Dance Moms and Kaloudis Girls Rare Videos-Pictures

Great unseen videos and pictures of the girls from RG Dance at aldc

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Author Jayleigh gentry (1 month)
0:05 Maddie backhandspring is really pretty!!!

Author Jakayla Clinton (11 months)

Author Kelsey Elizabeth (1 year)
The girl in the pink; I want to see her and Maddie do a duet. Cuz their
faces are on to one another. :o

Author styleberry123 (1 year)
Sophia 123nickiv

Author Katie Horan (1 year)
Love It Plus One Direction Oh Yes!!

Author beautybooky15 (1 year)
OMG I love this show!!!!

Author kittykapow (1 year)
omg ew the molester is near the moms and DM girls

Author GiGGLiNPiGLeT301 (1 year)
i want to see Christine & Chloe do a duet together.

Author styleberry123 (2 years)
No I am no dancer from Aldc and yes they will be in an episode. The girl in
light pink is Christina kaloudis

Author starrbeatlesqueen (1 year)
I can't believe RGDance is gone now. If anyone doesn't know by now, RGDance
co-owner Grant was arrested two months ago for child sex abuse and is in
jail now. The studio closed down due to a significant number of parents
withdrawing their kids after this happened.

Author styleberry123 (1 year)
Rg dance stole this video from us

Author Jana Brown (1 year)
Stop at 2:53

Author styleberry123 (2 years)
Lol yes

Author disbenikaboox3 (1 year)
those girls have mad abs :)

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