NASA To Announce Earth Shaking News Claims RememberThe13th.Com?

UPDATE: AS I THOUGHT THIS WAS A PUBLICITY STUNT! - Some kid called The Purple Ninja. It was a great ploy. Originally the website said that NASA would reveal on 11/13/2013 and then moved all of a sudden to 10/6/2013. Many other videos are still claiming this was real. Please do NOT give your email address to this website. If you did you may want to file a report with the NASA agency on their website and complain about this tactic! I wonder if he will get in trouble for using that NASA logo! The website is now saying October 6. This is still a hoax! I will keep you up-to-date with what comes of it?HOAX! Of course this has to be a publicity stunt for something. It surely is not NASA. When the government shutdown I came across the site and was hesitant to make this video but with the utter coolness of what could be if it was true (which I highly doubt). Either way its a cool publicity stunt.. DEFIANTLY DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR EMIL ADDRESS! That is what we do here. I am excited to see what the actual outcome of the site is.

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Author WhatsUpInTheSky37 (1 year)
I am wondering if people read the title or even watch the video. This was
a hoax by the Purple Ninja and most likely a email phishing site. Either
way do not give your email address to these people. If you goto the site
now they have taken the NASA logo off and now link to the "Purple Ninja"
video. Glad I called this out first. So many people fell for it at first
but if you watch my video you will see I tell you it is most likely a hoax
and please do not give your email to the website. Now we wait to see if
NASA or another agency goes after Purple Ninja for trademark violations.

Author WhatsUpInTheSky37 (1 year)
These new comments are weird. 

Author Stacked High (16 days)
dude... use some brain cells and stop promoting dumb ass hoax videos

Author rugger digger (21 day) did armstong say it .....remove one of truths protective
layers ...yes thats it

Author rugger digger (21 day)
Lets remove one of truths protections

Author rugger digger (21 day)
Fuck them and fuck nasa

Author TheMikebo2 (6 months)
You are NOT the brightest bulb in the pack... are you?

Author funkmasterjee (8 months)
Didn't happen.

Author Jim Braun (1 year)
Here it is the 18th,nothing. Is this a oop's thing? I am from Kokomo
Indiana, they were hit by tornado's,but that happens form time to time.
Nasa know's a lot more stuff than they are letting us know. The obamanation
has shut them up. We all know we are about to see and experience things
like never before.

Author NASA Web Page (9 months)

Author YT stuff (1 year)
It's called SocialVevo and it's selling Blackhat Viral Marketing. This is
by far the very best and quickest way to get your website blocked by Google
and all your social profiles taken down. Nothing but spammers and phishers.
(It's ILLEGAL to use the NASA logo like that)

Author EARTH ONE (1 year)
Umm---- this should be called "FORGET THE 13TH"... the 13th came and went.
there was NO 'earth-shaking' revelation.

Author bluebeard2011 (1 year)
lets kill the purple ninja man don't worry he mite do it himself when he
realises how much a fool he has made himself

Author honey badger (1 year)

Author raybow6510 (1 year)

I was lead to this site seven weeks ahead of time by entities that care
about show us they are here and watching and we should not be denied
our history any can curse me all you want to but I care for and
about you my friend..dont let the lies you have been fed blind you to the

YES that is what happened the governments and the elites pointed you in the
wrong direction and this huge object has sneaked by like a thief in the
night..have my video analyzed..the Sumerian stories are TRUE...the Anunnaki
were REAL This 3,600 year event is real..just think if everybody saw and
realized that this was true.. then aliens deities are real ..that would
change all the lies our governments have been telling us...we are living in
historic times and they are denying you the truth..don't let the deception
you have been through rob you of the and you shall find..once
you know the truth the truth shall set you free...peace be with you



Author Curvian Vynes (1 year)
i'm so ready for world changing news. *sigh*

Author Alamega Chris (11 months)
lol 28 dec 2013 nothing have be anounct anywere

Author garyoptica (11 months)
Did the ancient lake at Gale Crater on Mars once support life?

Well this latest image of a piece of upturned lake bed deposit suggests
that something was once busy making numerous tubes and shapes
under the surface, click the below link and see for yourselves!

Author Michal Villafana (11 months)
it's a lie. don't give your email.

Author Leonard Malinowski (7 months)
Scalativity - "The New Scientific Paradigm" Episode 3 - Solar System was a
Cosmic Scale Neutron

Author Ralph Rome (11 months)
That website is for a scam that was already pulled once. When the date
arises, it turns out to be some kid chanting.

Author Robb V (1 year)
Yep, definitely a Hoax >=[

Author pavel1809 (1 year)
today is 11/24/2013

Author snakebitmgee (1 year)
Nothing happened.

Author Erik S (1 year)
Its Nov 13th 2013 and I'm just eating some pizza.

Author SuperSomerled (1 year)
I knew it was B.S. right from the start. Time to carve the purple ninja a
new asshole! What amazes me is how gullible the public is. I am going out
and selling the Brooklyn bridge over and over

Author potentpotis (1 year)
11/14 what happened duh.

Author Ashley Hitt Schultz (1 year)
Water on mars? Old news

Author Google Chorme (1 year)
the world will end at 10pm! details at 11!

Author opiated-nl HUo-oUH (1 year)
this is the second time I hear about this announcement...
what does nasa say about this ?

Author Sam Barrow (1 year)
These new youtube comments suck big time... wtf youtube, why are you
messing with the formula?

Author ReDiNdiGo SOUL (1 year)
It's not a hoax it's about Mars go to the site Mars wasn't There before.

Author Turkey UFO Incident (1 year)
This video is authentic and appears to show aliens

Author Crystal Gothard (1 year)
It's actually pretty sad. Why can't anything be exciting AND REAL for

Author boxy singh (1 year)
will this make the wrold end whatsupinthesky?

Author Suncica Stojanovic (1 year)
today? what? what?

Author Tim Mohn (1 year)
Wasn't there also supposed to be a drill in FEMA Region 3 simulating a
total power grid fail? Nothing in the news on that. Many thought it would
turn into a "false flag" event on a massive scale. Is this more conspiracy
theory debunked or was it government disinformation to cast doubt on
conspiracy theories? Either way the temptation to ignore from here on out
is now much stronger. I for one will continue investigate and research. But
I know that the number of detractors has now increased, making my task that
much more difficult. Keep looking up, for your redemption draws near...

Author ULTRA MAGNUS PRIME (1 year)

Author jack hill (1 year)
Big time fake NASA site and announcement. The fake looks like it was done
by a smart seventh grader.

Author Trexter (1 year)
give him props that was a pretty well made sight

Author Patrick Palmer (1 year)
Well, it's now 22,45 on the 13th Nov 2013 and fuck all has happened yet!
More Mad American Shit!

Author nadir6661 (1 year)
im on the verge its 13 11-13

Author HANS JOHANSEN (1 year)
just another bullshit story 

Author Rosa Espinas (1 year)
again they re gonna announce...nothing!!!

Author KatPower (1 year)
ISO Comet? That left mars on a coma
? Maybe that was the discovery and we can see it now

Author Alexander Pendjurin (1 year)
Today happens to be 11/13/2013. I'm guessing the big news today is that
it's hump day. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Author j sierra (1 year)
Dont go to the site. It's social promospam.

Author paul auger (1 year)

Author ceojr1963 (1 year)
I go to spaceweather and look, they link to nasa sites, and the JPL
asteroid tracking of all named space rocks. My brother used to work for
NASA, oh ah, you must be a nwo zombie the crowd yells... ss booo hiss...
Okay enough of that. I was looking for shooting stars when some of you
folks weren't even born, while others of you are old enough you should know
better than to trust the internet to not want to take your toys and kick
you while you are down. NASA did post something on the 13th of Nov, a real
good image of Saturn from the space around it looking back toward earth.
And ISON is now visible with the naked eye in dark skies just before dawn,
look east. There are 3 other comets out there as well, one other is also
visible, though having some good binoculars or a telescope will be an added
plus, there are 1,000s of people tracking these objects, the Gov't couldn't
lie about them for long, anyone that has their head in the punchbowl might
need to go to a star party at the local astronmy club and get with the real
world for a change.

Author dillon shane (1 year)
omg they where right

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