BONUS Clips Rough Cut Outtakes from Super Bowl Commercial "Mermaids Love Doritos"

The unfinished clips and longer bonus footage from the "Mermaids Loves Doritos" Ad.

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Author 川田遼 (4 months)

Author joycexxx88 (1 year)

Author Cyndi Wu (1 year)

Author mp10611 (1 year)
wait, so those lucky bitches get to wear mermaid tails AND get fed
doritos?!?! -_- lucky bitches...

Author Ruben Ninglivia (1 year)
i like this program

Author rickyhope95 (2 years)

Author Yasmin Corrall (2 years)

Author Nittany Subrungruang (10 months)

Author beautifulflower243 (1 year)
Mermaid , ermaid mermaid mermaid

Author megan2000hailey2011 (2 years)
Say h2o seven times post on four videos then touch water no joke

Author Caitlyn Tagliaferri (1 year)
lol and what is the judge goona do? Chock to death by laughing?

Author Miu Yuki (1 year)

Author abbiejadeturner (1 year)

Author Sofia Rumbaoa Shows the way (1 year)

Author MoonSapphireDemon (1 year)
Lol. wow.

Author MickeyLoverX3 (2 years)
Say mermaids 5x post this on 2 other videos and go touch water

Author Niña Marie Salva (1 year)

Author Sabrina Berrios (2 years)
Say mermaid 5x then post this on 2 other mermaid videos then see what
happens when u touch water

Author Morgan Winterland (2 years)
Kiss ur hand 5 times and post to 2 other videos and look under ir pillow

Author Rosangela Machado (1 year)
ridículo idiotas

Author hello (1 year)
Wow how did yole get the tale

Author pickh pitch (1 year)
i can do a vid better

Author elliott17minecraft (1 year)
Say mermaid 5 Times and post this to 2 other video's and touch water

Author kk n (1 year)

Author MissPetshop2o13 (11 months)
0:36 mdr xDDD

Author quintinasimmons53 (1 year)

Author basicrules (1 year)

Author TehPh1L (1 year)
soo true! the song is just OMG i love it Also! i use this to get this in

Author A Reid (1 year)

Author Ruben Ninglivia (1 year)
i want know how they are

Author Mallory (1 year)
Say mermaid 3 times then post this comment on 3

Author Mallory (1 year)

Author Jade Collins (2 years)
Say mermaid 5 times, post this on two other vids and then touch water

Author Antonio Mediati (2 years)
haha sweet

Author Nina Lucy (1 year)
Lol men are mermaids

Author amasi444 (1 year)

Author Henna Vatka (1 year)
Lol, good ending!! XD

Author pandabear675ify (1 year)

Author Miriam Grainger (2 years)
hey where id u guys get ur tails and how much were they?

Author Karolina Rajczyk (1 year)

Author Cyndi Wu (1 year)
yea probably lol :3

Author Kagamine Len (1 year)

Author madison carlson (2 years)
mermaids love tarouts

Author Daria Elina (1 year)

Author mileina'svlogchannel noel (2 years)

Author NewYork25128 (2 years)
fake shes a lie

Author perrydavid61 (1 year)
LOL this i s so funny!

Author ณัฐพงศ์ วรพันธ์ (1 year)

Author RubyD03 (1 year)
Those are some ugly mermaids... & I'm not talking about the guys dressed as

Author lpsfunkyful (1 year)

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