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Author Arthur Moreno (3 months)
Thanks for sharing this pattern,it was very easy to follow.

Author Sue-Ellen Hillier (1 month)
Thank you for sharing your pattern and tips. It was easy to follow. I have
watched numerous others and was lost in there teaching :) 

Author Sanaa Girgis (4 months)
Thank you so much this is helped me a lot .

Author Tabitha Becker (4 months)
Very well explained. I was so confused on making these but now it's crystal
clear. Thank you.

Author Sinapi Investments (4 months)
looks beautiful, but you are going too fast for me to follow

Author TheMayLight (2 months)
thank you for this tutorial. easy to follow and beautiful results :) ...
made me some sleeves of it

Author Giovana Guerdão (8 months)
crocodilo o ponto 

Author Ana Paula (7 months)

Author Donna Schwartz (5 months)
Loved the video! I wrote down the instructions so I would remember certain
key parts , for example starting in the middle of the scale on the 5th row.

Author Andrea Holme (2 years)
Thank you for this very clear tutorial and video. And svet999ful, thank you
for the tip on starting the 3rd row of scales when you're not switching
yarn colors - this was what I was having trouble with on the other
tutorials. I'm confident now in working this stitch into my projects in the

Author mariacruzhome (2 years)
thank you for show me this i invite you to see BABY LOVE KNITTING on

Author lavioleteira72 (2 years)
PLEASE, let me know if I can make a dress for a todler (2 yrs) using this
beautiful stitch ! How many stitches to star to. Many thanks Zelia

Author Jacqueline Abecassis (11 months)
Adoro a sua didática, habilidade e disposição em ensinar o que faz
maravilhosamente bem! Amo assistir seus videos e ouvir sua voz suave e
relaxante. Obrigada pelas tantas coisas que já aprendi com você.

Author KittyKittenMittens (1 year)
though this topic is old, i hold my yarn differently depending on the
project. most likely because of the different ppl who taught it and it just
turns out better that way, there is no wrong way i cant believe some one
actually stated that.

Author Pamela Farrar (1 year)
thanks for sharing

Author Robyn Jordan (1 year)
Thank you, very easy to understand.

Author czeska sinon (7 months)
it's so difficult

Author adarsh jha (1 year)
it is veryy hard

Author hummingpockets (11 months)
Thank you! I've been watching videos on the crocodile stitch for hours.
This is the only one that explains it very well.

Author Desiree Ross (11 months)
I've spent all afternoon watching tutorials on this stitch. Yours is the
only one that makes sense and easy to follow. Many thanks.

Author Valerie Runyan (8 months)
OMG i thought this stitch was really hard but i was desperate to try it so
i could make my niece a bag for christmas you made this stitch so easy to
learn thank you SOO much!!! <3

Author Sukalya1 (2 years)
Wow!!! Beautiful work!! Thanks for an excellent pattern.

Author TheHaitiana (1 year)
You really move to fast for beginners. You really do not explain
thouroughly. I am assuming that you are teaching experts.

Author drifterboyy123 (2 years)
it was a superb tutorial..

Author Sonia Trott (2 years)
excellent, thanks for this video!

Author Helga Borsodi (1 year)
I am Hungarian and holding my yarn in the same way as the lady in the
video... exept the yarn is going under my middle finger... that is how my
mom thought it for me when I was 6 years old... When I first see how
English and Americans hold their yarns I was surprised a lot, and actually
seemed more difficult to me... It is all about what you get used to...

Author Rebecca Hall (6 months)
This cleared things up spectacularly! Thanks a bunch for posting. :]

Author GreenLemonBear (1 year)
Thank you for mentioning the required number of chains for the repeat of
the pattern.

Author Mary Goodson (1 year)
I'm American, and this is how I hold the yarn also. Dunno why people are
being so weird about that. Who CARES how you hold the yarn, so long as it's
comfortable for you! Thank you for showing me how to make this lovely
stitch. I just bought a bunch of patterns that use it, but being a visual
learner, I needed a video to show me the basic stitch. =)

Author poopsack2 (2 years)
I love your work! Thank you. :)

Author Patti Kyle (2 years)
I have searched high and low for clear-to-follow instructions on how to do
this. My search is over. Thank you.

Author MissGizella (8 months)
"Slip stich" is know as "punto corrido" also (just in case you speak
spanish). And if you pay attention to the video that stich is clearly seen.
Good luck!

Author shyanha (1 year)
She is soft spoken, but I didn't have to adjust my volume. The
advertisement after, though, was Really loud after listening to her, lol.

Author Kim Mika (2 years)
Thank you for taking time to show us the "how to" to this pretty pattern.
Thank you very much :)

Author Aura Main (1 year)
Fantastic and very clear! Thank You!

Author Arlina Pasos (1 year)
Esta preciosa esa puntada del Cocodrilo

Author KMiche93 (10 months)
You saved me and my project :)

Author Jodee M (11 months)
I just wish the tut wasn't so fast...if only I could put it slow fingers just can't keep up.

Author dusty31957 (1 year)
Loved and I hold yarn the same way and I was taught by my Irish
grandmother. thanks again.

Author Carol W. (1 year)
It's never just one way to do things. Sometimes there's no absolute right
or wrong especially it's just a leisure thing. Not a big deal. As long as
one feel comfortable this way that's okay. I'm not using the same method
but I won't say she's wrong. Who knows which way is absolutely right? The
one who invented crochet!? ^o^ I watched some other videos hers is not bad
at least I feel relax when watching. So Be flexible n relax!! ;)

Author Lucille Chiklak (10 months)
i do not know slip stitch u also have a weird accent to hard

Author Mayra Lora (1 year)
Thank You so much. You have simpilified and explain it beautifully. You
have inspired me to try with the confidence that I will be fine. Thanks

Author DarkMoonDroid (1 year)

Author trulystunningdesigns (1 year)
This is how I hold my hook and left index finger. I've never had problems
with fatigue.

Author Tatyana Tchibova (2 years)
This is the best video on the crocodile stitch, in my opinion. Not too
long, righ to the point, lots of useful info. Thank you

Author cupcakes5665 (8 months)
A slip stitch is just ur beginning hole to start a pattern to get it
Started like u always do

Author dalva maria ferreira (2 years)
Wow! I would NEVER guess how the thing was done... thank you!

Author Zahra Ali (1 year)
hi...why is m crocodile stitch sooo tightly packed together????plz reply

Author MissGizella (8 months)
I meant I started my 2nd proyect...

Author Desiree Barton (1 year)
Could you explain how to increase or decrease this stitch? I was also
wondering how difficult this would be to make circular, as in a bracelet or
arm cuff.

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