Tube Flaring Techniques

This clip provides an in-depth look at the flaring process and addresses proper technique, tools and what to look for in a good flare. To view the full chapter on the Tubing Tools DVD, go to

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Author plomberi hamid (5 months)

Author Helmi Al Hamadi (7 months)

Author zeeshan chatha (11 months)
zeeshan superwave

Author mrsillywalk (2 years)
The principle is there but this item lacks design.

Author mreldoctore (2 years)
your not tightening it enough

Author Victor Caquias (1 year)

Author Silicondoc (2 years)
because adverts like perverts

Author A. Diaz (1 year)
Flaring copper? Why ? What is the w.p for 3/8 copper tubing? Why not use
pushlok? Way cheaper and easier flexibility. If p is a factor, use carbon
steel, or SS. Flaring is preferred but you could also use swagelok or a
Compression fittting. Just my 2 cents.

Author davemc50 (4 years)
Shows doing a single flare only. Very commercial, not practical or workshop

Author jvn1111 (3 years)
it is good if you lube the flare cone tool with a couple drops of hydraulic
fluid, this make the flare more smooth.

Author Yossi Allen (1 year)
Excellent video.....good work.

Author tool maker (2 years)
snap on....thats all you need to say and im with you at the front line

Author TheSIKMotionz (3 years)
@jvn111 - Great tip – we recommend using compressor oil compatible with the
system you are working on.

Author therockkkkher (4 years)
is the yellow jacket made in the usa ??? i only buy made in usa tools, its
a quality issue and america has always made the finest tools =)

Author Norman mah (5 years)
Wow thanks, this helped me understand my booklet i needed to read for auto

Author Walter's Playground (3 years)
Yellow Jacket, awesome as always...

Author DIEGO MOSTOLES (5 months)

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