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Author xake19 (5 months)
Another word for richest in this segment is = CORRUPT. These are the future
Senators and Presidents of the Philippine republic.

While most nations of the world gather their leaders from the best of Ivy
League colleges of the U.S., the Philippines gather their future leaders
from retired tele novela soap opera actors.

The nation's VAST POOR peasants keep them in power and this vicious cycle
never stops

Author Taurus Azodnem (1 year)
*aLam p0 niny0 n khiT mukha kang taE aT kuLug0 p paGmumukHa m0 sA piNas...d
baSeHan aNg kGandaHan 0 an0 p mAn bAsta me peRa kA...panaLo..d p0 b? ya
nang pin0y magsasaLIta aNg buLsa m0..w0RRy fRee LoL :-)x

Author takyaization (10 months)
he he he how come n wla s top ten cn kris aquino at sarah when they are d
top celebrities in d phil. he he he tlga ang gumawa nito, wla tlgang mgw
kaya ito ang napagdiskitahan. nyak nyak k tlga

Author robka andy (3 years)
billionaire si pacman hehe, kalokohan 450 m

Author fanicharice (2 years)

Author roy evangelista (2 years)
kalokohan ito, masmayaman pa si willie at pacman kay sharon cuneta. hindi
ako fan ni sharon, pero sa tagal na nya sa showbiz sya na ang
pinakamayaman. tapos tinalo pa sya ni willie. baka nakalimutan nyo ang
apelyido ni sharon at anong clan sila?

Author musi cheals (2 years)
lol, oo nga no, asan si charice welga, bitaw nabasa ko kanina, yung mga
international personalities, si lea, pacman, charice, din si presidente
aquino, binasa yung face nila kung sino sila.

Author Muzzamil Hj. Salleh (3 years)

Author kemenikatzu (3 years)
@xjhunex oo!!!!..

Author sweetelle17 (2 years)

Author tommy m (11 months)
so they have money. They can't dance like me. Check out my video Arab
Napoleon Dynamite

Author teyns garciano (3 years)
@iwantjumbohotdog kasi akala ko sariling income yan ni kc..

Author yravanalder (2 years)
the one who made this doesnt really know what rich means....

Author Chupa cabra (1 year)
i consider celebrities as class A prostisss... not all bt some

Author joe mendoza (1 year)
maytama sa utak gumawa n2 baliw

Author Wendell Funtanilla (1 year)
wtf wer Kris Aquino

Author Joselito Tapangan (1 year)
ha ha ha

Author jyn amoro (2 years)
nsan ung clan nila vic??ahhaha

Author japhar123 (2 years)
this is sick!

Author MyMark1001 (3 years)

Author leifheit63 (1 year)
I do and have worked hard for my money I wasnt born into a wealthy family
probally such as yourself or marry into it. what do you know about earning
your own way through life or are u just pretty and some old is your sugar

Author mashikara (3 years)
barya lang ni manny yan!!!di ako naniniwala!!!!

Author octoberlove1 (2 years)
weh bat wala si kris aquino??un kaya pinakamaraming endorsement tsaka
show...hindi yata tama to...

Author allan noel enaje (1 year)
Tanga gumawa nito!!!!!

Author Darrel Ardales (1 year)
pacman is billionare, imagine how much he get on boxing, million dollars

Author pawmcbride010 (3 years)
this is fraud.,. wer is kris and toni?.,.

Author justinchester0018 (2 years)
San ang basis mo nito? I think Kris Aquino should be on the list.

Author MLGG10 (3 years)
whahahahhahaha,,,,, peke ang data!!!!

Author Mark Glenn Ong (2 years)
@balot001 Kung Pinoy si Charice, Asan ang kanyang PUBLIC SERVICE sa Tao? Si
Pacman Congressman sa Sarangani pero tumulong pa rin sa Cagayan at Iligan
City. SORRY pero yan lang ang aking Opinion about Charice, She prefer to
live in another country for her own Profit, More power to you PACMAN!!!
SORRY sa mga tinamaan.....

Author Robert Young (2 years)
si manny pacquiao 100m dollar na 2011 ... si vilma politician hwag mo isali

Author gilbert ibanez (1 year)
hoy gawa2x mo lng ang videong ito...mag isip ka nga mas mayaman pa c kc kay
bossing vic?ni hindi nga cya nakasali sa top 10 mo kunyari...ulol ka lng

Author Meann Lositanio (11 months)
hahaha mas nakakatawa po comment mo

Author jonah mata (2 years)

Author leifheit63 (2 years)
Just know that these rich people have already recieved their reward here on
earth, We the poor do suffer at the hands of the greedy evil people of this
world. They have a black heart all they care about is themselves. The proof
is in their not so generosity. The rich have more than what they would
spend in their life time, but because they are greedy they will never
contribute to society. I hope I am wrong and I should pray for the rich to
have a change of heart God willing it will be done.

Author JAKE RIDDLER (1 year)
hell of a nonsense video..wala nga ako jan..

Author GIA13615093 (2 years)
@namiluv2 dapat pasok ako dito kasi worth 50 million pesos ako ah. ;)

Author michael fernandez (1 year)
anyare kay Bossing? kris aquino? at madami pang iba. lol..

Author TheWaling2x (2 years)
wala c kris?

Author kaluste57 (2 years)
@alegreelizah tama ka dyan, hndi kredibol.. hahahah

Author purtyb11 (2 years)
is this annual income or how much they are worth? bakit parang ang baba

Author iwantjumbohotdog (3 years)
@ilydrazz kase mayaman ang pamilya ng mga concepcion, family nila gabby at
ng tatay nya n ngayon n kiko pangilinan! mayayaman ang mga pangilinan,
actually sila ang may-ari ng TV5, PLDT, malalaki ang shares sa MERALCO,

Author justine zabala (2 years)
wag nyo isali c pacquiao ang pangit,........

Author Tricia Angluben (3 years)
Tang mo! research ka muna bgo ka gumawa ng vid

Author Cora Baque (1 year)
bakit ganon wala sila vic sotto at ramon revilla jr. diba mga blockbuster
mga movie nila yearly bukod pa sa mga tv show nila. oo nga pati si chris
aquino asan na? bakit si maricel soriano kasama di ba may chismis noon na
may nagreklamong 2 kasambahay na di raw nabayaran?. nagtatanong lang po!

Author kemenikatzu (3 years)
manny pacquiao 450m????ok lng ba u????...billion yun billion!!!!!!

Author jertybonifacio1 (2 years)
maricel soriano ?

Author MARGARET2082 (2 years)
@j0sh1514 c pacquiao 1billion pesos lang????d si cguro,,sharon billions of
peso siguro pede saka si kris aquino at vic sotto d lang un
100 million kakatawa kayo

Author Jane Sionomio (2 years)
tama bakit wala si kris eh ang yaman2* nga nya eh !!

Author doc jm (2 years)
willie, 275millions lang asset? i don't think so. it can be more...a lot

Author 2submit (1 year)
except for paciao

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