Ingress Cheating: How to Cheat in Ingress With Location Spoofing / Mock Locations Guide

Ingress is a game designed by Google (Niantic Labs) as a way to get users to help create their Field Trip app for the Android OS. A lot of people think location spoofing had been fixed; however, it is not. This is all still possible with a rooted phone, and I'm here to show you how it's done.

As always, conduct your own due diligence before rooting your phone and messing around with the file system following rooting. Ingress is a game still in beta, and part of beta is clearing up all of the bugs and exploits prior to an application going live. I am producing this video as an attempt to help improve the game for when that time comes, and take the power away from the elite few currently using this exploit in the beta phase.

Note that most (or perhaps all of this) no longer works. I'm leaving this here for people looking to get an education into the innards of how Android operates. If you check the rest of my videos on this channel you'll see that it's what this channel is devoted to doing.

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Author Anthony Moore (4 months)
Gps Spoofing is for when you are to damn lazy to get off your ass to
walk to a portal. It is not hard to tell if someone is spoofing. Anyone
playing the game learns the time frame it takes to get from point A
to point B. If you manage to get from point A to point B in well
under the time needed people notice. I reported 4 "agents" over
Thanksgiving weekend many of our other local agents did the same because
it was obvious.

If there are not portals in your area. Get out and submit stuff. I live in
BFE Kansas and while there were not many portals before there are tons

Author Voivrenetwork (1 month)
I heard about it and was curious how it was done, as a person with no cell
service or mobile wifi, my playing is very limited and this would be
helpful, but it defeats the fun of getting my ass out and playing, even if
I'm not able to play as much as I want due to my restrictions. Still,
informative video, thanks.

Author bleache sanchez (2 months)

Author André Erasmus (2 months)
I'd rather lose than cheat. Cheating accomplishes nothing.

Author Lucius Kalendarius (3 months)
Report the spoofing here:

Author mamu chao (4 months)
It's actually stupid to cheat in this game

Author Aion Hackss (8 days)
Hey I have an rooted Galaxy S3 I9300 Smartphone. I did your instructions, I
can go even in New York (ingame) but when I try to hack an portal, is
telling me "Location Innacurate". I waited 30 mins too but nothing happens.
Can you please help?

Author nikobellikk (3 months)
scanner disabled:location inaccurate.
no found helppp

Author Joseph Sardone (1 month)
WHY the hell are you showing people how to cheat? Not cool dude! 

Author Marcus Gideon (2 months)
I just started this game myself not too long ago, and I'm living in a
fairly populated area with plenty of portals.
But there is still the option to submit new portals.
If you live someplace remote, but there's still points worth submitting,
why not do so?
Rather than cheating to pretend you live somewhere with portals, make your
own and get the extra XP for making them. =)

Author Anthony Pruitt (23 days)
This is rediculous. People like you are exactly why games aren't as
enjoyable because they have to add more and more restrictions to keep
people like you from cheating other players who obviously work for this
like myself. Start exercising (which is what this app is all about) and
stop cheating!

Author domnitrolp (5 months)
I am just wondering why this Video is still online...

Author Thomas Daghita (19 days)
After watching this, I don't even want to waste my time anymore with this

Author Bladedassains Minion (1 month)
copy task failed? help?

Author Antony Hajjar (4 months)
Need root?

Author Tom Whisenant (2 months)
What's sad is that if this guy was savvy enough to figure out how to rig
his phone, he'd probably make one hell of a legit player. 

Author Tom Senn (3 months)

Author Matthew Schwartz (2 months)
Not everyone is so privileged to live in a populated area. Cheaters only
cheat themselves of the experience.

Author Patrick Cruickshank (1 month)
Why the fuck would you even download the game if you dont plan on walking,
you are the reason i hate your generation.

Author Alexandru Melinte (4 months)
Do you know how to cut and paste the GPS simulator to :device/system/app/
using another way ? I'm asking because I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Ace
GT-S5839i and all of the apps you used in the video. I know you already
said it doesn't work anymore. So, again, do you know any other way to
simulate the GPS position in Ingress app ?
By the way, thanks for this video ! It's been useful to me to get rid of
some pre-installed apps that useless took storage space on my device. 

Author Jacob Schultz (5 months)
It won't let me hack the portal do u know how to fix

Author Federoy (2 months)
Cheating GPS position in this game is nonsense. You're killing the very
nature of it.

Author Agustin Blanco (5 months)
It's actually stupid to cheat in this game...

Author Lex Martin (1 year)
Something you'll never catch me doing Troll.

Author Barend Bekker (10 months)
this is retarded...

Author Jacob Schultz (5 months)
thank you sooooo much

Author Aaron Li (6 months)
I cannot move ingress into /system. denied. no idea why

Author Dennis Castelijn (1 year)
i fucking love you!

Author Acuity (1 year)
Yes, I've heard of such things. If you suspect someone in your area of
cheating you can report them.

Author Dan Larremore (1 year)

Author Francisco Marzoa (10 months)
That has no sense at all. If you can spoof your GPS location the unique
difference is that you don't need to actually move to a place for doing
things there, but you still can do everything you could do if you really
were there, so you are not limited to "just hacking portals all over the
world", you can also capture them, build links, fields, etc.

Author Chris Foster (10 months)
If you don't have portals in your area - make them. Then own them :)

Author BlAdE (11 months)
go to sleep bitch.. die motherfucker die!

Author Acuity (7 months)
What do you mean by it fails? You shouldn't "fail" at moving any app. If
the apps fails to launch after making it a system app (ie: it crashes),
that is a result of not rebooting your phone following moving it.

Author Der Skythe (1 year)
Ingress doesn't have permissions to read IMEI code. So, device can't be

Author Acuity (7 months)
It's not about the app as much as it is about the educational experience.
Android is a lot more powerful than any other smartphone OS on the market.
When you root it, you have that much more control over your device. If
people would look beyond the beta version of a game to see the power and
control Android allows them to have, this video would be much better

Author Connor Oud (10 months)
Why U No Use Wi-Fi

Author zxcnjfrsfg (5 months)
Its the people who love the game and play legit, getting powned by a lazy
dumbass because of tutorials like these.

Author Robert Hughes (5 months)
I hope Niantic is able to up there game on banning spoofers from playing.
If you can play legit don't play the game.

Author Jean Paul Vigil (1 year)
I have a backup of ingress v 1.20, with the No Fun

Author ANTONIO ESPINAL (7 months)
esto solo funciona con telefono rooteado porque el mio no es root gracias

Author Jeremy Lipka (6 months)
not a rooted phone.

Author Derek Koekemoer (6 months)
and tracking people's locations... LOL but google does that anyway...

Author xJRUCKx (11 months)
This no longer works... They have patched. As of 4-25-2013

Author Raulito Nyc (7 months)
Losers why cheat on a social game you are sum

Author Kadom (11 months)
I have a problem. My phone is root but when I want to move the
com.lexa.fakegps.apk to system\app it said "permission denied". How can I
do ?

Author Acuity (7 months)
As you can tell by the like to dislike ratio, there really isn't much to
gain by cheating in the game, so there aren't very many cheaters. Some
might do it at first thinking it's "cool" but they get bored quick and
quit. Most likely the vast majority of thumbs up came from android
enthusiasts who are interested in technology and didn't like the video
because of what they learned they can do in the game, but rather because of
what they learned they can do with their phone.

Author Max Gairing (9 months)
yes, just play the game like every other person other there....

Author coffeemillionaire03 (1 year)
Please invite

Author Cysioland (11 months)
You must have rooted phone

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