Monika and Filur

This is a dear friend of mine riding a blind Knabstruper stallion called Filur. This horse is trained to the higher levels of Academic Equitation.

The songs are as follows:

1. Dreamcatcher by Secret Garden
2. Children of the river by Secret Garden

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Runtime: 8:36
Comments: 194

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Uploaded by: Inger Liv Midgaard Orø
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Author quarterhorseluver (5 years)
Actually, I highly doubt that horse is lonely. Maybe a little reserved or
uninterested at times in the video. But for the most part, he looks to be a
happy horse who concentrates well on his job.

Author hollowaygirl (6 years)
Hi I have been riding for 22 years, but started Academic riding 6 years
ago. The first clinic i went to was with Carina Branderup, Bent's wife.
There are many, many of Bent's pupils in Germany and a little search on the
internet should help you find someone in your area. If you have trouble
finding someone close enough, and there are more of you who would like to
get started, i speak fluent German, and would be happy to come to Germany
to do a clinic for you.

Author jrsclaimjumper (6 years)
Just amazing to watch. What an respect from both rider and stallion. What
an great feeling must it be to be one with your horse. I need yet a lot to
learn but hope it will one day look like this. Fantastic!!

Author Cearra1992 (6 years)

Author Nadine Lindblom (6 years)
wow! i luv him!

Author PageZeppelin (6 years)
wonderful movie, amazing horse!

Author EclypseSportHorses (6 years)
Someone took a lot of heart and thoughtfulness into creation of a beautiful
memory of a beautiful horse. What an act of love. The music fits the mood
of this pair, so well, and I love the soulful look into him. What a custom
job. Great video. Very relaxing & a beautiful horse with an odviously
beautiful heart.

Author horsefixer2 (5 years)
what a great horse!

Author Dresshopp Hästblogg (3 years)
Is he blind? ='(

Author Kelly O'Connell (5 years)
this is so awesome. i know how this feels

Author understood448 (2 years)
wow what a beaut he is, hes soo gorgeous, i love his eyes, i cant get over
how gorgeous he moves, he looks amazing, such a beautiful video :) <3

Author angelpixiedoll (3 years)
Beautiful example of teamwork and the bond that the horse and rider share.
Stellar ride. It's a shame he went blind. Poor guy. Once again. Stellar

Author bellabelliboo (5 years)
He is gorgeous!! And it's amazing to see a horse with such a 'disadvantage'
do so well... :) 5*

Author Stephanie Hill (3 years)
I have a question about the sequence 2:48 - 2:54: the outer hindleg seems
to be delayed right after it takes off the ground, the flow seems slightly
stopped. Is this intended? Of course in collection, the hindlegs move more
controlled but here, the movement seems to stop for a moment. Thank you :)

Author InKKrid (6 years)
That is what I would call the perfect horse.

Author meink09 (6 years)
Beautiful horse ... I would just like to know if he was born blind or had
an accident? and also why do you hold the whip like that?

Author Gå Væk (6 years)
Beautiful horse

Author Whisperedwanders (3 years)
@Steedrider He looks pretty even at the trot :) I think it's just the way
he moves and because the video is slowed down. A lot of horses do have
hindleg problems as they age though

Author Coley and Jumanji (6 years)
Wow... that is th emost beautifull horse I have ever seen in my life :]

Author copenhagen1966 (5 years)
i thought this was bents place in denmark

Author Holly Burke (6 years)
So beautiful,my father is dying of bone cancer,he loves horses ,I just sent
him this

Author Misha Alsafar (5 years)
The video was really good :D I loved it

Author PotterPonygrl (6 years)
wow what an amazing horse...

Author sarna7777777 (6 years)
niesamowity, przepiekny koń... zabrakło mi słów...

Author VikkiT85 (6 years)
this is so touching. what a beautiful horse and an amazing trust you have
in each other xx

Author hollowaygirl (6 years)
The music is by Secret Garden

Author alaadin4eva (6 years)
he is so beautiful and so amazingly trusting. you are so lucky to have a
horse with this rare talent dispite his disability. he is obviously a very
special young man! xxx

Author lskfls (5 years)
all horses look like that...

Author happybunny455 (5 years)
This is amazing. He is beautiful! Was he born blind or did something happen

Author TineFN (6 years)
Fantastisk flot video.. Vidunderligt arbejde !!

Author MemoryofMe21 (5 years)
Amazing! That doesn't even say enough to describe this art! Beautiful
horse, beautiful riding. Just wondering, how did he become blind?

Author HendrewenPrince (6 years)
beautifull horse!! love the breed and the collor :D STUNNING!!

Author vendellyn (6 years)
So beautiful to see...

Author hollowaygirl (6 years)
He is a Knabatruper, it is a Danish breed

Author AbnerRider (4 years)
what a nice horse! wow thats special

Author sarah T (6 years)
That's so amazing! It's so great to see blind horses showing that they
shouldn't be totally written off just because they can't see.

Author Almanzo08 (5 years)
very nice horse!

Author hollowaygirl (5 years)
Oh yes, he does!!!! He knows he's the best :-)

Author frankassert (3 years)
What a beautiful horse and great rider he is amazing!

Author Louise Jensen (1 year)
It is not blind, but some of them, can't see at night (if they are white

Author miniliten13 (5 years)
he s blind!

Author Ramahanixyz (5 years)

Author L Susin (1 year)
Beautiful, thank you for sharing!! Out of curiosity and seeing those
Canadian Flags were are you located??

Author hollowaygirl (6 years)
I am the rider in this video, check out my new homepage at academicriding

Author 1981Ronja (5 years)
THIS is real harmony!

Author Geniva Anderson (6 years)
look in the description box.

Author hollowaygirl (5 years)
I visited Filur again a little while ago and we had our ride nr. 257
together. It was great to see him and he greeted me with loud neighing and
excitement even though he just had been given his lunch hay. He is the most
loving and happy go lucky horse I know, and he's my best friend! Hopefully
next year we will buy our own farm so that we finally get one step closer
to Filur moving home to us. Can't wait to share the rest of his days with
him! Thanks again for making this film my friend!

Author joppsy (6 years)
Amazing. Big fan :)

Author Freya Campbell (6 years)

Author Traumpferd (5 years)
Total schoenes Video, die zwei sind echt in totaler Harmonie, weiter so!!!

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