Casio CTK-7000 & WK-7500 Pattern Sequencing Tutorial

In this video, we go step by step through the process of creating your own pattern sequence on the WK-7500 and CTK-7000. This is a powerful tool that is perfect for songwriters.

The CTK-7000 and WK-7500 are identical other than the number of keys. For more information on these products visit

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Demonstration by Mike Martin - General Manager of Marketing, Casio America Inc.

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Author Ferhat Pınar (15 days)
How can I delete my own Pattern Sequence, I couldn't find it.

Author Carle Lebon (11 days)
what is the tone he is using on LAYER in conjunction with the warm pad?

Author Marcelo Soria (2 months)
If i want to rec a rhythm with a ternary measure (3/4)... how i do it? i
was trying but can't find that option.

Author Rafael Gomes Torres (2 months)
very nice ! more interesting !

Author THEFINALHAZARD (6 months)
Is there any way to set this to do more than one measure? So I could do a
longer loop? Thanks.

Author Siccmade79 (4 months)
Hey mike I'm having trouble using a user tone in the patten sequencer thw
keyboard won't let me help please thanks I subbed by the way

Author Mesut Akdoğan (6 months)
Thanks for this video, many thanks :D

Author Paa Hawkins (2 years)
Ok this just made me look like a complete moron. Took me 2 weeks to figure
out how to use that track sequencer and that was basics from reading the
manual. This made things a hell of a lot easier. Excellent!

Author Norm Spups Entertainment (2 years)
weighted keys?

Author Skywalkman GB Channel (2 years)
hello, in the instrument assignment list included with the manual
(APPENDIX), it shows the octave C-1 with various bass drums, how ever the
octave shift only enables you to move down 2 octaves to C0, how can i
access these bass drums which are on C-1, ctk 7000

Author Dramaqueenliza1 (3 years)
How do you record an external instrument like a guitar?

Author Pablo Ruiz Montecinos (2 years)
Pueden subir una versión en español, yo tengo ese mismo teclado y quiero
aprender a usarlo bien. Saludos

Author durriya11 (2 years)
Okay i made the drum loop. Now how do i add this loop in the song
sequencer? I tried to insert it in the 16 track sequncer but found no way
to do it. What am i missing? Please advise. I want this drum loop to play
in my main song sequencer / and also want to add other instruments on the
rest of the tracks? Thanks

Author Casio Music Gear (3 years)
@steveng9860 - the video explains exactly how to make a drum loop. We did
other parts too but you can stop after the drum part.

Author wastetrainingltd (1 year)
how can I delete patterns if I make a mistake?!

Author blendedpraise1 (2 years)
I got my WK-7500 this weekend and the 7min it took to watch this video was
MUCH easier than reading the manual....several things I am trying to learn
to do gives a step but then you have to go do step 3 on another page before
you can do the next step. So far this is the only issue I have. GREAT
KEYBOARD! This video was very straight forward...step by step and I get it!
Thanks Mike and Casio!

Author Alfred Anthony (2 years)
Was the music in the video created with the 7000/7500?

Author schepler2 (2 years)
Good video. I love how people are asking all these questions in the
comments, as though Mike from Casio is going to sit down and personally
answer all of these. C'mon, people, smarten up!

Author jcsulek97007 (3 years)
I'm having some difficulty I created a custom instrument to use for my
bass-line for a part, but when I go to edit my instrument for the part
itself - I can't get over to the User sounds area where I've stored my
sound. Am I missing something? To clarify, it will stay in the bass area...
and on the pattern area it says bass - but i just can't get over to my
custom user sound bank

Author jcsulek97007 (3 years)
I'm having some difficulty I created a custom instrument to use for my
bass-line for a part, but when I go to edit my instrument for the part
itself - I can't get over to the User sounds area where I've stored my
sound. Am I missing something?

Author steveng9860 (3 years)
can u tell me how to make a beat loop please

Author Lemon S. Queezer (2 years)
Hi, Would you recommend this Keyboard for a beginner-Intermeddiate who is
planning on performing live with this keyboard? Thanks, any input would be
greatly appreciated.

Author Sam (2 years)
nice keyboard

Author zenithzenon (2 years)
hi there, is there any way to increase the attack function on tone editor?
i know it goes up to +63 but when im playing the synth pads the sound comes
on too strong, i want the sound to come in nice and slow if its possible.

Author Viktar Pazniakovich (1 year)
harmonious sound

Author steveng9860 (3 years)
yea i figured that as far as what your doing in the video but if i wanted
to make like a 16 track song there is a way you can record your main melody
like 4 bars and have it loop i figured it out earlier but i dont know how i
did it i appreciate the help,thx.

Author MichaelJacko77 (2 years)
Musicians Porn

Author RAMMFEUER (2 years)
That's awesome. Охуенно.

Author Minh Quan (2 years)
is the casio ctk 6000 able to do this? anyone?? :D

Author steveng9860 (3 years)
how do you change the measurment im new at this thx

Author Master of Flowers (1 year)
How can I find out a LOT more then the user manual has, on the cassio wk
6500 apreggiator?

Author 08crash6 (3 years)
There's not a single video on youtube wich shows some decent "gameplay"
from the keyboard... it's all record this, and loop that :(...

Author ArcticinVein (1 year)
I own a casio CTK - 6500 61 keyboard. It has everything the wk - 7500
including drawbars and such. Funny how I can't find it on the net

Author cocovi (3 years)
Nice thanks a lot! I've been struggling with this.

Author Silver Jag (2 years)
I hear ya. I had a WK1800 for years and was always confused trying to do
any thing with it. When I can see things in action like this its SOOOO much
easier. I want one of the CTK7000 models and now that I find there are
tutorial video's available I'm much more inclinded to purchase.

Author wawuglio (1 year)
This keyboard has every organ you can imagine

Author Sam (2 years)
nice keyboard

Author Karel Doedens (1 year)
Does this keyboard have a organ sound in it? Like the jazzy hammond sound?

Author PedroBoss007 (2 years)
does the wk 6500 have this feature ??

Author PhunkDumpOfficial (1 year)
When I would make a Keyboard, id would be powered by an Arduino, a Cheap
Sound Card and a Cheap Gpu... It would cost 150€ and would be better than
any Casio or Yamaha Keyboards below 10000€

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