Caucasian shepherd dog in love ( NOX )

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Author kim marie (2 months)
LOL. He's like "come on lets make puppies"

Author Tricia Allen (7 days)
Its like watching a little boy pulling a little girl's pig-tails in class

Author Walid Abbas (23 days)
Gsd is like, leave me alone, you bastard. Am not gonna submit :)

Author red panda (28 days)
In reality, the one dog that keeps putting his paw in the other one means
dominants and then the one on the ground shows teeth which means he's not
gonna give in...

Author pythonstrangle8 (5 months)
All of my Dates ever

Author Jablinski Gugenheim (4 months)
Looks like a night I spent in jail some time ago. Still going to therapy
for that.

Author K3Sk3 (1 month)
"but the humans pet you and nom your face and you like them to do it! why
you growls at me! i looooove youuuuuuu!"

Author paul torres (1 month)
he is just slapping her and telling her to get back in the kitchen to make
him a sandwich

Author Tornike G (2 months)
magari cuga >XD 

Author KavkazNYC (3 months)

Author Petal Sonata (6 months)
BigDog: "Let me pet you~!" 8D
MediumDog: "I'm not a puppy!" D8<

Author Neal Andrews (4 months)

Author ady-B David (5 months)
lol wow that is so random...

Author Genius Psycho (2 months)
ქართველებო იაქტურეთ თორემ ხომ ხედავთ ყველგან რუსული ძაღლია წერენ

Author Grace Gracer (8 months)
I don't think you know how to train this cauc shepherd. These dog are HUGE
and against a german? REALLY????

Author Gio Iberi (4 months)
He is trying to convince her to give him a headjob :)))

Author Lydia Nikac (11 months)
just like a man, won't leave the woman alone!

Author mike smith (9 months)
nigga wants some pussy x'DDD

Author Elizabeth S (1 year)
Fckin shephard look like a bear son

Author stam kunigia (1 year)
-go away...i have my period!!! come on sweetie...stop being such a

Author zombiePillow (1 year)
people pet you and you like it and i like to be pet so i will pet you = P

Author ControlAllDa1337 (1 year)
Watchu gon' do, huh?

Author Fr3shXdrifter (1 year)
*Buy me something

Author RiusTG (1 year)
This behavior in humans would be hilarious you just walk up to some girl

Author madk4speed (2 years)
Quite persistent male.

Author michaelmcgowan284 (1 year)

Author Anu Saukko (1 year)
I'd say that was more dominant than playful, hence the others reaction was
to show teeth.

Author alex cracknell (1 year)
thats aint love, thats sexual harassment!

Author taylos nntk (2 years)
bro...couldnt u find me a bigger wife..? i would prefered to be
little...and not so fat (dogs thoughts)

Author ali xena (1 year)
that is actually very interesting watching the interaction between these
two. the smaller one is obviously being submissive, but reluctantly !

Author M0N3t7 (1 year)
Looks like the Tibetan Mastiff...

Author vickyboy96 (1 year)
that big dog is a bully.

Author Potun Tulehtunutrunkkupussi (1 year)
our ovcharka used to hit us with her huge paws when she wanted something :s

Author 李 文俊 (1 year)

Author The Honest Liar (2 years)
dude i said i named myself assassin only coz i like the game assassins
creed -.- and who said normal christians dont follow the book?

Author super tony (1 year)
I never see. It is ours they would from morning to night

Author chaosligth (2 years)
think one of the 10 demandments is u cant kill? and think assasins are
hired killers? but what do i know chirsitan dont follow the book anyway

Author M. Woofington (1 year)
A dog petting another dog... now I've seen everything!

Author drdemeterb (1 year)

Author Midnightbloom58 (1 year)
That's what I'd do to my loved one. Hit them in the face until they payed
attention to me

Author TozCreative (1 year)
Nasty way of showing that he want dem walls lol

Author Anu Saukko (1 year)
He was being dominant, that is why the female was bearing her teeth.

Author zuziiRock (1 year)
that's bullying hahaha not love

Author George Crecan (2 years)
lovely complex

Author john willams (1 year)
Get a fucking grip people he clearly wants to play geez.

Author LG (2 years)
lol says someone whose nick is assasssin :D

Author geile sau (1 year)
of curse there dogs bigger then caucasianS dude , its not the biggest dogg
but one of the biggest

Author Domonique Bisque (1 year)
Hello am I bothering you

Author liz sobel (1 year)
All Joking Aside , this video is absolutely priceless , The Ovarcharka is
absolutely beautiful and has so much personality ; and I just love this dog
powerful killing machine on the planet (In all the dog world ) . He is a
killing machine with three times the jaw power of a pitbull and twice the
body power of Rottweiler. This dog is a weapon - an atomic bomb on 4 legs .

Author liz sobel (1 year)
''Don't believe what Duncan the Skye Terrier said. Size Does Matter!''

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