Vietnam - Search and Destroy "History Channel"

Vietnam in HD immerses viewers in the sights, sounds and stories of the Vietnam War

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Author roomwithapointofview (26 days)
Johnson explains it the best with that speech.

"so that every country can shape it's own destiny". The we must fight is
revealing too.

But while those words are coming out of his mouth, the USA is forcing "it's
destiny" on another country.

It is called "cognitive dissonance".

Author leegeorgeson (2 months)
This is what happens when you send a bunch of people to die for the Arms

If the US had these same corrupt leaders in World War Two, Hitler or Stalin
would have conquered the world... 

Author truthbtold (1 month)
I feel bad for that flamethrower
soldier!!.,strapping volatile
fluid in tanks on your back is
a guaranteed way to die!
I don't understand why they
would have used that weapon
in Vietnam when you know the enemy were a few yards away, but couldn't be
seen. I mean,...soon
as he started firing that weapon
he attracted attention to their
position on the hill!! Why didn't
they call in an air strike to sweep
the area instead!...Not very smart
on the part of the platoon leader!!

Author primeholyassasin20 (1 month)
Here is the one thing I do not get….why were us troops not allowed to hold
the ground they fought for when they took it from the enemy? That doesn't
make much sense to me. I saw it in the film Hamburger Hill, they were not
allowed to keep the hill. 

Author truthbtold (1 month)
Go fuck yourself!!!!!

Author Randy Archer (4 days)
Hey, Prime The Vietnam War was a war of attrition. Not of strategic
importance, but tactical. To wear down the North, not to take ground from

Author Mạnh Lê Đức Mạnh (2 days)
Việt Nam Muôn năm 

Author truthbtold (1 month)
No shit,Sherlock!! Did you even
read what I said !!

Author GrubleHD (24 days)
'AMERICA WILL NOT BE DEFEATED'..........they ended up facing iminent
defeat. LOOOOOL

Author Sean Williamson (1 month)
"There was a dehumanization of the people we were supposedly there to help"
Starting to sound a little too familiar 

Author aquadragon1 (2 months)
BS there is no such thing as a snake that kills in "two steps" after bites.
Dieing from snakebite takes time and is not pretty.

Author fidel santos (2 months)
you've found it and got destroyed....

Author Kubla Khan (1 month)
Oh, and fuck everyone. This means U also. 😈

Author SuperJeddy1 (1 month)
you think they would have learned from the pacific in wwii you need to nuc
these bastards back to the ice age

Author andrewpark35 (4 months)
My grandpa was a major in the ROKMC. He worked alongside with the Americans
during these Search and Destry missions. 

Author DaTwoNinja (1 month)

Author lorde0147 (2 months)
Dose everyone forget that The Vietnam War was not just a battle Zone of USA
Vs. NV mined you they did F up the Most (USA) so I guess that's why but
come on the AUS troops had 1 magger battle on the defence at the time of
the NV magger offensive 1 battle and the NV never F with the AUS troops for
the resat of the War, the USA where like F you World we got this when every
other Dam Nation Had More War experience so they gave 1 fort/ settlement to
AUS troops and that's what happened and the times the AUS troops helped the
USA troops in there endless attempts to Search and Kill most AUS troops
where shocked to find them Bombing for way to long then slowly moving up
with infantry letting the NV know there coming and to run and hide so well
done USA still to this day thinking there army is better then everyone else
still trying to do search and kill have they not learned to fight you need
information, Com silence, Speed to action and lastly F the front line
there's no such thing it moves to much especially with insurgents they
don't give a dam where you think the front line is I tell ye the moment all
outside troops leaves the Taliban will do nothing to the people or they
will do a similar thing like NV did a take over or just continue to blow
themselves up like Noobs.

Author Vmancanada1 (1 month)
US perfect slaves of the system that still cant smell the coffee.....V

Author jim mavis (18 days)
Vietnam Video

Author S Karim (3 months)
Excuse me for the unnecessary enthusiasm that might be inappropriate for a
documentary like this but: DEXTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I had to.

Author martyn moore (2 months)
It was a foney war anyway black flag op got you there 

Author Gary Key (2 months)
This is not about one man.Do you really think that all of those politicians
on capital hill give a damn about you?Will they give up their pensions or
lifetime medical and perks.Or take a pay cut.Time to take some of the

Author Bryant Loc (28 days)
My family and I from South Vietnam. We are proud to be Vietnamese-American.
Even though, we fell under Communist hands but we still truly appreciated
for those Americans soldiers who fought and served in this war. Y'all will
be missed and always remembered.

Author Isaiah Baker (1 year)
The Vietnam war.

Author Joe Colella (9 months)
I thought you might find this interesting. I didn't participate in any
ground operations, only on aircraft on recon missions.

Author Kubla Khan (1 month)
The black veteran speaks pretentiously. I bet your daughter's virginity he
is a boastful dick. ⚡️

Author Dan Vardling (3 months)
Good documentary!

Author Gary Key (3 months)
When this economy crashes,you'll see Vietnam within our borders.Get

Author Gary Key (3 months)
Look my fellow Americans,the U.S. government is borrowing money at a rate
of 200 million bucks an hour 24/7.Congress and the Pres.know this.Let's not
continue to be ignorant about this.Soon and very soon a loaf of bread will
cost you $12.00.Now who gave them the keys to the vault? You did.

Author jim mavis (18 days)
Vietnam Video

Author bodx7812 (2 months)
vietnam is part of us experiments with there new weapons on that decade
where cold war is hot...

Author jim mavis (18 days)
Vietnam video

Author Larry Lopez (2 months)
Its these dumb fuck republicans like Rumafield, Allen West, Rand Paul thats
screwing up on foriegn affairs. Iraq should never been invaded by our
troops. Sadam had enough Kurds that hated his ass we should of armed them
and have them do it.

Author GUIDENGI BOLLITO (3 months)
22.00 * * * * * *

Author hacksaw8214 (4 months)

Author Jacc Trippa (9 months)
let me guess, youre from a white trash family and went to the army because
you couldnt afford college, dont read, think slavery in the only genocide
in world history, and assume just because im black and say any words
against white people im so one track minded i cant focus on anything except
what white people did to africans. keep doing what youre doing brother,
your kind wont survive evolution.

Author Tom Rose (8 months)
Not to start something, and i have the utmost respect for someone who
defends their family not by insulting the opponent but making a point about
said family member, but would you mind explaining the negatives of true
communism? If you're not familiar with the stages of communism please look
them up before replying, otherwise it's for naught. The final stage of
communism is equality, and in short true freedom, and isn't that what
america is about? Is it not anti-american to disrespect communism?

Author Mahbu (6 months)
Fikri, I feel like you're an idiot with no reading comprehension. Somehow
the point was lost entirely on your fanatical ears. Vietnam was not about
capitalism in the slightest. It was, however, nationalism and patriotism
which has both positive and negative consequences. How did your stupid ass
even come to the conclusion that I was "proud" we killed more. I'm
indifferent. It's war. An unfortunate consequence of war is death. But that
point is we fought better than them.

Author Subarna Hada (9 months)
All the people of the world know who won the war but in this video saying
America won.... hahahahahahahaha..

Author Compact Jam (9 months)

Author Compact Jam (8 months)
My God you truly are dense. This has NOTHING I repeat NOTHING to do with
currency exchange. It has to do with devaluing the dollar. America has no
exports, nothing to buoy the value of the currency except international
terrorism and military occupation. This is like trying to explain thermo
nuclear physics to labrador puppy.

Author Garrys300 (6 months)
what century you live in boy? because even the most backwater country has
computers now and know that american males are mostly small dicked fags
,our women are safe from you deceased peckerheads .not to worry

Author Compact Jam (9 months)
American 'kill rates' are spurious at best. There were many incentives to
boost kill figures in the belief that it was an indicator of success in
attrition but in reality US kill estimates are actually far below real
figures because many deaths through bombardment were not witnessed. Many
people were unregistered with local authorities or where transient and thus
census figures provide us with a broad figure of 2.4m with conventional
military thinking assigning a 90% non combatant kill ratio

Author hungthepro1234 (9 months)
Well then talk to Obama!

Author Lena Lee (5 months)
how about the war on you tube comments about these videos yikes lets just
hug every one lets agree its all bad and pray fro better days ...

Author Fikri Sofyan (6 months)
Can't argue that your dad is hero, he fought for what he's believe. And
after all, every dad is son's first hero. But still, Vietnam war is

Author Lil' Momo (8 months)
is it just me or do I hear music from two steps from hell almost everywhere

Author RiflemanMatt11B (8 months)
Oh, no. I have studied extensively about Communism. True Communism is (in
my eyes) what society should be. It is just that they were expanding the
USSR's form of Communism, not?

Author RiflemanMatt11B (9 months)
Yes, because they wanted to live under Communist rule, right? We're not
talking about "True Communism", we're talking about the Stalin version of

Author Blahb27 (5 months)
You're talking the 1995-2001 era. I'm talking about the actual Taliban.
American military activities are the main recruiting tool for the Taliban
these days. Today's Taliban is no longer a fanatically religious movement.
Another reason is that the American puppets are worse than the Taliban
warlords. To name a specific example, Matiulah Khan, Dutch soldiers prefer
just "M" because we hate that fucker, had 76 villages massacred.
Unsurprisingly, locals want him gone.

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