Hacking - Collecting Network Information - For Beginners

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Author Ezekiel Raven (2 months)
What OS is this?

Author peterawilliams (4 months)
Very interesting but as you type on screen better white than green
sometimes people really like to see what you are doing !!! but you have
some very interesting vids :-0)

Author Paul Simpson (4 months)
so you need linux..

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author R4v3N (3 years)
@joluias Hello. I am creating a website and will be providing it much more
tutorials. Depending on what kind of hacking you want to do, website,
network, etc. There are many programs that are in backtrack which use the
metasploit base. You can exploit by port or by vulnerability but the target
system has to be susceptible. You can use progams like armitage, metasploit
console, fast-track, and a couple others, all are based on metasploit.

Author javier hernandez (1 year)
disregard my question i was a little over

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author bl4ck0utri0t (2 years)
your wireless card might not be able to be put in monitor mode. I had the
same problem with my internal wireless card, I bought a USB wireless card
on amazon (ATHEROS model) it was like 15$ and it has more than decent
bandwith, plug it in and its good to go.

Author javier hernandez (11 months)
you seem to have a very well understanding of this, i love computers and
find it very cool mate, i mean all i need is someone to point me in the
right direction and master whisper some stuff, if you could name the basics
i have to start with in an inbox, ill do a deep research about it myself,
if you cant well its okay i still thank you for what you have told me.

Author smyle4mefish (2 years)
Dude thanks for the tuts, been trying to understand this stuff and you make
it simple!

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author javier hernandez (1 year)
allright girl but whats 1337 ?

Author MrCodevschi (1 year)
you need to download wmware workstation or some else virtual machine when
you have a virtual machine download backtrack 5 and install it into the
virtual machine

Author varon8181 (3 years)
muchas gracias , ya me pude conectar a mi red

Author Jason Campbell (1 year)
Awesome video, thanks for the upload.

Author Hagai Dar (3 years)
Hi Revantattoo, I realy like your videos, it's very helpful. recently I
started working with BT5 an I tried connect to my home wireless and for
some reason I get bad password massege(yes...I checked that the password is
correct) please help thank's

Author dfolgate (2 years)
where do i get entercap

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author R4v3N (3 years)
@varon8181 De nada

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author mel applez (1 year)
be my sifuu pls ! :)

Author ravi yadav (1 year)
Hellow sir. i have tried the trick you used in the videoes but i got error
massage like "warning ;failed to connect
00:..............................even sinnal strenth is,what the
problem is/are.please post your reply or cover in the next vidoes.thanx

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author Duane Dean (11 months)
You can go a lot further then that and still be legal. Use virtual box on
your computer, setup a network with a server and workstations and do your
thing. You don't have to be on the net to do any of this. This way you have
a good understanding of what is going on with attacks, sniffing etc..

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author fatcat4112 (1 year)
you are a fucking noob dude... go play 1337 somewhere else

Author R4v3N (3 years)
@hagaidar Thank you for the comments! I appreciate it. If it is WPA or
WPA2, in the Wicd network manager, you have to find your network name and
click properties. Then you will choose WPA passphrase. If it is WEP you
need to select the HEX and paste the WEP key. If it is wep you cannot
insert the " : " symbols, you have to take them out. so if the WEP was
AA:BB:CC:DD:EE then you would put it AABBCCDDEE. In some cases, aircrack-ng
will give you extra code at the end of a WEP key, it just depends.

Author Stella Asa (1 year)
Can you please teach me how to hack

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author R4v3N (3 years)
@steveone01 Hey thanks for the comment man!

Author javier hernandez (11 months)
i did some research on hacking, it is interesting and mostly the new
programs and what can you do with them, but the most i can do is pin a page
or someones ip adress to crash it i believe, as much as i would like to go
further i cant as i am on a criminal justice field and dont want to ruin my
career by getting cough.

Author MrNiitriiX (1 year)
backtrack out KALI in ...

Author mutzilnosoundl (1 year)
Your videos are more than interesting. These 15-20 min videos feel like 2
min videos. I hardly blink... Great job dude, I have learned a lot from you!

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author zbang guo (1 year)
i like KDE tool。

Author fatcat4112 (1 year)
Leet or 1337 is a speak or unoffical lanquage... Its also a term for a guy
who in the 80s could ether make 2600hrtz come out of his ass hole, or had
some sick set up or some shit

Author Zefrex namemame (1 year)
wich os are you using

Author R4v3N (3 years)
@esojware I do not know spanish! :(

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

Author iSuavee (2 years)
HI! whats ur theme? :)

Author Hagai Dar (3 years)
@Raventattoo Hi, Thanks for the answer After a lot off searching I found
out what was the problem On wick network manager under preferences the
dirver was set to ralink_legacy insted of wext I tried to change all kind
of encryptions with no help and I still got the"Connection failed:Bad
password btw there was no problem with open networks ...and one more thing
i cant conect bluetooth devices like my mouse...

Author anoniemspammertje (1 year)

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