Another Sandy Hook Media Hoax Witness Protection for Natalie Hammond?

Sandy Hook State of the Union 2013: The first lady's guest list NO Natalie Hammond

Sandy Hook DA cites 'potential suspects,' fears witness safety

Emotional: Sandy Hook teacher Kaitlin Roig was seated next to Dr Jill Biden and rose to her feet during a portion where the President spoke about gun control

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Author servicelocation (8 months)
kaitlin roig is natalie hammond.

Author crm365 (10 months)
Who is this Pat Llorda at 1:35? She resembles Suzanne Bump, who people say
was the pink coat lady at BMB.

Author silkcat51 (1 year)
Not scrubbed from the internet. I just put Natalie Hammond, Newtown into
google images, found out she was 40 yrs old, and 'got lucky' in only 5 min
or less. "School Shooting In Connecticut, US, Say Police"
davidicke(DOT)com/forum/showthread(DOT)php?p=1061271478 It was a
professional hit, dude. There's an ongoing investigation, because there are
more suspects. Witness protection is called for, imo.

Author Leonarda Lawes (1 year)
:a teacher from Sandy Hook" is there now! .....from above....Sandy Hook
State of the Union 2013: The first lady's guest list NO Natalie Hammond

Author danp5648 (1 year)
no photo of Hammond exist on that page - try again!

Author silkcat51 (1 year)
I didn't say there was a photo. It was the date, Dec 14 and the statement
from/about Ms. Hammond. I'm not sure if you were implying that she is a
non-existant person or not. And I already said, it ain't my place to go
photo-hunting for you under these circumstances. I'd rather she be
protected, because I do believe there are further suspects. I believe it
was a professional hit, just not sure which gov't is responsible....

Author danp5648 (1 year)
it was my second to last upload. thanks

Author Priesthoodagitator (1 year)
What the hell is a 'lead teacher'?

Author danp5648 (1 year)
jeez its halstead mad house is Bill the blue shirt guy here
/watch?v=DtvlRAo8cc4 thanks for your help.

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
sandyhookfire com/members.html 1strespondernews

Author TheSquiggleySpooch (1 year)
I agree this isn't right, elsewhere it's stated that there were 3 people
carted to the hospital, the woman shot in the foot and hand and then 2
unidentified kids that died at the hospital. This would be the first i
heard of 2 wounded survivors. Any wounded person would have been carted off
to the hospital, so the story should go that there were 2 wounded survivors
and 2 kids taken to the hospital. You can bet they're working thru the
holes in their "official" story during the gag order!

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
One was of a teacher who survived, but who was shot four times while
holding a door closed against the killer. THATS NEW....LMAO...

Author danp5648 (1 year)
are you talking the blue eye forming in the background of a photo? How can
you be sure that single photo is her? Was that off of a T.V broadcast?

Author silkcat51 (1 year)
Here's something I ran across on Hammond as I snoop-nosed those few minutes
"Principal of doomed Connecticut school left trail of happy tweets before
masked gunman staged massacre in her classrooms"

Author Sek101 (1 year)
YO!!! I saw pics of Natalie Hammond, which matched the old sandy hook
website staff photos, and she was with the Bruins team scheduled to drop a
puck on sunday! She was allegedly shot in the foot and still in a cast, but
the photos do not show this!

Author danp5648 (1 year)
Have you seen any interviews of Barbara Halstead? We also have Krista
Halstead on Glenn Beck and Karin Halstead. Tricia Gogliettion saved five
children and if this is in addition to Gene Rosen's six children. Who are
these 'saved' children?

Author danp5648 (1 year)
Can you supply a link back to the image ? thanks

Author Seth Walker (1 year)
Bunch of BS!! This event was a hoax!!

Author silkcat51 (1 year)
Oh my. The Ms Hammond soap opera goes on. Cain't wait for chapter 3.....oh
my, the drama! I guess you can tell, I'm already getting bored with the
sports-casters. Got a link?

Author SuperGogetem (1 year)
Not correct.

Author silkcat51 (1 year)
Nope. Can't work miracle in less than 5 min. Don't know what you mean by
'blue eye forming....' (?) See what you can do....maybe that commenter on
that site will help. If she's under witness protection, it ain't my place
to help find photos. Just pointing out that I don't believe she's a "hoax".

Author tbradtbrad (1 year)
It's easy to find video and pictures of her...her photo has not been
scrubbed from the internet...

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
May concede to Natalie/Karin from fake interview is more likely an Actor
remember ALL of the Alias being used. For consideration, Natalie Hammond
looks EXACTLY like her MOTHER Barbara Halstead We have Karin Halstead
writes and takes pics for 1strespondersnews and volunteer at Fire Dept
Krista Halstead done interview with a person claiming to be Barbara
Halstead but Clearly is NOT(another Actor) the ex/or present wife of Bill
Halstead the Fire Chief, geez a lotta Halsteads involved ..hmmm

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
Look at this pic than look up pics of Natalie Hammond. Clearly not the same
person. Natalie Hammond is Karin Halstead daughter of Bill Halstead the
Fire Chief and Barbara Halstead the other person in the office. Karin takes
Pics and writes articles for 1streponders com but seems they were only
interested in pics of Bill with Waltrip and NOT SHS.

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
rotarymadison(.)org/?page_id=1101 this one? ITs an FN joke. OMG I
said 15 min of fame da dee

Author danp5648 (1 year)
Well as luck would have it, a new video of Ms. Green Hammond surfaced and
its a BIG media blitz. PBS has a T.V special filled with bullshit and pause
Hammond has her day in the media with full sports blitz, no talk of what
happened and no gunshots scars are seen. Does she go dark now?

Author Cigol Zëlev (1 year)
How about the heroic Janitor with two distinct identities? Strange days

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
Got a link to that Nancy Young interview?

Author Martin Feliciano (1 year)
Here is how gun control is realted to sandyhook. Nibiru Planet X is
comming. says Russian News, and Italian News, Planet X Nibiru Reported just
days ago. Nancy lieder for zetatalk is right on point. We are about to get
spanked really hard folks. Please for your own good zetatalk,com First they
will take our guns, order Marshall Law, put us in work camps, give us a
chip and make slaves and kill the rest. Get more guns and fight like hell

Author danp5648 (1 year)
looks like a news intro effect

Author danp5648 (1 year)
are you sure you know the SH staff etc. ? Hochsprung, Mary Sherlach etc?
davidicke link point to the blue background which is intro to CBS.

Author Andrew Benwa (1 year)
At 1:02, holy crap! Look at the expressions on these faces! Wow

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
Natalie is Karin Halstead , daughter of Bill Halstead the Fire Chief and
Barbara Halstead the other person supposedly in the office. Karin takes
pics and writes articles for 1streponders com but apparently SHS was not

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
NO....DA clearly stated There are NO further suspects

Author silkcat51 (1 year)
I actually found it on google images, "Natalie Hammond Newtown". Finding
out she was 40 yrs, I just made a lucky guess.

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
Karin, Krista,Barbara,Bill.... HALSTEAD , Natalie who looks exactly like
her mother Barbara has to Also be a HALSTEAD , doesnt anyone just want to
say: hmmmmm?

Author MoboEarthVideos (1 year)
NOPE..I just found her "file". Natalie is a twin of her mom. Who are these
'saved' children? That is a LONG standing Q I have been asking. In general
peeps want their 15 min. So why hasnt "a" parent come forward , that means
prepping yet another Actor. I as a Mom,wouldnt put my child out there,but
my 2 cents ,YEP. Been keeping tabs on NT & to date NO mention of SURVIVING
kids/parents having NEEDS. ONLY concerns of classrooms close to attacked
rooms.hmm. Whats wrong with that scenario?

Author danp5648 (1 year)
Have you heard the red cross interview with Nancy young? She continues to
not name the unknown, not named adult survivor #2, who is in a wheelchair
recovering at home. Hammond has not been interviewed either. But Nancy
spoke to her. 11 children ran down the road. two groups of 5 and 6.

Author Rol Greenz (1 year)

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