Jonah's Room Tour

Jonah gives you a tour of his room.
Where stuff is from...
Furniture: This was Mommy's furniture when she was growing up, we have no idea where Grandma got it.
Curtains: Walmart
Tank: PetCo
Bedspread: (Tommy Hilfiger) Dillards
Baskets: Dollar Store



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Cut and Dry by Kevin MacLeod

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Author Lara Encarnacao (6 days)
His room is so big I can't imagine the house!

The family is probably rich!

Author Aleydis Andres (19 days)
He's so adorable i love his room too he has awesome toys 

Author Beccky B (1 month)
Do you have any idea where a didgeridoo is from? 

Author Zara Hume (14 days)
I love it

Author Izzy Rox (1 month)
you have a pirahna

Author Beauty Brynn XOXO (1 month)
He was so tiny omg!

Author Bella Tiaokhiao (4 months)
I like you're lps stuffed animal 

Author Violet Green (5 months)
i wish wish i can see you in person

Author PennyNickel101 (8 months)
he is too cute i love his room lol!

Author kayteemurphy (5 months)
Jhona has a 10 /10 room

Author Borntobegamer 11 (7 months)
A digger do is a Australian instrument and you play it faceing

Okay? Good Jonah!

Author Abby Handshake (11 months)
I have the same poster the bear hug

Author damien allen-baldwin (11 months)
I got the same dome thing for Christmas as you

Author Valore Zambrano (8 months)
We're did u get your fish

Author Gamer0104 (3 months)

Author Rik Tallman (11 months)
pretty sick room...I also have a dij

Author clubpenguinguynews (11 months)
Jonah what is your FAVIROTE pokemon my one is baubleswar and chazard what's
yours xx please tell me

Author Helen Tillor (8 months)
you have a grreat toys jonah

Author Hideous squid59 (9 months)
I think that shirts a bit big for him 

Author Mehwish Bajwa (1 year)
nice room

Author AZTEC AIRSOFT (9 months)
Cool piranana

Author Joshua Lao (1 year)
I was expecting a messy room Jonah

Author Emily Jones (9 months)
You love stuffed animals

Author Sarah Tran (1 year)
Ok???? But cool i am a girl if you do not know

Author Carmen Soto (1 year)
its your feet

Author J JACKSON (1 year)
He has personality. He shud b an actor!

Author Anthony Nguyen (1 year)
That was cool

Author Hideous squid59 (6 months)
How come you have a double bed I'm 11 and I have a single bed

Author Aziza Jalal (10 months)
Wat bout Noah's room

Author Emily Tu (2 years)
His room is ciol

Author Florence Dawn Gatpandan (1 year)
whoaw u have piranha cool!!

Author Tom Burke (1 year)
my dad is in the navy so he went to australia and got a dudgerredo

Author pomoprincess21 (1 year)
Cool room!!

Author Harry Bo (2 years)

Author Merry Qu (2 years)
I have 13 Webkinz or so.

Author Minimelove08 (1 year)
have the same poster hahaha i got it at a book fair

Author Priyanka Raj (1 year)
You are cute

Author SuperJburr (2 years)
OMG!!! You lika pupu place

Author bailey richey (1 year)
I have a didgeridoo!:)

Author Layla Forgey (1 year)
Week he's so hot

Author Amber Loves Leo (1 year)
i have da same Christmas tree as himmm

Author Judy Lee (1 year)
Your the best Jonah

Author Fedrinand Ramos (1 year)
Im a girl scout

Author denise pan (1 year)
wow awesome you guys have your own room :P

Author punkinree (2 years)
Parana some meat eating fish

Author hestand30 (1 year)

Author Atomic Ann (2 years)
Jonah u sure love stuffed animals that's ok cuz I love them to!

Author Mary Rose Mercado (2 years)
I like his room

Author Jong Hyoung Kim (2 years)
I have that exact "Bear Hug." poster

Author mazzybananas (2 years)
i luv webkinz, i have like 30

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