Algodoo mining truck racing game

First ghost car implementation in algodoo/phun.

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 3:37
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Uploaded by: Kirill Ilinich
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Author tingmarco1 (2 years)
you forget fuel

Author Kirill Ilinich (4 years)
@DareVids guncam

Author Andrey Larin (4 years)
Как всегда круто.

Author whoeveriam0iam14222 (4 years)
wheelie at 1:57 =D i found it now i want the cookie!

Author Emmien (2 years)

Author Tank2333 (4 years)
epic as ever ^^ keep up the good work

Author JDKMM7 (4 years)
kilinich you are awesome :)

Author guyboy625 (4 years)
This is madness! Well done, yet again.

Author hamizannaruto (2 years)
why when i played this the car go slow?

Author hamizannaruto (2 years)
@Kilinich maybe my fps slow can i make the fps faster?

Author hamizannaruto (2 years)
@Kilinich oops sorry it not 50-60 but it lower if running 10-20 if paused
30-40 grr*

Author Kirill Ilinich (2 years)
@hamizannaruto you mean slow FPS or you just forget to switch gears? ;-)

Author blaketheawesomedude (2 years)
Very cool. Is the transmission mechanical or is it programmed.

Author hamizannaruto (2 years)
@Kilinich can i have other way than this i only 14 years old and my father
doesn't allowed me to do somthing that is not about games :(

Author QuantumSymplics Gaming (2 years)
Are you a human being?

Author hamizannaruto (2 years)
@Kilinich grr* my FPS is very slow only 59-60 :(

Author Kirill Ilinich (2 years)
@blaketheawesomedude scripted hinge. I have scenes with mechanical
transmission too.

Author Юрий Берещенко (2 years)
nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice

Author Kirill Ilinich (2 years)
@hamizannaruto 1) turn off shaders 2) upgrade videocard 3) upgrade computer

Author Geffenseboy (3 years)
can i play this game ? =D

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