The Muppets sing Happy Birthday!!!

This is bonus footage from the Muppets Movie! It was recorded in honor of Jim Henson's birthday!

I do not own any of this footage!!!

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Author steph wanamaker (1 month)
Happy birthday +steph wanamaker !

Author Gordon McIntosh (1 month)
Happy birthday +steph wanamaker !

Author some one (8 days)
only for Rosalie Dennis!!
I wish you all the Best
never give up, please promise me, ok?!
I love you like my sister, I miss you
(((hug))) and kisses
have a brilliant day

Author Priscilla Tucker (5 days)
Happy Birthday +Jeremy Norton​!!!!!!! 😘 🎁🎂🎉

Author Christian Xavier Mustaine (2 months)
Joke's on you, I like this song. 

Author MrJantyjanters (7 days)
Thats brilliant! Thanks!

Author Alessandro Alex (1 month)

Author borana lushaj (1 month)
hahaha, well done!

Author casualchatgirl (2 months)
Hahaha this is great. You are a genius! My brother will be so mad when he
finds out he's been Rick Rolled :D Thank you

Author Wflash00 (2 months)
best birthday song ever!

Author ingalciamondragons (2 months)
woow... la voz de Rick Ashley!!!!

Author mantyke66770 (5 months)
Grrrr... Kuso! Onore! >_<''

Author Rene B. (2 months)
This is bullshit

Author felicia zamora (5 months)

Author Ali Sen (3 months)
happy birthday my adilosh

Author robin breslow (3 months)

Author Saber (4 months)
Never gonna give you up...

Author Heather Bailey (4 months)
Aaaahhhhh-ha ha ha ha ha!

Author Leinad Tafom (6 months)
Happy Birthday Tessa! Hope you see this :P You have been Rick Rolled! 

Author Eduardo Bruce Mathanaz (7 months)
This video and I dedicate this song just for you!!!!....Happy Birthday
LEILA...Blue Princes!!!! 

Author Dena Spencer (7 months)
this is my most favorite Rick Roll for sure!!!

Author Pamela Robles Garcia (8 months)
+CaELike el 2 de febrero :D

Author Emily Raven (9 months)
i think this is the third time i've been rolled by this video

Author ebluegirly (9 months)
This is my absolute FAVORITE way to wish 'Happy Birthday' on Facebook.
Thank you for this amazing & hilarious way to RR people!!

Author Pamela Robles Garcia (8 months)
+Tom moncho 

Author Pedro Samayoa (9 months)
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MAESTRO ANDRÉS!!! que tengás un feliz instante...

Author Pamela Robles Garcia (8 months)

Author Ben Louw (10 months)
well played sir

Author Pamela Robles Garcia (8 months)
Ok no era meelaydomo :)

Author Geoffrey Snyder (1 year)
Happy Birthday +Tom Moncho 

Author Pamela Robles Garcia (8 months)
Happy birthday +melaydomo haha #foreveralone

Author Scott Wilson (3 months)
Happy Birthday +Keith Wilson!

Author Marcvs-Antonivs Gvzman (1 year)
The Muppets sing Happy Birthday!!!

+liz moran happy birthday honey crust ;)

Author Azure Mallone (1 year)
*HAPPY BIRTHDAY **+Karen Schumacher**!!!*

Author Matt Short (2 years)
Very cute, but they don't sing happy birthday....

Author BuddhistDrummer (1 year)
Being rick roll'd has never been so epic. I'm not even mad! I'm impressed!

Author epocaliptos (1 year)
Ahahaha, you got me!!!

Author rimasi74 (2 years)
Se não perceberes vai ao link --» bit.ly_1s9NK7 ( substituir _ por / )

Author Andromeda Kalogeropoulou Yagami (1 year)
diantre... solo me rio

Author le bumm (2 years)
lol xD been so long since the last time i got rick rolled

Author Martina Haskins (2 years)
amazing. well done.

Author Lonestar327 (2 years)
I can still Beaker doing his Meeps to this

Author NLvideomaster (1 year)
Rickroll is back!!! (2013)

Author Russell Fam-ily (1 year)
They don't. Its called a rick roll.

Author srubi74 (2 years)
@dkrook me too, actually I liked it so much that I posted it to my wall and
just linked my friend's name.

Author MrThisistotalcrap (2 years)
fuck you asshole

Author reedbaker2 (1 year)
I send this to all my good friends on their birthdays...fwahahahaha

Author Ashley Douglas (1 year)
My momma rickrolled moi on mah birthday

Author dedam85 (2 years)
really nice

Author Peter Griffin (1 year)
Jokes on the OP. i like this song

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