Real Mermaid Melissa Footage in Japan Aquarium Live TV

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 2:03
Comments: 133

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Author Evangeline Bryant (9 months)
How can she hold her breath that long? :O

Author kilplix4444 (9 months)
Is this legit? Is she a real mermaid

Author Aileen Abadillo (9 months)
such a great swimmer!

Author ANNA MARTINEZ (10 months)
i love mermaids

Author Mermaid Melissa (1 year)

Author Sean Marlisa (9 months)

Author Nathaniel Dayrit (8 months)
I love it★

Author myyi zilla (8 months)
nice mermaid

Author Claire B. (1 year)

Author Angel Star (1 year)

Author Gerard Georgelin (1 year)
something is fishy about her.

Author Serena Kimlily (1 year)
dude.....we have the same mind!!

Author ruetina gookool (1 year)

Author sky lynn (1 year)
How is she breathing!!?

Author Carolane Pierre (1 year)
Hey why dont u get a life hurting kids.fellings u back off

Author Liberty Baker (1 year)
Yeah, although i bet absolutely everyone would try to capture them... :(

Author StitchTehZombie (1 year)
0:13 Gagnam style lift guy lol

Author Kaylani Graham (1 year)
Did she die

Author DieTribute VonPanem (1 year)
Is fake

Author Jammyngirl (1 year)

Author Stratosphere (2 years)
wow thats amazing! And on lice TV? You've really got it all, Melissa!

Author DJspinmaster88 (1 year)
I guess not many people read the video description these days... You must
be among those people. How is life in the dark?

Author hudsonrikiyah12 (1 year)

Author Shania Parham (1 year)
if mermaids r real can they talk

Author LPS Sharon (1 year)
i want to swim with fish

Author Baileya White (1 year)
they did it for the kids! lol

Author Shannon Fairywalker (1 year)
That chick can really hod her breath wow.

Author RendezvouDoo (2 years)
Mellissa the Mermaid!!! We love you over here in Baltimore!!!

Author cherryberryROX12 (1 year)
Wow I can't believe that girl can hold her breath so long

Author Firecrackermagic (1 year)
How do you hold your breath that long? That's amazing!

Author Kyla Lethbridge (1 year)
Its that true!

Author Denniz de Jong (1 year)
with enough practice you can hold your breath more than 15 minutes.. my
record is 2 minutes tho

Author William Ronaldo (1 year)

Author Raven BreyannaxD (1 year)
this is fake the government wouldnt permitt mermaids in the aquarium and on
top of that a mermaid can take down 50men without trying soo.....

Author artcherelld (1 year)
I love mermaids (because of the tail) if they did exist today, they would
probably be in danger because of human pillution and some people might try
to capture them

Author Stacy Briggs (1 year)
I dunno I don't think that is real I think she had some sort of breathing
tube or she can hold hey breath but her tail looked fake

Author caddyrolla123 (1 year)
thats a badass aquarium

Author Firecrackermagic (1 year)
You don't say?

Author Amzing Llama Girl (1 year)
aww that is really sweet for the kids, coolist job ever XD

Author Ana Delana (1 year)
i like the designing of the tail

Author lipsgloss0 (1 year)
The kids all happy

Author Donna Hanson (1 year)
idk why i got in the line of mermade vids? :P

Author Lorisa214 . (1 year)
You should be a detective

Author paris543255429emily (1 year)
He's wearing Monkey D. Luffy's Hat

Author Nera Gazzari (1 year)
no matter it s not real, its beautiful

Author Valeria Moran (1 year)
wow must be a pro breathe holder

Author nsijak (1 year)

Author SparklyUnicorn1313 (1 year)
SO FAKE but... SO COOL!!

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