Far Cry 3 - Vaas & Hoyt´s Death

( SPOILER !!! )

Do you know the definition of insanity?

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Author Penguin23450 (2 months)
Here's what I don't understand: Why did Vaas have the knife Jason retrieved
for Citra?

Author ictdude1 (1 month)
vass has a cooler deth cut scene

Author Bradley Carter (2 months)
As I brace for haters... I actually liked hoyt better than vass

Author Italianmobster (5 hours)
I was like NO first Yusef in revelations and now sam

Author Wolf Tan (5 months)
Hoyt:I have powerful friends who will hunt you down!

FarCry 4 confirmed.

Author Soup4Dayz (8 days)
"I have hidden a knife in my boot."
Well you'd better do something about the one on your shoulder.

Author Ryun Breh (20 days)
He died way to fucking early

Author thegamingpuncake (1 month)
Maybe Jason was brainwashed by vaas to take over the island 

Author mineraftguy123 (4 months)
Did Hoyt just offer Jason a single Nut?

Author Naedeslus (1 month)
Vaas's final words are epic and really made him stand out imo.

Author xSpiritZx (7 months)
Alright now im not sure of this but im going to say that Vaas Killed Jason.
Now, Vaas stabs Jason with a drugged dagger so what we are seeing is Jason
walking inside that place, hes just imagining the TV's and the talking. He
gets to Vaas and shoots him (which is probably just one of his henchmen and
Jason's imagination). Afterwards you hear Vaas saying "you are me and i am
you" and more Vaas' attack Jason. Now when you go to kill Jason stabs him
right in the spot that Jason was stabbed. But if we go in a little more
detail. "You are me and i am you" Vaas is now the player, Jason is Vaas
meaning that Vaas (the player) killed Jason (Vaas). Pretty complicated, i
know :p

Author TheNepzinixLoL (1 month)
I bet vaas will return, his death was one of jason's hallucination and when
he ''kills him'' vaas has his eyes open then looks at jason. you have my
word he will return somewhere somehow

Author Olemwrongway (3 months)
so Vaas and Hoyt are the same guy?

Author .*~Scootaloo~* (1 month)
Hoyt became a unicorn!

Author MrNbafan7 (4 months)
Did I ever tell you the definition...of insanity?

Author Jacob Clepper (2 months)
I remember actually screaming "AWWWW, WHAT THE FUCK!" when Hoyt killed Sam.
I liked Sam.

Author Ty Siharat (2 months)

Author Coldfront Jose (2 months)
Wow this is really amazing because the music fit at the right moment when
he kill Vaas! so epic and little sad 

Author Chuck Norris (3 months)
If Jason is vaas its fits perfectly, Vaas wants to take over the drug
empire thats why he kills hoyt. I really hope they bring back Vaas.

Author Samuel Brown (3 months)
two maps in the game uncharted 3 was said 

Author Nordique1919 (6 months)
Had this awesome game for about a month and luckily I as able to beat the
campaign, but then my damn ps3 died.

Author julian knook (1 day)
The way he killed vaas was fking epic like how he droped the knife in to
the other hand and then stabbed him

Author Kenshima15 (8 months)
for those of you who are confused, the whole game is a dream. If you guys
read the texts that appeared all through the game in the loading screen
were all about Alice in wonderland.

Falling down the rabbit hole. Jas lands in Vaas's island.
This game is nothing but a dream which explains a lot of the super natural
elements...the writers of the game were evoking Alice in Wonderland!
The game is just a dream none of it ever happened in reality, but does that
make the game any less awesome? NO! Its one of the best games I have ever

Author Dutch4Gaming (8 months)
This game is not a dream, the text in the loading screen are all About
Alice indeed, but Alice is jason and wonderland is the island. IT IS NOT A

Author 5Cyberwolf5 (19 days)
That's the way to them! Make their head a knife cushion! 

Author Nick Frietch (13 days)
huh so thats what happens. i missed the last one that shoves it into his
skull but it still let me win.

Author Emre Tokmak (22 days)
Why do we teleport to the disco every fucking fight? Lol.

Author ShadowFai20 (3 months)

Author PinkasBrown44 (24 days)
For the love of God dudes. The definition of insanity is not Vaas`. It´s
from Albert Einstein. Lol

Author Billy bewb (22 days)
10:28 teletubby? no.. k.

Author Eduardo Sierra (22 days)
Damn, talk about overkill.

Author Armando Bolanos (24 days)
Jason killed vass in his dream, so vass is still alive, but jason became

Author AdrianYeah15 (1 month)
What is the name of the music when you kill Vaas?

Author Lizandro Pinto (28 days)
oh men his finger

Author Ismael Valenzuela (1 month)
Hoyt reminds me of scarface. I like that!

Author FrankPlaysMC (3 months)
Hoyts death was so spectacular.

Author chance moyer (3 months)
First if all I don't play Minecraft all day I play cod ghosts far cry 3 

Author rayshon (1 month)
Spoiler title pops up in people's recommend videos and can ruin games for
people. Disliked.

Author iFlux (1 month)
10:16 - *Mortal Kombat Announcer* "Finish Him!"
10:27 - *Mortal Kombat Announcer* "Fatality!"

Author James Bryan (1 month)
overkill much

Author Ginger Fitzgerald (4 months)
Poker Face of Hoyt Volker!!

Author DIO's Scary Monster and THE WORLD (8 months)
They made Vaas death so unclear that maybe they can pull off the "I'm not
really dead" thing. C'mon I mean Vaas and Hoyt were bad guys but Jason was
so unlikeable too, he's just this rich snob who has friends that you hate
in a movie and only becomes a hero because of the players control.

Author ZETRICGAMING101 (1 month)
I like the cinematic fight scenes but they should give a little more
control when fighting...say the villian has a programmed fighting technique
that changes every time you fight hoyt so u got to do counters and if u
already know if you miss you either die or get second chance. 

Author The Man With The Game Plan (4 months)
There goes the best played villain in a long time. Here's to hoping that
Pagan Min gets killed at the end of Far Cry 4 instead of the middle.

Author Peter Faka (4 months)
Actually i think thst he was poisoned when fighting vaas. thats why his
eyes opened and he is really alive. My opinion :)

Author sisen9 (2 months)
I got sad when Sam died :(

Author James Dong (8 months)
Every time Jason hallucinates, I wonder what's going on in the reality
around him.

Author Mehmet Melih Tezcan (2 months)
Finally.Vaas psychopath is death.

Author Ginger Fitzgerald (4 months)
P..P..P.. poker face P..P..P Poker face P..P..P.. poker face.. P..P..P..
poker face
P..P..P.. Poker face!!

Author Jukes 4 Jesus (2 months)
And thats how unicorns are born kids !

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