Pastor Tony Smith Exposes Gino Jennings Deception Part 2- Pastor Smith keeping it real

Gino Jennings is an Adulterer along with many BIBLICAL disqualifications.
Elder Tony Smith exemplify how an Elder is suppose to address
accusations to be proven "BLAMELESS". Gino Jennings has the
ministry "BLAMEFUL" which disqualifies him as a brother but yet he
claims to be an apostle. NOT!!!!

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Comments: 152

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Author Hoover Cobb (6 months)
What a joke

Author edwin rivera (10 months)

Author Corduroy66 (9 months)
Give no place to the devil. Let your words be yea or nay. NOT FOOLISHNESS.

Author YoungWun410 (5 years)
Damn....I hope this is old. Is this dude still talking about Gino Jennings
to this day? Move on with your life bruh, it's a wrap..Gino Jennings
already offered him up to a debate and he didn't accept it....let it go lol

Author syphkqube (5 years)
they're not saved.. hypocrites

Author ImHeavenlyOPERATED (5 years)
You're right about that!! PAID ACTORS!!!!!! Did hollywood call yall fools
yet?? Listen at 2:57 he said,"you sho dat wasnt my baby;I aint never
"hit"?? HIT?? Ok,man of God. And when she said she cant have

Author Exploits1132 (2 years)

Author quicktrac (5 years)
you got a lot of mouth just like your punk pastor smith, i look at smith
because he is funny, thats why i look at your videos. besides getting a
good laugh, tony smith has nothing for me, why smith cant even back up what
he say. and about the midget thing, i think you are crazy for repeating
what smith say, because i know that gino is taller then you. so when your
smith talk about midget, make sure that he talk about you to.

Author godsmouthpiece3500 (5 years)
all ya'll gon taste hell's fire if you don't repent and be ye saved every
one of you in the name of JESUS CHRIST! JESUS is the way the truth and the
light, let him come in and purify your hearts, take hate out and put love

Author PRESKRIBE (4 years)
@jesusblogger We know that the LORD JESUS was blameless due to his
lifestyle and the tesimony of the people, the HOLY men and witnesses. The
whole BIBLE is a witness of CHRIST. Israel charged the lord with
blasphemy(Deut 13:7-9)because of the gospel he preached. Do you actually
think that they would've crucified the LORD of GLORY if they would've known
who he was? They were blinded for a season

Author look4me25 (5 years)
quicktrac: both smith and jennings are preaching holiness, but the holiness
they are preaching are very different. which means one church is on their
way to hell. and you mean to tell me that First Church is laughing at us
and we are supposedly going to hell. so souls going to hell is funny?
that's sad. and you still haven't answered my question. may Father Yah have
mercy on His' creation.

Author ooooBJoooo (5 years)
I just can't believe, "God's Men" got time for, "ALL THIS" While the world
is ,"Dieing",Kids are hurting, And PPL need "Salvation" taught. The pulpit
ain't for "JOKES" !...Try God's spirit ,BY G O D 's spirit/"WAYS" ..... We
dont need to go to "Worldly Clubs" when there are so many "Jokes" in the

Author Steven Anderson (2 years)
@Checkmate10000 Brainwashed

Author Silanethione (4 years)
Obama supports homosexual marriage full forcefully and openly. Now I dare
anyone who supports tony to answer this question: "Does god ordain a man
who supports sin, when in fact he hates sin?". If Yes then you to are a
liar...along with Tony Smith.I dont want to hear about all this other
middle school gossip. Lets be men and deal with facts. I'm tired of seeing
Tony run his mouth like a little 8th grade gossiping girl. He should of
steped up when he had the chance but he didnt. END OF STORY!!!

Author tufflegruff (4 years)
All prophecy is false because prophecy doesn't exist.

Author elder ls (2 years)
To Be Continued...WHY? Move on! Just preach Jesus and the message of
Salvation! IF you're innocent, God will prove you, no one else has too. Ppl
raise their hands in a court of law & SWEAR to tell the truth, the whole
truth, nothing but the truth and still they lie and many of them profess to
be christians. Malicious rumors & gossip has NO PLACE in the church. *IF
church leaders are crooked God will expose them (Num. 32:23), especially,
the ones who are self-anointed & self-appointed.

Author keneisha mcleod (2 years)
his he real r a con artist pastor

Author james kyles (1 year)
I guess what they really want to know is who shall be the greatest in the
kingdom of God and Jesus said... matthew 18

Author frillybeamer (2 years)
Why would anyone who is accusing anyone of something scandalous agree to do
this with the accused? Did this woman accuse TS of doing this with him? It
doesn't seem so, so of course she would allow herself to be paraded like
this. Besides, if they were having an affair why would they admit it to his
congregation?That's pure common sense. Plus why were they so touchy.

Author quicktrac (5 years)
im not a prophet.

Author helena O (5 years)
@PRESKRIBE im not bein rude but i dnt understand wt u jus wrote. and how is
it relative to wot ive said. bless

Author lamountain01 (4 years)
wow is the Lord time to be used countering allegations shame onthose so
called pastors and those members

Author Ricky Hurtado (4 years)
Tony Smith: Saints, I didn't do it. Saints: But how do we know for sure?
Tony Smith: Believe me! Saints: Ummm, ok :)

Author quicktrac (5 years)
again wheres your proof that gino has been with another women, if you dont
have it then shut up.

Author Checkmate10000 (5 years)
You, get me straight? Now that is hilarious. Put the pipe down son.

Author ImHeavenlyOPERATED (5 years)
Hey,Bro Kerry,where my comments go??!!

Author PRESKRIBE (5 years)
Members of FC accused Pastor Smith of adultery so he addressed it in front
of the world. We didn't ask y'all for any proof. WE DIDN'T NEED TO BECAUSE
OUR PASTOR ADDRESSED FC LIES. Tell your midget to address his!!!!!

Author Steven Anderson (2 years)
Pastor PhOny Smith is nothing but a con artist

Author quicktrac (5 years)
what are you talking about gino wife had to go up side his head. and will
you prve that gino is doing all of these things, because if you cant please
leave it alone. and move on.

Author miltona635 (5 years)
Has Pastor Jeno Jennings really had "sex outside of his marriage"? I never
heard that! OMG Churchianic Nonsense ruins peoples lives.. I dont' trust

Author Victor Guyton (3 years)
i do think its sad that these things are being done IN GOD'S HOUSE! instead
of the gospel being preached! if i was an unbeliever straddling the fence
about salvation, BOTH of you just made me decide to continue in my sin
because confusion is of the devil! i think its sad that no one was willing
to, "turn the other cheek"! im saddened by both displays and am wondering
if God, Jesus, OR the Holy Spirit can get glory out of all of this!

Author Silanethione (4 years)
@Checkmate10000 Unfortunately this is all Tony can do...Gossip like a
little fast school girl. Lets move on....this man is completely spineless
and proved so. Actions speak louder than words my friend. Period.

Author miltona635 (5 years)
quicktrac, so how do you know? are you affiliated with either of these
organizations that you have some 'inside' information? just wondering where
your knowledge or hunches are coming from...

Author Justin Vaughn (2 years)
Acting a fool, all in the name of "keeping it real"

Author PRESKRIBE (5 years)
No!!!! I do not sin youngblood. I have been chief amongst sinners but not
anymore. I keep YAHs' laws,statues,and commandments. I am not a sinner
youngblood. Speak for yourself

Author quicktrac (5 years)
its sad that you and your friends are still talking about this, i dont get
it, all your pastor had to do is show up in nc. and that would have solve
it. since your smith didnt show up, you really need to drop it, because it
will only repeat itself.

Author PRESKRIBE (5 years)
Tell Pastor Jennings to do this with Elisabeth Rich. He can't...Why? TELL
PASTOR JENNINGS to do this with sister ELISABETH RICH. Then go ask him to
give you his unBIBLICAL theory of "Living Adultery"

Author ImHeavenlyOPERATED (5 years)
I wonder did hollywood call them yet. If they didnt,they're going to miss
some good actors. Hollywood,if you're watching,dont pass up on these
certified actors.

Author Checkmate10000 (5 years)
You know, I would love to believe you, really, I mean, I did hear Gino Say
"we're done with him," but the fact that you and your comrades can't stay
off of Smith's videos shows otherwise. And you talk about 8-9 gs? Thats why
Elizabeth Rich resigned from your church saying that GINO was taking nearly
$250k of church money for personal use. Now which is worse? Youre going off
some youtuber's word, yet that info came straight from your former FINANCE
secretary. Man PLEASE.

Author helena O (5 years)
@PRESKRIBE 1.How can you tell that I don't know the WORD? 2. I like both
pastors and im not complaining about any1, im just saying that I dont like
this beef and the way they chat about eachother in CHURCH.

Author PRESKRIBE (5 years)
Tell Gino to address it like Pastor Smith is on this video for the world to
see it..Your people accused Pastor Smith and he silenced all. I got
threatening emails from one of Gino's slick partnas which I could care
less. Just because you don't know it to be true doesn't mean it's not true.
I know it's true and FC foundation is about to crumble.

Author PRESKRIBE (5 years)
By the way youngblood, it is old... It's old but it's true. You're the
exact kind of mind that Gino attracts. I hope everybody who reads this
click YoungWun410 and check your fake gangsta thug profile. Gino Jennings
claims to be HOLINESS so you're not doing him any favors by defending him
because your conversation is not HOLY. My videos are 100% true youngblood.
His members fight everybody on youtube but you don't see any of them
fighting my videos. Even YOU had to respond to THIS VIDEO.

Author Cobey Farmer (4 years)
to many things, just preach Jesus and let God deal with Jennings. Jesus is
not glorified by this, this is all about yall!!! shame

Author Hunny1au (3 years)
Oh how disgraceful. That poor lady paraded about for all to see like that.
I feel for her. If they only knew how awful it looked. That man needs to
grow up. Preach the word. That's what people come for, not to hear your
lame excuses. Stop this preacher's war which is being played out in front
of the respective congregations of these men The Sabbath is holy and I
don't think God in his heaven would appreciate hearing this drama on his
holy day. Ridiculous.

Author PRESKRIBE (5 years)
I don't want you PHILOSOPHY on my video. You go talk to your Pastor then
get back at me. You didn't answer the question. Until you can tell me who
sister ELISABETH RICH is, I will not allow you to post your PHILOSOPHY
here. Once again CJLERL the book of JASHER is a carnal book of war that
doesn't equate to obedience and salvation. I don't need to learn how to
fight a carnal war. My weapons of warfare are not carnal.

Author PRESKRIBE (4 years)
They asked LORD JESUS 3 different questions in the 24th chapter of Matthew.
Do you know what 3 different questions they asked him??? Could you explain
the 13th chapter of Romans???

Author quicktrac (5 years)
please man i never heard that, dont talk to me about this anymore because
your preacher didnt show up in NC. that shows me that your tony smith is a
punk. so just leave it alone.

Author 936justme (2 years)
Is he saying boo to her?

Author Checkmate10000 (5 years)
Yeah yeah, tit for tat.... I would just love to see Jennings do what Smith
did in this video with the women he's been accused of being with.

Author quicktrac (5 years)
@Checkmate10000 you dont mean what you said. i just seen this, and i had to
get you stright. dont worry you are stright now

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