Silat vs Wushu

Ultimate Warrior 2007-Shah Alam

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Author Najaib Razzark (3 years)
power silat lagi

Author MechPhantom (3 years)
@mantisfist90 yea but i dont know why there isnt any wushu or shaolin knug
fu vids showing them hw effective they ae\re in fights and stuff to provide
proof of how good they fight rite? seeing is believing until i see how good
there are then i will belive it if not nah i dont htink it cut out for
fighting. see you sifu great respect for ya

Author volikoto (3 years)
where's silat and where's wushu here?

Author defores (4 years)
@MechPhantom As an student from Silat for many years I think you don't
understand martial arts. In the first place you have to respect every
martial art and learn from it to improve your own style instead of
disrespect others. One of the big rule from pencak silat is "respect life"

Author MechPhantom (3 years)
@carolynfjw ok since what u say is true , can u show me any vids of combat
wushu, or wushu sparring. i doubt there is coz theres none, i dont seem to
fid any of it. but thanks anyway bro

Author Thomas Woods (1 year)
Its depends on how good the fighter is, point blank.

Author xxxemmetxxx (4 years)
@gaponamorima i agreed with u, the people that using the martial art is the
most important. Use the right skill at the right time. Need the brain. And
one more, maybe bushido only see some noobies silat user in the tournament.
take a travel to indonesia or malaysia, you can see the real technique.

Author ganistio (4 years)
yg mana satu silat, yg mana satu wushu?

Author MechPhantom (2 years)
A resisting opponent is actually the peson you spar with or, when you
actually do the qinna techniques with the perosn trying t oescape your hold
etc. No point making it a rehearsed kind of system like just giving your
arm to you partner and letting him do it to you ,thats the problem with
kung fu/TMA these days, most wont work in a real fight ,coz in a rel fight
the person wont just give you his hands and wait for you to do your move
etc. You guys ned to spar realistically against a live partne

Author gaponamorima (5 years)
@BushidoCode72 it is a joke bcoz you scared

Author kamall1978 (4 years)
minta maaf aku cakap berdasarkan apa yg aku tengok je....cuba la ko ajak
muay thai bergaduh dgn silat ...jgn cakap pasal kerambit cakap la pasal

Author IslamInMalaysia (3 years)
cheh...setakat cap ayam punyer wushu boleh la si melayu assabiyah bagi.....
orang melayu silat memang suka upload video yang diorang memang dengan cap
ayam...bila memang suka ejek.....tak da moral langsung.....tapi tak ada
satu pun diorang upload yang lawan dengan ori punyer fighter bukan
silat....diorang tak boleh tunjuk satu pun diorang lawan dengan dengan ori
punyer fighter bukan silat...

Author MechPhantom (2 years)
Thats the thing bro, that was the past, and now is now, martial arts evolve
but in kung fu's case, it evolved to the worst especially after comminusm
came into china, real martial arts, combat MA died and became extinct when
mao zedong banned kung fu as he was afraid just like all of his commies
fren ,on rebellion. Also as early as the burning of the shaolin temple by
the manchus, alot of valueble fighting manucsripts were burnt out and MANY
monks died only few ran so yea thats why kung fu/TMA

Author Wild Wolf (1 year)
Krav Maga, or even just plain Greco Roman wrestling or Muay Thai, even
Boxing, each one of these is brutal in its own way. The virtual fight you
wrote is fine and good, but all I'm saying is, it's not that easy to put it
in practice and plan a combo like that as if it was a videogame with a

Author kacicapo (4 years)
muay thai ker haper ke sampai masa masuk kubur jugakk

Author mtd653bassplyr (1 year)
Hey wanker I have actually gotten in a fight and used silat. Trust me when
your opening moving is dropping. 1. a punch to the face while stopping a
random haymaker or right hook. 2. Slapping the guy twice in the face making
his head swivel like top. 2. Grabbing his head and dropping all of your
body weight into his neck/jaw with a right elbow then following up with a
backfist to the jaw/face using all of your body weight and a series of
chain punches to the face and finishing with an arm bar.

Author DrSpooglemon (2 years)
Spoken like a true protestant...

Author Skillking22 (2 years)
Also, this is where sensitivity training in Kung Fu comes in, such as chi
sao in Wing Chun and pushing hands in Tai Chi, so that all offensive and
defensive maneuvers become spontaneous and instinctive. We are taught to
chase the opponent's 'shadow', not his hands. I have tried applying this
principle in sparring with my classmates whom many of them still discard
their Kung Fu for crappy kickboxing (unfortunately :(( ) and it does work
pretty well. : ))

Author BushidoCode72 (5 years)
You should see BJJ Vs. Penkak Silat. You'll see the trickery Silat masters
(tricksters) use when pretending to use "Chi" "KI." That has been debunked
just like all the other "chi" tricks.

Author sungma ten (4 years)
@malaymercernary tapi kenapa masa jepun msuk malaya tak blh menang dgn

Author 1indonesiaku (1 year)
Oh, so what is that then? Lamb chop? Do you practice it yourself? Why don't
you show us your 'silat' so we can all learn, eh? Jangan asal njeplak kalau

Author dragonsilenthaacker (2 years)
is just tournoment in reality no dance because i learn silat pukulan no
dance jus bashing like muaythai...haha u just see sport tournament child silat = why kru muay thai....

Author MechPhantom (3 years)
@jiahan22 yea real kung fu has hardly any flips man like wung chun choi lu
fut , u dont see even 1 jump right? so yea thats real kung fu. Even shaolin
kung fu is more like wushu so yea not very practical , i only know that the
monks that can fight are the sanda team monks. They can fight coz they only
train to fight. Thx man see you =)

Author Yvesyew (4 years)

Author tvrulesnation (5 years)
@BushidoCode72 the dance like patterns are the ART side of it, every
martial art has this. forms are the basis for those dance like patterns,
most martial arts though are either sports based or combat based & so don't
teach it because people arn't paying to learn the traditional side of an
art. Silat doesn't use ''ki'' that is a chinese concept that i think
originated in Taoism (religion) want to point me to a full contact silat
event? because silat is about destroying your opponent

Author dragonsilenthaacker (2 years)
silat beat down(just luck but still win).just fight another silat warrior
and u will see anybody not invicible...

Author Skillking22 (2 years)
I wouldn't go to the extend of saying that genuine Kung Fu is dead as there
are still a minority of traditional Kung Fu masters China as well as in
Malaysia, Hong Kong, & Taiwan, as many of them had to fled China to avoid
the tough times. GM Wong Kiew Kit from Shaolin Wahnam or GM Liu Yun Qiao
(R.I.P.) from Wutan are 2 notable examples. Though perhaps due to the
influence of China, modern Wushu is flooding the market, thus giving a
wrong impression of Chinese martial arts.

Author Skillking22 (2 years)
Actually, what defines a resisting opponent? Is it an opponent who would
try to resist your moves with brute strength (eg: you doing an arm bar on
an opponent and opponent trying to resist the lock) or an opponent who
would keep attacking you whenever possible with the intention of keeping
you away and possibly knocking you down?

Author REAN MELDIVES (1 year)
silat the best

Author Wild Wolf (2 years)
lol :)

Author Alen Imbang (4 years)
this is bullshit... so disappointed figthing...

Author zulhilmi5543 (4 years)
ni ultimate warrior kan...saye harap ade jaguhan silat yang dapat tewaskan
pemennag ultimate warrior yang mengamalkan mui thai dalm pertandangin akan
datang..sebab dia agak angkuh dan memperlekehkan seni bela diri yang lain..
langsung xde hormat...

Author tvrulesnation (5 years)
@BushidoCode72 haha the silat competitions are a joke, it is just like
Taekwondo (sport) barely resembling its traditional side. KKK was right
silat is as all arts were/are a killing art. if you wan't to see an
artistic side of what silat looks like type in ''silat demo'' it's one of
the first links that comes up, but its just a demo to showcase the art (or
watch the human weapon documentaries on silat floating on youtube)

Author Lone Walker (3 years)
enough of this bullshit silat don't fight only kill. it because the silat
can't fight and make an excuse we kill we don't fight. how bullshit? if you
can't win your opponent just admit it , and you kill those who is weaker
then you? wtf? really shame

Author Skillking22 (2 years)
In the past, traditional martial artists are indeed well known as ferocious
fighters - people like Wong Fei Hung, Yang Lu Chan, Huo Yuan Jia, Liu Yun
Qiao, Wong Shun Leung have involved in life and death duels and emerged
alive. Nowadays, very few modern TMA practitioners could apply their skills
in a real fight, which goes back to the sad state of TMA nowadays.

Author MechPhantom (2 years)
Cool man if you like it then practice it haha, but no offense but i just
really hate fancy stuff that includes jumping and spinnig kicks etc, coz i
know those techniques can get the perosn killed or hurt even the best of
practitioners ,after all in a real fight nothicng is guareenteed. Also what
art you do esp TMA, you MUST spar like it or not against a resisting
opponent, if not all those training is just useless, coz you know know what
to use if you dont spar. peace Thats TMA's big problems

Author Ufcprofighter (4 years)
@jai7231032 what the name of the clip pls tell me

Author bugus85 (4 years)
brape jenis silat tewas ngan muay thai??

Author faisal hashim (4 years)
apa tunjuk x abis...

Author uzumaki naruto (3 years)
silat... awesome..!!

Author kazumakaneva (1 year)
there was no sport or show off intention back in early days of silat, the
situation was kill or be killed, with Islam influence then if u were in
death or live situation (real battle) and have to kill, then kill as
quickly as possible, avoiding to torturing enemies with pains, if not then
just run away if u can :D

Author ioiodine (4 years)
i wanna see more of this. Ada lagi ke ultimate warrior kat msia?

Author Wild Wolf (2 years)
Every fucking video that says Silat has people saying, This is NOT Silat.
Why don't you all enlighten us then?!. In a REAL Fight, it's not always
easy to demonstrate a specific martial Art, You just have to do any move
you can to Continue. What do you expect it to be like a movie? Fucking
wankers... Get in a fight and see how far Martial arts gets you...

Author MechPhantom (4 years)
Thats the reason why i quit wushu,its basically useless in a fight.

Author khbws (1 year)
blue glove definitely Silat. Low circular sweep is truly Silat techniques.

Author fareezrawk (4 years)
@SgtWreck there's a leg sweep or "sapu"and the steps are silat step.

Author MechPhantom (4 years)
@defores hmm well said man thx so much for ur advice. Ill think bout dat xD
, next time if wushu or any other ma loses i just keep quiet

Author kamall1978 (4 years)
silat tak akan menang kalau fight dgn muay thai..aku dah tengok banyak kali

Author Uncount9 (4 years)
Kalau karate kah Taekwando kah..apa2lah... Semuanya men tali pinggang..
Tapi kalau Silat.. Nah.. Asal Kan Jak badan mue Kena Parang x Luka.. Di
Geruni Sudah Tue..

Author ItsAHN (1 year)
silat is not trained for ring fighting. but if they practice sparring half
the time in their training, i think they wont be as rigid. to say silat is
only for killing is oxymoron. takde lojik. how to kill when you cant fight.
so, more sparring with buah application. just my theory.

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