Farzonai Khurshed - Dardi nihon (concert Borbad 9/5/09)

Tajikistan Tajik music tajik songs new 2009

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 5:35
Comments: 24

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Tajik song


Author allAFGnoRACE (4 years)
i dont know ther meaning but itis realy goood bar man

Author ThePersianGulf (4 years)
فرزانه خورشید یک ستاره است

Author Whuper07 (2 years)
oh my god she's amasing, voice and poem unique i'm persian we love you so

Author VAFO HAMROI (2 years)
Qandota baroi Xudo behtarin....baze odamo hasrat
mebaran.....Onasha bgom ku yagon hofizai xorijira yagontat gap
bzanen....kerm dar kni yag xel musulmont......

Author SevenLives Kat (1 year)
(Part 1) This is quite a phenomenally and majestically beautiful,
scintillating, and enthralling song mainly due to the artist’s
exceptionally beautiful and scintillating voice which in full harmony with
her extraordinary artistic talent make listening to this song a superbly
joyful and simultaneously a captivatingly poignant experience. This video
in its totality is a superb artistic fruition of confluence of talent,
quality, originality, authenticity, imagination, and needless to say

Author 11111giga (2 years)
Poor girl, She has such an harmoniousness voice with a sensation, but with
an injured face. They don't have the good hospitals in Tajikistan to cure
her face?!

Author Hassan Aswadi (4 years)
Oh my goooood super star, amazing and cute singer, smooth and silky voice,
very meaningfull poet, excenllent performance, real like afghan girl,
plying heart get it.

Author Абдуназар Мирзоев (4 years)

Author SevenLives Kat (1 year)
(Part 3) and restraint. The old-fashioned, melodic, poignant, and riveting
nature of lyrics lose neither clarity, nor character nor effect and do not
look in contradiction—to say the least-- with the youth and jubilant
features of the singer nor are they mired and lost into the fast tempo,
high volume, and the density of the sounds; mainly because of the beauty,
authenticity, splendor, glamour, serenity, magnetism, and strengths of her
voice and sincerity of her expressions and comportment.

Author Aksudarya (4 years)
most beautiful

Author MoonAvVarA (3 years)
she is on vocation now,spending her time in jail...chillin:)

Author SevenLives Kat (1 year)
(Part 4) Through her superb talent, skill, ease of genuine bearing, and
beauty and allure of her style, her refined choreography flows in full
harmony with the dynamic and lively vigor of the musical rhythms and both
of those with the beauty and femininity of her figure. If tragedy and
joy—at least some forms of joy-- are the two opposite ends of the spectrum
of irony, it will take an exceptional feat of talent and strength of
authenticity to merge the two and do so as organically and

Author peyman225 (3 years)
She is my kinda girl.

Author rouzbeh61 (1 year)
She is not afghan. She is Tajik from Tajikistan. Taraf Tajikestani hast not

Author SevenLives Kat (1 year)
(Part 5) positively as she has done and more importantly to channel the
result so brilliantly through the conduits of delivery whereas both--
individual and holistic--sides of her performance have become phenomenally
aesthetic artistic successes. As one of her ardent fans, I would like to
congratulate and thank the superbly talented, authentic, glamorous,
sophisticated, and resplendently beautiful Farzana for such a marvelous and
magnificent artistic accomplishment.

Author Whuper07 (2 years)
she has an excellent warm voice and sweet accent if she sings Persian poems
and of course she’s beautiful

Author Mohtob (4 years)
that is her first songgg of lub to herrrr :)

Author SevenLives Kat (1 year)
(Part 2) beauty-- and all at the outstanding levels. The artist quite
harmoniously, symbiotically, and superbly combines many of the rather
contradictory and ostensibly immiscible phenomena such as the modern-day
Western artistic characteristics of levity, agility, and buoyancy with
Eastern artistic attributes of gravity, solemnity, and poignancy in the art
of expression; glamour with sobriety; pride with humility; sexuality with
modesty; opulence with moderation, and liveliness with serenity

Author nazirdjon (4 years)

Author ZOLIZAR (2 years)
she was pardoned.

Author rouzbeh61 (2 years)
I heard she helped her boyfriend to escape from the police. She is young
and made a wrong decision. She will regret what she did later? do you know
for how long she is going to stay in jail?

Author frenchiesarehot (4 years)

Author donyka (4 years)
mdaaa.... sahnaga birinchi matta chiqqanga o'hshidi, rossa dovdiradi

Author baha zoz (4 years)
lol she doesn't have ass :)

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