Far Cry 3 - Vaas & Hoyt´s Death

( SPOILER !!! )

Do you know the definition of insanity?

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Author Olemwrongway (2 months)
so Vaas and Hoyt are the same guy?

Author Chuck Norris (1 month)
If Jason is vaas its fits perfectly, Vaas wants to take over the drug
empire thats why he kills hoyt. I really hope they bring back Vaas.

Author Samuel Brown (2 months)
two maps in the game uncharted 3 was said 

Author mineraftguy123 (2 months)
Did Hoyt just offer Jason a single Nut?

Author ZETRICGAMING101 (21 hour)
I like the cinematic fight scenes but they should give a little more
control when fighting...say the villian has a programmed fighting technique
that changes every time you fight hoyt so u got to do counters and if u
already know if you miss you either die or get second chance. 

Author xSpiritZx (5 months)
Alright now im not sure of this but im going to say that Vaas Killed Jason.
Now, Vaas stabs Jason with a drugged dagger so what we are seeing is Jason
walking inside that place, hes just imagining the TV's and the talking. He
gets to Vaas and shoots him (which is probably just one of his henchmen and
Jason's imagination). Afterwards you hear Vaas saying "you are me and i am
you" and more Vaas' attack Jason. Now when you go to kill Jason stabs him
right in the spot that Jason was stabbed. But if we go in a little more
detail. "You are me and i am you" Vaas is now the player, Jason is Vaas
meaning that Vaas (the player) killed Jason (Vaas). Pretty complicated, i
know :p

Author .*~Scootaloo~* (8 days)
Hoyt became a unicorn!

Author ictdude1 (8 days)
vass has a cooler deth cut scene

Author MrNbafan7 (3 months)
Did I ever tell you the definition...of insanity?

Author sisen9 (9 days)
I got sad when Sam died :(

Author Jacob Clepper (11 days)
I remember actually screaming "AWWWW, WHAT THE FUCK!" when Hoyt killed Sam.
I liked Sam.

Author idontknowthiscomment oww (16 days)
Really hope the boss fight's are done different with FC4 :D! 

Author Jesse Tuominen (22 days)
Nice kill : ) 

Author PhoenixMan (22 days)
He should have said "Flight's delayed due to massive amounts of blood

Author Bradley Carter (24 days)
As I brace for haters... I actually liked hoyt better than vass

Author xTIGRExCHINGONx (25 days)
Hope you guys know by now that vaas didn't stab him with a knife it was a
syringe that's why you go on that weird trip

Author Ty Siharat (25 days)

Author Jukes 4 Jesus (25 days)
And thats how unicorns are born kids !

Author Keyzer söze (25 days)
wow what a nasty fov, you enjoyed playing the game like that?

Author Coldfront Jose (25 days)
Wow this is really amazing because the music fit at the right moment when
he kill Vaas! so epic and little sad 

Author fallskipe (27 days)
Bad things happen when play poker!...

Author Nordique1919 (4 months)
Had this awesome game for about a month and luckily I as able to beat the
campaign, but then my damn ps3 died.

Author FORMINCRAFTIA (1 month)
Stripper Vaas FTW

Author SuperSonicFan172 (1 month)
Hoyts death was sooo kickass

Author MovieMakers1999 (6 months)
This game is not a dream, the text in the loading screen are all About
Alice indeed, but Alice is jason and wonderland is the island. IT IS NOT A

Author novideos onthisaccount (1 month)
I'm guessing that the drugs that Citra put on Jason made him resistant to
the pain of getting stabbed in the chest by Vaas.

This allowed him to pull the knife out and kill Vaas himself.

Author italo antunes (1 month)
You cant kill Vaas

Author PrinceOfwarHD (1 month)

Author The Wire Man (1 month)
I dont know if walking in jasons shoes on this island would be my greatest
fantasy or my worst nightmare... and it scares me how i dont know which it

Author Tyler Daughtridge (1 month)
Personally I think the whole you are me and i am you stuff means that Vaas
represents all the things Jason was hideing withen that the island brought
out. the love of killing and sadistic nature and stuff. Just my opinion.

Author Calum Byrne (1 month)
so I guess since this is a dream he somehow got knocked out in real life
and is currently in coma? right? plus why the hell is he imagining this

Author Kenshima15 (6 months)
for those of you who are confused, the whole game is a dream. If you guys
read the texts that appeared all through the game in the loading screen
were all about Alice in wonderland.

Falling down the rabbit hole. Jas lands in Vaas's island.
This game is nothing but a dream which explains a lot of the super natural
elements...the writers of the game were evoking Alice in Wonderland!
The game is just a dream none of it ever happened in reality, but does that
make the game any less awesome? NO! Its one of the best games I have ever

Author ShadowFai20 (1 month)

Author Jacob Noel (1 month)
This was an intense game XD

Author Jack Kitty (1 month)
You've hidden a knife in your boot. What about the one on your chest hmmm?

Author Shinzon Wolf (1 month)
I just LOVE the "peek-a-boo moherfucker." !

Author Reviews HD (1 month)
vaas death or alive ?

Author Centri (2 months)
3:42 is epic

Author jojogothic (2 months)
vaas never stabbed jason. if you look carefully it is as if he comes out of
jason meaning that he undergoes a transformation before facing vaas (which
is supported by the fact that if you look at the place where he says "peek
a boo motherfucker" he isnt there and he magically appears)

Author FrankPlaysMC (2 months)
Hoyts death was so spectacular.

Author Trey Kinder (2 months)
Thats why he suvived all those things

Author TheSpaceMug (7 months)
If i was Hoyt, i would of cut the index finger so he couldnt shoot

Author chance moyer (2 months)
First if all I don't play Minecraft all day I play cod ghosts far cry 3 

Author Ronald Mcdonald (2 months)
I thunk the biggest bad guy is citra at the end

Author Andrew S (2 months)
Did Jason turn into Jason Bourne and kill all of the guys in the room?

Author Hookerslice (2 months)
the whole scene leading up to Vaas' death gave me goosebumps. it was
absolutely flawless.

Author MrBoreed (2 months)
9:21 batman.

Author supersyko1000 (2 months)
Id think so it looks real

Author Ginger Fitzgerald (2 months)
Poker Face of Hoyt Volker!!

Author Nick Niko (2 months)
LOL Press Stop by 10:30

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