Gears of War?????

Author Kirill Khmyznikov (1 year)
не очень

Author poppyshoessp (1 year)
I love this phone, as well as my S2. Can't imagine how the S4 will top
this. But...I said that with my S2. :-) These games look sick on this phone.

Author samcohanun (2 years)
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 the international version with Quad Core CPU. My
friend has an i Phone 5. In Geekbench 2 he has 1630 points. My Galaxy S3
reaches 1980 points.

Author Albertofanful (2 years)
Um wie viel Speicher handelt es sich auf diesem Gerät ?

Author Pea RZz (1 year)

Author Dampfheini (1 year)
hmm i have an iphone 4s and was going to buy a sgs 3 but i cant see any
improvements at the gamingperformance. O-:

Author TheKha0zTeam (1 year)
some people dont like real games.

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