Battlefield 3 HD Gameplay Ultra High Settings + Max AA

*EDIT 2* SWEET MOTHER OF... 500,000 views?! O_O

*EDIT* What, 100,000 views?!!! Thanks very much everyone!


Battlefield 3 mission Rock And A Hard Place

All video settings are completely maxed out and AA is at max as well.

Overall this game performs extremely well on my system with only a few minor glitches here and there. The occasional frame stutters are caused by FRAPS mainly. I also had a pretty funny friendly fire accident with my AT launcher in this clip xD

BF3 easily gets a high recommendation!

My specs at the time this video was made for those who are interested:

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560Ti 2GB
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHZ
RAM: 4GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHZ
Mobo: Foxconn X38A
Hard Drives: Western Digital Raptor X 150GB 10,000 RPM, Hitachi 2TB 7200 RPM

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 19:01
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Author Garry Bourne (3 months)
One shot stinger kill those were the days LOL

Author Alexus Dimitrov (5 months)
Better than BF4 campaign in my opinion.

Author masterDevis (4 months)
Um... i everything mirrored? I thought he said ambush LEFT, not RIGHT. so
why is the fighting on the RIGHT?

Author TeamHullabaloo (6 months)
sounds effects are awesome

Author D4RKN3SS17 (1 year)
vanilla milkshake=death

Author Samthe Maestro (1 year)
Look consoles will ALWAYS leave you wanting more because they are made by
bs franchises. Now you have to realize that pc has mods, i dont care how
good Skyrim looks on console or pc i want it to be fun, and after a week of
playing skyrim on console i get bored of it. You buy skyrim (or any game
really) for PC you will never leave your house.

Author ComputersAndSoftware (1 year)
gigabyte GA-970A-D3

Author CallMeLime (1 year)
Just ignore the trolls and CoD kids.

Author xVinegar (1 year)
WTF?! oohh nobody is a genius on after effects to make a video like this in
"real life"

Author CallMeLime (10 months)
Facedesk facedesk

Author m78101 (1 year)
This is why I play this game on PC!

Author derpabot (11 months)
People like you are so god damn stupid.

Author Cryonic88 (1 year)
wierd. I play on Geforce gtx 580 amd phenom black edition quad core 8gb ram
and i can play on medium with ok fps

Author Meri Noneofyourbusiness (1 year)
Beautiful graphics

Author Slayermetallica69 (1 year)
Will this run on my Atari 2600?

Author Dire Melon (1 year)
COD is shit but they are using the old engine in the trailers, For the full
release I have heard that they are going to use a new engine.

Author gmk120 (1 year)
By that logic, i shoul have laughed at every single game until 2010 because
of Crysis 1. BF fanboys are not able to play a game that isn't BF without
bitching about everything.

Author ComputersAndSoftware (1 year)
lol , fuck off cod console kid

Author RyanideProductions (1 year)
Anyone else seen COD: Ghosts and laughed at how a 2 year old game has
better graphics?

Author Shattered Relic (1 year)
yep they got permission to use guns and tanks in this video in the middle
of a forest!!!

Author TheKatannakiller (1 year)
Birch you are so wrong

Author Peerapat Kitisarakulchai (1 year)
2:28 *warp*

Author UndeadGames Lich (11 months)
My PC stop when listen Battlefield 3

Author infamousian123 (1 year)
Who ever says bf community is childish is a dumbass, I play cod and set up
a certain game mode in private match and it was supposed to be snipers only
and no planting bombs, first 6 ppl to join r no older than 10 and listened
to 0% of the rule I established, I say sorry for doing something in cod I
get fuck you, screw you go to hell, battlefield community cares bout the
objective and uses teamwork, it's a real mans game

Author gmk120 (1 year)
And what's the point of crying about a game you are not interested in?
What's the point of crying about a videogame in a video of an entirely
different videogame? Hell, what's even the point of crying about a
videogame? This is one of the things that makes me avoid BF: the incredibly
childish community.

Author SpeedIsMyMiddleName (10 months)
Parenthesis my friend. Do you really think anyone thinks Call of Duty is
realistic? It is an arcade shooter. Battlefield is a Realistic Shooter.
Arcade meaning easy. Realistic is it doing its best to show us "gamers"
what warfare is like. Only thing Call of Duty has better than Battlefield
is Campaign. Other than that, Call of duty is shit.

Author ZyklonHuffer (1 year)
Imagine what Battlefield 4 is going to look like with all the settings
maxed out..

Author Alex Bachmann (1 year)

Author CallMeLime (10 months)
They have a new engine for Ghosts. I doubt there's a difference. For all we
know they could be lying about that.

Author phreak13ful (1 year)
Hey is that me?

Author Dirk Niglet (1 year)
Top lel. Complete bullshit, battlefield is as much about teamwork as CoD
is. 0% Requesting a pickup, requesting a pickup, requesting a pickup,
requesting ammo! requesting ammo! requesting ammo! Yet no one stops or
drops. Try BF2pr if you want true teamwork.

Author naruto9395 (10 months)
Lol russians are better soldiers???? Hahahana (:

Author TheGamingFrog BestChanell (1 year)
not good :)

Author Kristián Romanec (1 year)
you obviously don't know that BF3 was released almost 2years ago... Crysis
3 is 2 weeks old..

Author Kenny Slasy (1 year)
Bill Gates ? is that you ???

Author Chester Cuison (1 year)
"Drinking a vanilla milkshake" - Christian Matkovic

Author akn (1 year)

Author liam860819 (1 year)
ha ha, still has better graphics than COD ghost.

Author MrMeteorEdge (1 year)
The developers said that the only diffrences between next gen and this gen
consoles is dynamic lighting and displacement mapping. Meh. I will play it
on PC and laugh on consoles.

Author SpeedIsMyMiddleName (1 year)
Graphics matter? You are no gamer if you play just for graphics. You don't
go "OH cant wait for to play mario for the graphics. Or battlefield for the
graphics and not the gameplay. I DONT CARE about gameplay and realism NO NO
NO i only care about graphics" That is what you sound like when dis a game
for its bad graphics. ( not defending cod )

Author RyanideProductions (1 year)
You're still talking?

Author RyanideProductions (1 year)
Be gone.

Author FoolishPedro (1 year)
Sorry,see your motherboard in descriptiony xD

Author Vladimir Ilic (10 months)
Neighter is Battlefield or CoD realistic.Enemy soldier also takes cover,
they don't stand on all the time.And another, Russian paratroopers vs
Marines, Russians would kick they asses.Russians are better
soldiers.Greetings from Serbia..

Author Michael Joseph (1 year)
Just remember COD: Ghost was shown xbox 360.

Author RyanideProductions (1 year)
You time I have an opinion I'm just going to like write it down
in a personal journal so that people like you won't complain about it. The
whole point of my first comment was that the developers of COD are
seriously slacking considering that it's on a next generation console.

Author RyanideProductions (1 year)
But I was merely speaking of COD instead of Crysis...If it's to do with
Crysis then obviously the graphics will be better. But I was comparing Call
Of Duty as Battlefield is it's main competitor.

Author Stekarnmacke (1 year)
WOW, 2 Years old the game is soooooo ancient....i still think half life 2
looks good and it game out 2004..

Author RyanideProductions (1 year)
Did I say it was ancient? Did I compare it to half life which was
originally on PC? No I was comparing console Battlefield 3 to next gen
console Call of Duty.

Author TheOneAndOnlySpanker (1 year)
Get a fucking life?

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