Far Cry 3 - Vaas & Hoyt´s Death

( SPOILER !!! )

Do you know the definition of insanity?

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Author Kenshima15 (5 months)
for those of you who are confused, the whole game is a dream. If you guys
read the texts that appeared all through the game in the loading screen
were all about Alice in wonderland.

Falling down the rabbit hole. Jas lands in Vaas's island.
This game is nothing but a dream which explains a lot of the super natural
elements...the writers of the game were evoking Alice in Wonderland!
The game is just a dream none of it ever happened in reality, but does that
make the game any less awesome? NO! Its one of the best games I have ever

Author dekipantelija (6 months)
My killing hoyt wasn't that gory :(

Author xSpiritZx (4 months)
Alright now im not sure of this but im going to say that Vaas Killed Jason.
Now, Vaas stabs Jason with a drugged dagger so what we are seeing is Jason
walking inside that place, hes just imagining the TV's and the talking. He
gets to Vaas and shoots him (which is probably just one of his henchmen and
Jason's imagination). Afterwards you hear Vaas saying "you are me and i am
you" and more Vaas' attack Jason. Now when you go to kill Jason stabs him
right in the spot that Jason was stabbed. But if we go in a little more
detail. "You are me and i am you" Vaas is now the player, Jason is Vaas
meaning that Vaas (the player) killed Jason (Vaas). Pretty complicated, i
know :p

Author MovieMakers1999 (5 months)
This game is not a dream, the text in the loading screen are all About
Alice indeed, but Alice is jason and wonderland is the island. IT IS NOT A

Author DIO's Scary Monster and THE WORLD (5 months)
They made Vaas death so unclear that maybe they can pull off the "I'm not
really dead" thing. C'mon I mean Vaas and Hoyt were bad guys but Jason was
so unlikeable too, he's just this rich snob who has friends that you hate
in a movie and only becomes a hero because of the players control.

Author Wolf Tan (2 months)
Hoyt:I have powerful friends who will hunt you down!

FarCry 4 confirmed.

Author mineraftguy123 (1 month)
Did Hoyt just offer Jason a single Nut?

Author Lorena Cruz (5 months)
Maybe Vaas and Hoyt aren't actually dead. Their deaths seemed like
hallucinations. Also you dont get to see Hoyt's body in the room. Perhaps
Ubisoft is thinking of bringing them both back in a FC4?

Author James Dong (5 months)
Every time Jason hallucinates, I wonder what's going on in the reality
around him.

Author Nordique1919 (3 months)
Had this awesome game for about a month and luckily I as able to beat the
campaign, but then my damn ps3 died.

Author MrNbafan7 (1 month)
Did I ever tell you the definition...of insanity?

Author FrankMC (23 days)
Hoyts death was so spectacular.

Author chance moyer (25 days)
First if all I don't play Minecraft all day I play cod ghosts far cry 3 

Author The Man With The Game Plan (1 month)
There goes the best played villain in a long time. Here's to hoping that
Pagan Min gets killed at the end of Far Cry 4 instead of the middle.

Author Ginger Fitzgerald (1 month)
Poker Face of Hoyt Volker!!

Author TheGameVanMakarov (2 months)
Yeah, I was really confused when It came to Vaas's death.

Author Lolman22 (5 months)
they botched the story in this game. The characters and writing were so
very good, but all under used. This game needed MORE story!! 

Author Peter Faka (1 month)
Actually i think thst he was poisoned when fighting vaas. thats why his
eyes opened and he is really alive. My opinion :)

Author CaptainDaring (4 months)
I think vaas' tv screens fucked with Jason's sanity

Author Ginger Fitzgerald (1 month)
P..P..P.. poker face P..P..P Poker face P..P..P.. poker face.. P..P..P..
poker face
P..P..P.. Poker face!!

Author James Dong (5 months)
Every time Jason hallucinates, I wonder what is going on in reality around

Author halbert281 (6 months)
Vass isn't dead, this is like a dream you even saw him stab Jason and then
he like blacked out in a way and this a dream.

Author HardcoreGamer483 (5 months)
Its a whole big mindfuck, you have to look at all the sights. Vaas is
trying to kill jason so often and jason still lives and at this point vaas
stabs jason with a knife and jason collapses. in this dream sequence Vaas
said at one point: "You are me and I am you". and this is where jason is
"seeing" what vaas is seeing ( but just the opposite; that he is killing
vaas so often but vaas still lives) and at the end jason stabs vaas with
the knife.( so you can pretty much say that vaas isn't dead and that jason
was wounded and that vaas just disappeard and jason somehow gets back to
citra) and this whole thing is so full of mindfuck that it is pretty hard
to explain.

Author TheSpaceMug (5 months)
If i was Hoyt, i would of cut the index finger so he couldnt shoot

Author rowlands08 (6 months)
When vaas is sitting on the chair and says citras going to make a warroir
out of you and says ur fucked hes bassicly saying not to join citra at the

Author PDiceStunnerz (4 months)
Hoyt- Ive hidden a knife in my boot (Because I dont have one strapped to my
fucking chest)

Author Allison Hamilton (7 months)
dont understand you kill him in your dream

Author Kingone134 (7 months)
How??? I can't seem to defeat Hoyt 

Author Dyllan Nanoski (4 months)
Have you guys seen the farcry 4 photo leak it shows vaas in a mental
hospital with writing on the walls so vaas is either dead and farcry for is
about him becoming crazy or its about what happens after the newest one

Author Abdellah Elbouyousfi (7 months)
Peek-a-boo MOTHERFUCKER !! hahahaaaa

Author Destroyerovevil (7 months)
I missed the final button at Hoyt's death. Didn't get to see the final stab

Author ANO (5 months)
0:44 Maybe Jason died here and rest of the fucking story is just

Author The Wire Man (2 days)
I dont know if walking in jasons shoes on this island would be my greatest
fantasy or my worst nightmare... and it scares me how i dont know which it

Author Tyler Daughtridge (2 days)
Personally I think the whole you are me and i am you stuff means that Vaas
represents all the things Jason was hideing withen that the island brought
out. the love of killing and sadistic nature and stuff. Just my opinion.

Author Calum Byrne (2 days)
so I guess since this is a dream he somehow got knocked out in real life
and is currently in coma? right? plus why the hell is he imagining this

Author Jacob Noel (9 days)
This was an intense game XD

Author Jack Kitty (13 days)
You've hidden a knife in your boot. What about the one on your chest hmmm?

Author Andrew S (27 days)
Did Jason turn into Jason Bourne and kill all of the guys in the room?

Author jonnyseriesgame (6 months)
3:26 love what vaas say
and i think this is a easter egg because i think is talking about jesses
wan the rome nail him to the cross and then he come back to life 

Author Giannis Ppaioanou (4 months)

Author Centri (22 days)
3:42 is epic

Author Reviews HD (17 days)
vaas death or alive ?

Author supersyko1000 (29 days)
Id think so it looks real

Author Sheath Reaver (2 months)
where did Vaas get the Ancient chinese Knife to stab you?? You your self
got it and gave it to Citra!! Did Vaas really die? Or did he need Jason to
get out of Hoyt's group alive while saving the tribe? Vaas and Citra used
Jason to save the island from Hoyt as well as get Vaas out safely. "nail me
to the f**kin cross LET ME BE REBORN!" -Vaas

Author Lutfur Rahman (5 months)
I wish sam lived

Author Gabriel Diaz (7 months)
I love how the soundtrack fits so well with Vaas. When I did this part I
ran through it too fast and the soundtrack was all awkward fitting.

Author Burak Kabak (5 months)
Hoyt looks like T-Bag from Prison Break

Author Lukas Gremes (2 months)
Even if hoyt is the final boss vass on his one or hid death is way more
epic then hoyt

Author route132 (5 months)
Still gets me shivers

Author Samuel Brown (21 day)
two maps in the game uncharted 3 was said 

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