Just Dance - LPS Music video

Here is my first Lady Gaga LPS music video! ^^
Annnd, this vid is also 4 LPSEmilly's music video contest! :D
I hope you'll like it! ♥
Please comment, rate & OF COURSE don't forget to subscribe! x3

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Runtime: 4:05
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I do not own the music
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HAPPY HALLOWEEEN EVERYBODY!!! And enjoy the video! We worked really hard on it! ^.^ ♡ ~We did not own this song~


Author Florence Morin (7 days)

Author TheMuzaLPS (4 months)

Author PaintbrushSparkle70 (3 months)

Author lps sonho (2 months)
do you speak portuguese ?

Author Lara Della Bonzana (2 months)

Author Janae Farber (3 months)

Author Puji Thome (3 months)
hi hannah i love lps :D 

Author glitterylps21477 (1 month)
LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!

Author Sarah Sims (3 months)

Author Julie Iurincich (5 months)
am i love this song and how old are you

Author LPSCandy (4 months)
LPSHannah i love you and your LPS. YOU AR SIMPLE THE BEST!

Author Justin Thomas (3 months)
lady gaga.

Author lpsmlpfimlover345 (5 months)
Really cool! : )

Author ilona trushkevych (1 month)

Author Michele Henderson (5 months)

Author Fabiano Balparda dos Santos (1 year)
love it

Author lpsemmaann peterson (8 months)
omg i love u lps hannah

Author Nenad Barinić (8 months)

Author lpspurplepanda9 (2 years)
i love itttttttttttttt!!!!!!

Author RandomCupCake1011 (6 months)

Author unknownlpsfreak (1 year)
Why do you have dislikes, this s great!

Author pricillabluewater (2 years)

Author Jessie Medenecki (2 years)
i saw liam and micheal and how do you get good songs for free??? that work
on windows live movie maker???

Author Emelie PetShop (7 months)
this is the best song ever

Author LPS GIRL (7 months)

Author Vakarė Petrovaitė (1 year)
your soooooo COOL lpshannahmusic and lps hanah :D LOVE YOU<3

Author TheLPSwolfgirl (1 year)
Cool it makes me wanna dance! :D

Author lpspurplepanda9 (2 years)

Author LPS Daisy (8 months)
I love lady gaga

Author keitaleila (2 years)
awsome love it very nice very cool job keep on hannah ;D

Author PawProductions12 (1 year)
That was awesome! and what was the rainbow disc thingy? a glowing lolipop?!

Author jupitermaximus11 (2 years)
good job

Author LPS4ever333 (2 years)
ugh i have so many good ideas for music vids but i have NO what so ever
idea what im doing when it comes to editing vids....and math LOL XD!!!!!!!!!

Author komquod (1 year)
You have the same disco thing as Sophie!

Author shelly clemensen (1 year)

Author Carolaaajna (2 years)
its very very good

Author Angelic Song (1 year)
Love the music video! Plz make more! LOVE IT!

Author Savannah Higgs (1 year)
i take break dancing. THIS SONG I SOOOOOOOOOOO

Author KellysLpsTv (9 months)
I played this song in handbells.

Author Rachel Nelson (6 months)
you did a great job!!!!!!

Author LpsCrystalClear1 (2 years)
i ♥ the part when his glasses fell off lol ;) subbed ~crystal~

Author Fatima Iris (11 months)
vc teve que fica girando pinguim kkkkkkkkkk

Author MissKittyGaming283 (2 years)
where did youn get the disco ball

Author Savannah Reed (1 year)
that's mean

Author TeamNaTionUniTed (1 year)

Author Amber B (2 years)
@funkymonkey429 you said 56 minutes, and i have a greyhound, name is Jack!

Author Hundefriend1 (1 year)
Keep up !!!! ur videos r super super awesome :)

Author Amber B (2 years)
Amazing! I subbed!

Author LPS Mistypool (6 months)

Author Akemmy❤Fantage (2 years)
@Lpshannahmusic OOOOOOO this is going on my FAVORITES! lol xD

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