Bonobo - If You Stayed Over (feat Fink)

And if it's on,
It's on for good, yeah...
'Cause when it's gone,
It's gone for good...

Let me tell you...

And if you stayed over,
You know we would,
If we could
Put it back together,
Make it good.

If I breathe in the future,
Breathe out the past, yeah...
Savour this moment
As long as it lasts...

Let me tell you...
Put it back...
Piece by piece.

If you stayed over
I'd make it so sweet,
I'll make you remember, baby,
From your head to your feet...

And if you go now, then
You'll never know
How it could...
Make it good...
Make it good....

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 5:24
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Author Małgorzata Bratek (10 days)
Może to na dzisiejszy wieczór? :)

Author Arturs Selivanovs (19 days)

Author Bennij Ly (28 days)

Author Kenny Garcia (1 month)
'Cause when it's gone,
It's gone for good...

Author Valentina Bowie (1 month)
my chemistry teacher's name is Fink. Lessons would be a little less boring
if I could listen to such music.

Author MrSpreadem (2 months)
Loved it

Author Jon Piety (3 months)
Bonobo never disappoints

Author William Pappazisis (4 months)
whoo he flipped that still thinking of you song like a boss

Author TheJazzpistols (2 days)
Dail M for murder

Author Jon Piety (3 months)
dope beat, dope song

Author futurluv13 (4 months)
James Blake brought me here

Author Matt Katar (7 months)
4:00 I love it <3

Author Mônica Guerios (4 months)
If it's on it's on for good... yeah
(...) Breathe in the future, breathe out the past... yeah

Author Simone Underwood (18 days)

Author gurnumbly (10 months)
This song just makes me hornry

Author Piotr Kołodziej (7 months)
No to jedziemy. Jutro kolokwium.

Author Tonezdel (9 months)

Author Kim Johnson (9 months)
Love this so sexy

Author Arlan Henry (9 months)
Rescue Me brought me here.

Author jamil zahid restaurant vientiane (10 months)
ok song

Author Andeski Larson (6 months)
Probably the best one I've heard in a while for working music

Author stayomatic (11 months)
love this song

Author greatnanni (11 months)

Author CherokeeMist (2 years)
that bass lick at 218 and that ending! where's my girl at??? woooohwee

Author 0ldfashi0ned (3 years)
@TheExistingFilms one is supposed to reach certain level of intelligence,
awareness and understanding of the world in order to enjoy such music...
some people never get IT because they never get THERE... :/ sad indeed...

Author Luke77313 (4 years)
@werewolf798 There's two chords. Can it really be that hard.

Author 91Anarchie (1 year)
Very fine!

Author Laurent Gressier (2 years)
@mayazusue I'm not a smoker but I need one too...

Author Tyler JaCobi (1 year)
Gnarly Davidson: Januatry 2014! Follow @tylerjacobi for more info! Today is
day 117 of a 365 day project of becoming #MuchFaster threw promoting
#Positivity & #Productivity! Adopt the #MuchFaster mindset for a more
#Productive tomorrow! Among the release of my ground breaking mix tape
"Gnarly Davidson" i will be continuously critiquing my style, sound and
image to construct the most marketable product possible! i am @tylerjacobi
and i got it right the first time!

Author Eve Knezevich (3 years)
@TheExistingFilms People only like what they are told to like, and what is
easy. It's why real musicians like bonobo never make any money, which is
why they never get to reach their full potential. It's the same with any
art form. The only way we can ever do anything is to NOT download music,
and to BUY THE ALBUMS. It's the only way we're going to save music.

Author gogoGreen420 (4 years)
"breathe in the future, breathe out the past" - beautiful. And then
followed by the pick - up at 3:54. So uplifting! makes it feel epic just
sitting here listening..

Author VICTOR SOL (2 years)
@mayazusue id rather have a zoot tbh

Author neokate10695 (3 years)
listening to this song.....high

Author REGG031 (3 years)
this song makes me wanna get laid..

Author FunkmasterFink (3 years)
Fink is awesome. There is no one on this earth better than Fink. Seriously,
I wish someone attractive could attempt to father all of Fink's children.

Author Anda Z (1 year)
I imagine laying in bed with my present thus known soulmate :D why imagine?
bcs he's in Germany and I'm in Sweden..but we are each other's soulmate for
the last almost 7 years; wish you find your soulmate soon ;)

Author sacha van oosten (3 years)
@firstwoman90 bullshit. why would they reach their full potential when they
have lots and lots of money? it's even more likely they will start to slack
'cause they're rich anyways. happened with lots of artists.

Author melodybrown666 (3 years)
@credez lol

Author Euge TG (1 year)
Every once in a while you listen to a song that you have not heard of in a
long time and all of the sudden it reappears in your life and you see it in
a different way yet again you hold all the memories that has brought to
you.. this is magical!

Author SplitSight (3 years)
@MentalCarnival it's probably because of the faint guitar in the very
beginning of the song. I hear it, too. I fucking love that theme song, too.

Author Verónica Veiga (3 years)
If you stayed over I'd make it so sweet I'd make you remember, baby From
your head to your feet <3

Author 68INADIS (3 years)
@Kiara233 it just sounded odd... haha, usually u see people saying orgasm,
seemed a little graphic. Anyway, saw ur picture there on the reply, the
picture of u cumming is now stuck in my head ;) babam

Author paulimaya (3 years)
3:53 - can't stop listening

Author manofsuds7 (3 years)
@TheExistingFilms sure, sounds good. what's the link?

Author gimmeshimmy (3 years)
omg i totally agree about the "let me tell you" part, good god... now i
will sit back and wait another 23 years to hear something sexier than that
voice, let me tell you....

Author Light Storms (3 years)
@NoodleChann who needs pills with music like this! lol

Author Khari Turner (3 years)
@superB4RBiE yea seriously, I listen to all rap and hard core rock, i
watched that movie heard this man sing and his voice made me wanna pay
attention to the credits and find out who he was!

Author technologywontsaveus (1 year)
Thanks for Floppy finding me this song. Was on Rescue Me 5x11. I'm forever

Author Sam Long (3 years)
big doooooooooooooooob plus this equal bliss

Author cherry p (2 years)
the last two minutes of this song are soooooo gooood...

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