Speed-Trance - Cerbone Covert Hypnosis Handshake Drop Induction

Speed-Trance Covert Hypnosis - Handshake Drop Induction - Lightening Fast - Invented as you see it here - about 1 second ice cold - at speed trance workshop in San Antonio, Texas! (Would have been faster if he was not teaching and demonstrating skills with Hypnosis Guru Richard Nongard.)
Learn how to do Speed Trance better than what they call Black-Ops or Covert hypnosis.
Visit the Hypnotist at

- Want to learn hypnosis and how to hypnotize anyone? Need your own show or Fund-raiser?
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World Famous Hypnotist John "The Trance-Master" Cerbone is a world renowned hypnotist, entertainer, consulting clinical hypnotist, hypnotic instructor, actor, and internationally best selling author.
John has hypnotized well over 120,000 people and regularly drops complete strangers into deep hypnotic trance in mere seconds or fractions of a second, earning him peer recognition as The Fastest Hypnotist Alive. He started Starting the international hypnotic speed inductions craze. This groundbreaking work has gained him international notoriety, having invented and developed dozens of hypnotic speed inductions, with more to come, which means he can instantaneously hypnotize numerous people in many cases in fractions of a second.
He has performed in the UK and to corporations, universities, colleges, high schools and numerous other locales all over the USA, from Broadway to the Catskills to Atlantic City as well as headlining to oversold out rooms on the famed Las Vegas Strip, to personally hypnotizing celebrities at the Emmys. He has also appeared numerous times on radio stations, MTV and in front of millions on Fox News. Creative and innovative, John is author of the Internationally bestselling books "Hypnotic Scripts that Work" [vols 1 & 2] and several instructional videos, and continues to develop new methods of instant induction for stage, street and clinical hypnosis which he teaches around the world. His clinical work, has seen him reengineering the way hypnotic suggestions are both written and delivered to more complete session success for the various clients who see him to break through into better moments in their lives.
Each "Trance-Master" comedy stage show is customized, and therefore no two shows are ever alike. If you're looking for memorable fun via top-notch entertainment ~ a true mind-blowing show that literally has the guests dancing in the aisles ~ from entertainment events to media appearances, you want to book John Cerbone.

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Author Richard Dyer (3 years)
I really wish I could perform this move successfully- presumably some
people are more susceptible to it than others? Also I always seem to slur
the word 'sleep' because of the speed of the induction. Is it better to say
it slowly?

Author John Cerbone (5 years)

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@spunkflunk Funny! Ice cold and made up as you see it here and live. Thanks
for watching.

Author TheRealAuxiliary (4 years)
Nvm how do you De Hypnosis them?

Author Mazdak Kamyab (3 years)
that is mad

Author Guy Normas (5 years)
That was slower than what you did at the NGH 2006 by a couple of seconds lol

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@baller18813 First of all, thank you for writing. When you're ready to
train with me, please let me know, and e-mail to my website will put you on
the list for notification of upcoming Speed-Trance classes. One of the ways
to find my website is to add a .com to my screen name listed above. They
will not let me post a web site link directly on here.

Author John Cerbone (4 years)
@branchingvine This was a class where I demonstrating how one would do this
technique. I have done this as a covert technique in my stage show work and
sometimes elsewhere. Thanks for watching and your comment.

Author John Cerbone (2 years)
Good question: Works well on most everyone of average or above mind, adult
and child - the youngest I've ever Hypnotized was a 3 year old and there's
a video on here with a little girl, 3.5 years old at a party I did a few
years back.

Author karmachargerman (2 years)
Is hypnosis, in your personal opinion, works better on adults or kids or
what age?

Author Mazdak Kamyab (3 years)
@TranceMasterJohn London, UK, unfortunately. So does pushing down on the
wrist here do it? or was there another interruption as well?

Author agreeableviews816 (4 years)
Reminds me of that lady standing on the end of the dock, who happened to be
attached to the speed boat... remember that video? If not, oh well.
Anyways, this looks like something that takes a lot of acupressure
stimulating, no? Thanks for the upload and keep up the excellent work at
your outstanding talent.

Author Mazdak Kamyab (3 years)
@TranceMasterJohn Where are you based?

Author Misty D (3 years)
@TheRealAuxiliary it is called 'snap them out of it' DUH!

Author John Cerbone (5 years)
Thank you, made up on the spot in class as seen.

Author John Cerbone (4 years)
@EpicViolinGuy I don't know as yet, will keep you posted. Thanks, seems FLA
might be next in the south

Author baller18813 (3 years)
John all type of quick inductions dont seem to work for me. Ive studied NLP
techniques, studied hours of hypnosis and it doesnt seem to work for me any

Author matthewlee95 (5 years)
Now i no y u r trancemaster!!! xD good work

Author EpicViolinGuy (4 years)
Awesome!!! When are you returnong to San Antonio? I sooo want to meet u!!

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@mazdak3 It's really hard to write about, but I do teach this in my
classes. Need to get a pile of folks together in Europe so I can come back.

Author John Cerbone (2 years)
RadgeAveez, would be happy and honored to teach you. Keep in touch with me
via my website and send me your email address and I'll let you know when I
am hosting classes.

Author branchingvine (4 years)
This is NOT a covert induction, rather it is more akin to an obvious
instant induction. And while Instant inductions work, for really deep
trances a slow method is usually best unless the person you are working
with has previously been highly hypnotically conditioned. When it comes to
trance remember, "quickly in quickly out, slowly in slowly out!"

Author Mazdak Kamyab (3 years)
@TranceMasterJohn i've been researching the handshake induction, is it
easier than it looks?

Author matthewlee95 (5 years)
u make it look 2 ez xD

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@branchingvine Actually, it is, I as only demoing this which is what you
are seeing here. I do this in demos quite a bit.

Author John Cerbone (4 years)
@TheSpoonFedFukWit BAM

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@djnero78 Thanks!

Author John Cerbone (5 years)
Good one! How much faster than me going slowly to teach and demonstrate at
1 second, and trust me, I was taking my time, do you think anyone is ever
going to get? LOL

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@maxinpains Thanks for watching and commenting. Trust me, I was there and
did this ice cold as I made this up live and on camera as you see it here.
She had REM activity, and so have 100's of others who I have done this with

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@mazdak3 Glad you like it, mad effective! Thanks so much!

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@mazdak3 Staten Island, NYC & you?

Author John Cerbone (5 years)
Thank you my friend! ;-D Hope you enjoy them!

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@mazdak3 This not just a simple hand-shake induction, this is a specialized
version. I do teach classes, and have DVD's if you'd like to learn.

Author John Cerbone (5 years)
Thank you my friend! Glad you enjoyed it!

Author spunkflunk (3 years)
that looks more like a martial arts

Author John Cerbone (3 years)
@Richardvnd You can say it slowly if you'd like, it doesn't matter. How do
you set it up? How did I? So much about you I don't know; do you have my
Speed-Trance DVD, are you a trained Hypnotist? Do you want to be? Where are
you in the World? John

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