paulo szot this nearly was mine south pacific paolo szot

South Pacific This nearly was mine Paulo Szot Paolo Szot

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Author joaniee7 (5 years)
I saw this on wednesday...paulo was incredible. this song was so beautiful
when he sang it, it left me breathless. wow this man is amazing!

Author Bill Chiles (5 years)
Just saw him perform this a few days ago and was totally blown away by his
voice, presence and handsome looks. This was the emotional high point,
earning him a wild burst of well-deserved applause.

Author suzukitoshiyuki1 (4 years)
if i were an ice figure skater, i would certainly skate on this music, sung
by this singer.

Author AvalonMorley (6 years)
Thank you! Still waiting for my South Pacific cd (curse you, Amazon!).
Sounds like Paulo Szot really delivers. And he's gorgeous.

Author tsjrlover (5 years)
This is beautiful for sure. Does anyone out there know the name of the
actor who sang this song on an episode of The Dick VanDyke Show. I think
the episode was entitled "The Twizzle".

Author dickymat (6 years)
i saw him at lincon center last night in south pacific his voice is so
beautiful my eye's welled up with tears his look are magnificent too very
very romantic

Author dermie12 (6 years)
god what a voice almost makes me wish I sang bass. thank you!

Author KBearAndMFuzz (5 years)
i saw him last Wednesday in NY! he is wonderful i totally agree with u!

Author Edmund Dantez de Guerrero (4 years)
God bless this man, he's the complete package! my mom took me to see S P in
the 50's with Pinza. I was 15 then and now at 73 this is the second time
I'm hearing this and it's glorious, I can't wait to get the DVD of this
masterpiece. It's like hearing for the first time. All I can say is thank

Author KBearAndMFuzz (5 years)
i saw him on Wednesday!

Author nessie96 (5 years)
What an amazing performance...I saw this production at a Saturday matinee
and it was absolutely riveting. This has always been one of my favorite
Rogers and Hammerstein songs...never fails to break my heart.

Author reneedenise9 (4 years)
I was privileged enough to see Paulo Szot twice in this revival—and twice
was not enough!

Author PJ Camhi (6 years)
i saw this last wednesday, and this song got the longest and loudest and
most deserved ovation. "to my heart she came, only to fly away. only to fly
as day flies from moonlight."

Author 39rc6cf (6 years)
I saw "South Pacific" last night at Lincoln Center and Mr. Szot brought
down the house with this song.

Author Drew Engman (3 years)
I've had many an enchanted evening listening to the great finger-style jazz
guitarist Lenny Breau. Recently I was listening to "Standard Brands," a two
guitar duo album he recorded with Chet Atkins back in '83-'84: it has a
sweet and tasty version of "Nearly Was Mine." I found out where the song
came from and didn't remember hearing it from South Pacific, so curiosity
blessed me with hearing this heartrendingly sentimental but not smaltzy
version by Paulo Szot. Thank you YouTube (once again!)

Author altismira (3 years)
glad to see the operatic sound is still in Musical Theatre

Author AnotherSpecialEdMom (5 years)
I never thought anyone could compare with Mario Lanza -- Paulo Szot does!

Author Bevin Chu (4 years)
Dear sphinxtus, Thank God! Or rather, thank Richard Rogers and Oscar
Hammerstein. The plum arias are written for tenors. We low voices usually
get the short end of the stick. But at least we have Some Enchanted Evening
and This Nearly Was Mine. As a baritone I will be eternally grateful for
these two show tunes.

Author roggie harry Arm (1 year)
Mistake from ROGHARM COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!!!! typo in first comment
distracted by the great performance.

Author pipesoflirael (5 years)
One of the most amazing, heartbreaking performances I have ever seen. Bravo.

Author Gracie Mae 2011 (4 years)
Saw him on Live From Lincoln Center last nite on PBS and this song made me
cry! He is a brilliant performer. And oh, that voice!!

Author silverspringsrr (6 years)
An extraordinary artist...and a perfect melding of performer and role.

Author jacarandamimoso (5 years)
A brazilian singer in Broadway. We are proud of him.

Author CottiniCarla (5 years)
Perfeito.... irreparável, explêndido.

Author Twilightsire (6 years)
Voice, looks, talent, charisma, a future paragon baritone like Dmitri

Author Drew Engman (3 years)
I threw the tune in the key of C and it works pretty easily for melody,
bass line, and chords. I just did it the way it worked for me, but it has
potential to be really great. I have to leave off the sustain on some
notes, and make shifts at time that are, to say the least, less than
'Lenny-Like,' but the tune is great. I loved working out alternate ways to
play some chords to get the melody right - great study on a relatively
simple melody with some technical stuff to learn.

Author Fernando Ramos (6 years)
Congratulations for the Tony.And thanks for representing Brazil in a so
dificult career, you are a winner.You have an amazing voice !!! Fantástico,
milhões de aplausos para vc. Siga em frente, isso é só o começo de sua
carreira aí nos EUA.

Author parzifal40 (4 years)
What a voice.....and what a beautiful and magnificent piece of music....Mr.
Szot is an amazing talent and incredibly handsome.....which never hurts.
Most enjoyable performance......thank you torontomaxtress...

Author E Gonz (4 years)
God bless you! What a wonderful voice.

Author seejaytftf (5 years)
Also, it'll be in LA, but not 'till late May. I think i will make a
long-term plan to head down there. This show is BLISS. Also, online lyrics
for "nearly..." seem to only include those with the shorter bridge. The
whole bridge goes: So clear and deep are my fancies of things I wish were
true I'll keep remembering evenings I wish I'd spent with you I'll keep
remembering kisses from lips I've never owned and all the lovely adventures
that we have never known

Author joeparkson (4 years)
He owns this song.

Author niotys (6 years)
Parabens Paulo !!!! Estamos orgulhosos ! Claudio

Author chrismat47 (3 years)
@michael4455 i agree with you it broughr tears to my eyes it was so-o-o
heartrendering !! absolutely beautiful cm

Author mymorgy (6 years)
thank you for this video. I saw the production on Friday and thought he was
the best singer I have ever heard. This was my favorite song. An experience
of a life time

Author shishirth (2 years)

Author thehappyhedonist (6 years)
This song is so sad, but also so beautiful. Paulo Szot performance is
perfect. As I use to say, it's good to be alive in moments like this, even
in this crazy planet.

Author tsjrlover (5 years)
Thanks for letting me know, I'm definately gonna check that out.

Author Josie Loureiro (4 years)
Pailo's voice is so captivating..... What a magnificent rendition! Bravo!

Author PeterBluth (4 years)
What a song. What a voice. Makes me happy I'm a baritone.

Author dngrbunny (4 years)
Swoon !

Author scorpiowatertiger (4 years)
Obrigado, Brasil!

Author sam b (5 years)
i had to sing Some Enchanted Evening for my audition, have to learn this
song and Twin Soliloquies for call backs and i'm a bass. I didn't want to
do the musical anyway (not south pacific, mix of musicals), but i kinda got
forced by the Drama and my Chorus teacher and a few friends to do it... lol

Author tomkellycartoons (6 years)
Good Heavens! One of God's special creations, this man! Blessed with such
beauty of both form and talent. Thank you for posting this. I am a huge fan
of operatic talent, and Mr. Szot ranks right up there with the best. He is
"new" to me, and I am grateful for the "discovery!" Bravo! oxoxo

Author goerizal (5 years)
he and mario lanza are diffrent categories(baritone and tenor) but i agree
with you their skills are practically as good as each other and that is
saying quite a lot considering mario lanza is simply the greatest tenor
there was or is.

Author TheLaustintime (3 years)
This song is truly magical.

Author Carla Martha (5 years)
Hemade a major success as Emile. Now, baritones all over want it too!! too
late for them... This was Paolo's time to stardom. A brave decision he
cancelled all his opera contracts and accepted South Pacific it in a
brilliant way. Everyone will always remember him as we did remember Pinza
before Paolo...

Author Monica Bainum (3 years)
What a wonderful clear and hearty voice. Perfect tone Just heard about this
singer on Regis and Kelly Show today. I had to give him a listen. I'm glad
I did.

Author 71starboy (6 years)
The most heartbreaking beautiful saddest broadway song ever I feel this
song belongs to me.Few songs make me break down and cry but this one always
has cant you hear the pain the longing the regret.They say love is the
greatest pain this song makes me believe it.

Author Gunter Guerrero (4 years)
The Paulo Szot version to "This nearly was mine " is magnificent ! Brazil
is proud of You, Paulo. Great !

Author Andieshrink (5 years)
Wonderful performance, Paulo! I loved to see you at the Lincoln Center
Theatre. Brilliant!

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