SNSD Yuri, AS Kahi & 4M Hyuna - Womanizer @ Gayo festival Dec 31, 2009 GIRLS' GENERATION

Black Team : SNSD Yuri , After School Kahi & 4Minute Hyuna
snsd yuri afterschool kahi gahee 4minute hyuna special dance gayo festival kwonyuri parkkahi kimhyuna sonyuhshidae soshi sonyeoshidae girls'generation

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 2:35
Comments: 1229

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Author Ong Fei (2 months)
Not sure if kahi or Hyuna is rewearing their outfits but yuri's seems like
from run devil run

Author LOVEYDOVEY9 (2 months)

Author 7694Linda (4 months)
Yuri is the most natural. Hyuna looks like she tried too hard... Way too
hard to the point of annoying 

Author dustyOn3 (4 months)
The Original by Britney Spears sounds a bit better. :D

Author SAYZLEE (4 months)
I'm gonna have to go with Yuri on this one. She's dressed the most simple
compared to the other two, yet had the most appeal and aura. Seriously
couldn't stop watching her haha.

Author Phúc Vũ (2 months)
Yuri does better than the others

Author Alice June (4 months)
"Womanijer, womanijer, womanijer" XD

Author Amandaa lovesbaek (2 months)
Im not a hater of Hyuna, im actually Hyuna biased here, but she looks
desperate of being sexy here and it looks weird because Yuri is there and
shes naturally sexy and so is Kahi.

Author nika Heavns (2 months)
Kahi lookin good....

Author Jamaisssable (2 months)
Hyunna <3. So sexy

Author Thảo Linh Nguyễn (5 months)
why Hyuna have only 1 part? And, hẻ face makes me a bit scary, not in a
sexy way ~.~

Author Candies Brugh (5 months)
Yuri is very simple here but she stand out very well.

Author Donjuanvaldez (5 months)
Put those 3 in a group and they beat all

Author Hui Peng Tan (3 months)
What's with the mic if they're going to lip sync anyway?

Author strawberryjamho (3 months)
yuri slayed this performance. her outfit and hair and face and BODY oh my
gosh. kahi was fierce too! hyuna.. just looked ridiculous i'm sorry i
forgot she was there tbh

Author Caty Yuri ELF (3 months)
MY Yuri <3
my girl <3
she's the cutest and the most simple she looked nature here!
love u YURI unnie <3

Author Donjuanvaldez (6 months)
Anyone saying this one or that one is the best doesn't get the point and
are insulting their bias

Author Yuki W (4 months)
Yuri is the best. sexy and pretty

Author Yanny Ko (5 months)
yuri is the the most beautiful, sexy and best singer and dancer

Author Kristine Pineda (5 months)

Author cita boricua weepaa (5 months)
Hyuna,,, really did very good,,,

Author Krisyul kyuhae (6 months)
yuri very very sexy

Author Maker Love Trouble (5 months)
Hyuna and Yuri 

Author Stephania Castro (8 months)
Yuri is sexy with only Jeans

Author DoHere (6 months)

Author Cielo Rosas (6 months)
Afadsgsdga, very perfects, love you <3

Author jaedee1208 (6 months)

Author Lucas Perroni (7 months)
Kahi natural talent!

Author Ily Suhaily (7 months)
Black pearl YURI.. Gorgeous!

Author christina gao (7 months)
love KAHI!

Author quỳnh trần (8 months)

Author KWON YURI LOVE (4 months)
Yuri so hot O_O

Author hollywoodshopaholic (8 months)
Yuri is so insanely gorgeous and sexy. At first I was surprised that Hyuna
wasn't standing out 'cause she's such a scene-stealer but then 1:45
happened and everything was fine.

Author Gabbay Gonzales (8 months)
Only Kahi knew all the coreography hahaha , they're perfect tho <3

Author 潘姿羽 (5 months)

Author angel drea_ (9 months)
Yuri just have the body and the natural sexiness in her. I love to watch
her dance and love her habit of touching her hair hahaha xD Go yuri~~~ 

Author Fuk Yee Kao (9 months)
Kahi? She is sexy but just normal sexy
Why people said yuri like a child compared with hyuna and kahi?
you should watch yuri and minho's performance...(/watch?v=BOxfeVHmHw4)
Then you will know how sexy yuri is....
sorry Yuri hyuna are the best~

Author Joanna Olivas (9 months)
Ok.. so I like all these three ladies but I got to say that this is one of
the most horrible performances I ever seen.. I think they all some of the
best kpop dancers but this looks to be something they learned in few
hours..... my respect if they did!!

Author Nutrlla Kim (10 months)
Okey. I won't say anything about your issue. But, I just can state the fact
that Yuri has the most simpliest outfit here yet we can all see her natural
sexiness, elegacy, and being a great dancer. Woaah! Yuri is my bias. My
ultimate bias. But, seems like HyunA and Kahi are also good. Yeah, very
good. They all have the voice, the body, and the movement. Woo! Proud to be
a KPOP fan. ♥

Author kiroro Awe (10 months)
Black Pearl YURI!!!!

Author Khánh Đức (10 months)
Kahi is best part.

Author Ouji San (10 months)
yuri sexy 

Author samantha joyce Tumbali (10 months)
Can you do her pelvic dance huh?

Author samantha joyce Tumbali (10 months)
Guys hyuna is not trying hard to be sexy....she has her own passion in
dancing and it's way dif. To yuri and kahi

Author srengenge barat (8 months)
yuri and kahi for naturally

Author donniejuanvaldez (10 months)
Kahi and Hyuna make Yuri look like a child.

Author Lucas Perroni (10 months)
Kahi , the real Dancing Queen.

Author lyb amina (1 year)
Don't say that Hyuna is way better than YURI and KAHI cos she isn't. about
flexibility YURI is also flexibile you can do ' tes recherche ' about
sexiness i think YURI is better than HYUNA ans YURI is a great dancer too..
i watched IY because of SUNNY and YURI and i like hyunah so much i saw that
she isn't a bitch but a very nice person.. so don't compare them

Author aditya wijaya (1 year)
of course yuri is the best here

Author Angel Amanda (11 months)
Kahi and Hyuna <3

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