Youtube Sex Scandal

This is a sex scandal that involves you me.... everyone. Basically a 'menage a billions' What side are you on? Do YOU support man boobs?

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Author Manpreet Bhamra (10 months)
Here because of Shane Dawson.

Author jweinrub (7 years)
Thanks. I have to say I enjoyed writing it as well. :)

Author olinanorway (6 years)
Are u a lesbian? Why are u defending malehood whore?

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
you suck! You son of a paste eater! >=(

Author Freek DVL (7 years)
Little weird moment at 2:07?

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
thanks! =)

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
aw, no problems! I was not offended or anything! Don't feel bad ok? You are
cool for speaking your mind =)

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
montreal, Quebec, canada!

Author Letztermohikaner (7 years)
men have humor. we don't care if women make a joke about us. but women keep
screaming arround whenn we say something that they don't like. men have
humer women not. sry for my bad english skills

Author obamasmells (5 years)
what r u, gay, or foreign? its humor to act like a women can do something a
man cant. they does this to empower you, and to make men chuckle. we dont
need constint praise and reward like females. i think men and women are
pretty equal. but men will always be stronger, and women will always have
babies. just the way it is. and until this changes (which it wont), people
will continue being different.

Author Serathus Warlourd (5 years)
hey chick, its okey to me if you will treat me like your sex object. i dont
mind you can have me all night.

Author Nishath Omar (7 years)
thank u iz not enauf........giv me chocolates.......... is dat u hu talkin
in dat video..... reeli beautifull.......wish to hava gal frnd like u!! ;-)

Author mercury4000 (6 years)
I think this is one of the most realistic answers yet! Thanks for speaking
your mind =)

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
thank you =)

Author Zoran Car (6 years)
your lost baby

Author enseign (7 years)
The only difference is most men don't really care how we're portrayed. We
know who we are as individuals and aren't gonna start burning our athletic
supporters because we think we're portrayed as a lower species. whay whay

Author ItalianoLatino82 (6 years)
I love u. Will u marry me?

Author ILoveBlythes (7 years)
CUTE!!! love it.

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
thank you very much!

Author charlymexicocity (6 years)
lets chat im bored

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
thanks! =)

Author mercury4000 (6 years)
thanks for this comment. I liked reading it. I try to do the same in life.
AND I make fun of everyone equally. lol

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
thanks =) heh heh, some more on the way! yay! lol. hope you like pet
peeves. lol

Author daryu85 (6 years)
juz STFU..... and get naked

Author runeman220 (7 years)
u r so true and u r hot

Author waterbase67 (7 years)
What? there any discrimination?? it only a commercial..get a life!

Author seanmark3000 (2 years)
I didn't kno I was being down graded

Author kroozader (6 years)
My opinion is that TV in general and advertisement in particular, treats
EVERYONE like they're stupid. Women are all stupid on TV, Men are all
stupid. They aren´t discriminating, they´re using us to make money.

Author jweinrub (7 years)
I thought I let you know that this is a long response. I have to say that
the sexual discrimination against men is quite common in most commercials.
I haven't seen the Philedelphia Cream Cheese commercial, but I have noticed
commercials where women are doing the cleaning and the men don't do
anything. This shows not only men are lazy, but women are the ones that do
the cleaing. So it works both ways in the terms of stereotypes.

Author Birdsrabbitscheese (7 years)
That's disgusting. Here she is defending "your kind", and all you can do is
think of sex. Men are so stereotyped, and you aren't helping.

Author killintymm (6 years)
you are to blame . u support britney spears for being a slave for you and
you line to get her autograph but you dont give a shit about shiju nakamura
who invented blue leds

Author walkingtheplank (7 years)
I support man boobs 8)

Author Mishito28 (7 years)
Thank you very much for cutting through the crap. You are a brilliant and
intuitive person.

Author DrRodrigoSP (6 years)
I believe that if youtube allowed porn (with warnings like this video
contains scenes for +18, all this things) for sure the number of users will
grown up, but if they keep this non-porn politic just like a religious
fanatics, then the number of users will get lower and lower, including me,
of course

Author soorajsagar (7 years)
babe, go get urself a shower in some cold water.. let that Brainy head

Author obamasmells (5 years)
your single, huh?

Author hamukoy barokzky (6 years)
you talk to much mind your own life,, come over here and suck my fucking

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
you are most welcome!

Author sephirotheatspizza (6 years)
i agree with you, it the cleaning part falls under the men can do anthing
women can, and vice versa, men can be nurses, when i was 8 i got surgery,
they were tryng to get my veins with a needle, after three girls tried
twice each, a guy did and got it in his first shot, also i no girls who do
"guy stuff" such as playing video games, or watching sports, still the
video touched me, thanks for seeing the guys point of view

Author jweinrub (7 years)
There are commercials where men are protrayed as perfect "good looking
cosmo guys." That don't bother me cause to me, cause I look at it as
another person. It does get me that they are protrayed as the "good looking
male." It's almost as if they are trying to advertise to women only. That's
just my opinion there.

Author japattack2005 (5 years)
bla bla bla...

Author HAYUPWENDY (6 years)
being low is your problem..........

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
lol! totally! the universe is against me! lol

Author putingpating (6 years)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yummy

Author Thomas McCague (6 years)
Sometimes I might see an ad on the telly and it would annoy me to show the
male as a lazy good for nothing waster or a total gobshite but in truth the
majority of men don't really care about how their portrayed on tv, in many
work places, the male is paid more than a female, so there's discrimination
all over the place between the two sex's...

Author mercury4000 (6 years)
oooh! Yes that is true. Sometimes I think people are overcompensating with
the PC-ness to make up for bad history. It is a grey area really. GREAT

Author merroxdacasbah (6 years)
yo that whas fuckin ILL. its so true i hate the the media brain washes.

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
lol =)

Author mercury4000 (7 years)
I like what you have to say. I agree, both want and need the same things.
=) You are very smart!

Author greenlikegecko (7 years)
everyones discriminated against at some point in there life, its how you
deal with it that matters though.... i personally feel nobody has the right
to expect not to be offended...

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