World's Largest Lego Ninjago Collection - With Green Ninja and Epic Dragon Battle

Here is almost all of my sons lego Ninjago toys!!!

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Added: 2 years
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Author Twi$terIsComing (1 year)
whoa whoa whoa get one of each minifig you dont need like 2 3 or 4 you not
the only one

Author Yanni Dimogerontas (1 year)
That's not the worlds biggest 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Author Steve The Minecraft Maniac (1 year)
Bitch I've seen bigger

Author SexyShuffla98 (1 year)
Ok im satisfied just what is the thing in the thing???And energy ninja
really!!! Also four head monster??xxxxxxxx|::::::::::::::

Author jamie budder (1 year)
that is not the biggest ninjago collection in the the world

Author Devon Prokopiak (2 years)
it may not be the largest but i love the video

Author ardydurize (1 year)
wow you have original lego toys we can't find that in here in philiphines

Author slim99941 (2 years)
u cant some havent came out yet

Author Calum Patrick (1 year)
the kid ruins it

Author familyofweirdos (2 years)
I have jays jet, coles tread assult, kais cycle, zanes vehical, fangpyre
truck, lashas bite cycle, samurai,ultra sonic raider, coles earth driller,
warrior bike and venimari shrine

Author TheRadioactiveCounter (2 years)
thats the worlds smallest collection

Author Josso Thomas (2 years)
i have all of the lego ninjagp

Author joao macedo (2 years)
fun video

Author Andri Fannar Sóleyarson (2 years)

Author SCHOENINGB Gameplay (1 year)
Not that good

Author fredericksangel7af (2 years)
I have 3 green ninjas 1zx 1kx and 1 kendo

Author abcdan (2 years)

Author leggomy legoXD (2 years)
my friend has more but.....UR SON IZ SOOOOOOO LUCKY!!

Author Russell the muscle (2 years)
Your son must be a great ninjago collector

Author Zachary Yatsky (2 years)
omg dude my ninjago collection is like 6 times bigger then that

Author spaz994 (2 years)
zane nrg is easy to find

Author RoxyPlaysGames (2 years)
not the worlds largest

Author mrno5798 (1 year)
this is average

Author ethan hansen (2 years)

Author jarnett74 (2 years)
i have all sets idot

Author Possum-Productions nz (2 years)
give him a break

Author slim99941 (2 years)
all off that hard work u suck skull truck

Author The Craziest Redd (2 years)
I love how it thinks he is saying really long, intelligent words when he is
really just not speaking clearly. :D

Author Nooby Hoovy (2 years)
it's not the largest,but it's cool anyway

Author david santibanez (2 years)
you are the best. can you give me some of the ninjago legos

Author hailgail234 (2 years)
My Collection isnt even close to that! Good Job! (i just started collecting

Author spinjitzumastah (2 years)
I have all 44 ninjago spinner characters, that includes exclusives! Come
check out my channel! :)

Author Kennedy Moseley (2 years)
pretty big set!!!

Author gumbowkade2012 (2 years)
dont you have a job. How do you have time to post this video! get a life

Author legoguy2181 (2 years)
i have 2 2013 sets

Author nicolas gallego (2 years)
What the juice was that

Author ethan hansen (2 years)
not the worlds largest

Author Hayes Horton (2 years)
i beat it by 20

Author TheSpiritOfSlender (2 years)
have lloyd and pythor rather i ahve epic dragon battle, ultra sonic raider

Author luke20752 (2 years)
no where near WTF

Author Andri Fannar Sóleyarson (2 years)
Wow your collection is rylly cool i only hef 1spinner nrg coles spinner
then i got kai rattla Zane and jaybut i am getting the epic dragon battle
nrg kai wepon set and cole ws rattla

Author mickeymelvin02 (2 years)
I got 66

Author Mr.IDK (2 years)
that's a lot, but if you came to my place, its full of legos. To sum it up,
i have about 35 sets. Just that you have more spinners than me. Wait no, i
think you have more sets than me. All i need is coles dragon, vehical, and
power drill, jays dragon, skeleton bowling, spinner battle, warrior bike,
kais fire mech, fangpyre mech, golden dragon, mezmo, lizaru. NRG zane,
cole, jay, and thtas it!

Author Napthalicious (2 years)
Maybe it's 4 Eve, Ron, Ebay!

Author lego Lockhart (2 years)
i have 35 percent of that

Author nate heneng (1 year)
wow thats huge compared to mine

Author marioyoshi2 (2 years)
Dude I have so much more than u sorry dude

Author adminmaster55 (2 years)
I have nrg Kai u don't maybe

Author Alexander Dumas (2 years)
and yet mine is larger

Author Anna-Marie Johnson (1 year)
Why did you crush the minifigures with the skull truck?

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