Vietnam - Search and Destroy "History Channel"

Vietnam in HD immerses viewers in the sights, sounds and stories of the Vietnam War

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Author Rigor Mortis (3 months)
How hard it must be to accept defeat. Poor americans. You lost, get over

Author Donnie Lewis (1 month)
young kids need to understand use to be kids of the past !

Author Vũ Đinh (1 month)
The United States is the killer , I hate Americans !

Author andrew ray (21 day)
we lost 58.614 men they lost 2mil + now you tell me who won???????

Author Lê Quang Trung (1 month)
Vietnamese love the peace...

Author Chris Kavanagh (3 months)
To the Americans who served in Vietnam (and all Wars) from another
American: Thank You, God Bless You did your job and you're my hero's.

Author roomwithapointofview (5 months)
Johnson explains it the best with that speech.

"so that every country can shape it's own destiny". The we must fight is
revealing too.

But while those words are coming out of his mouth, the USA is forcing "it's
destiny" on another country.

It is called "cognitive dissonance".

Author Dimitri Hamilton (4 months)
Search, kill and destroy is dis obeying Gods commands not to kill and love
thine enemies.America had no business fighting another, mans war.!!
Well- i am hoping future presidents will think twice about sending American
troops to a country to free the people from the hands of their dictators!!!

Stop playing police America ,,,,it is not worth the bloodshed!!! let God
deliver them from the hands of their pharaohs 

Author Khang Nguyen (8 hours)
Is there anything else Vietnam is known for besides the Vietnam War?

Author PvtMadnage (2 months)
The vietnamese citizen didnt help the us soldiers because they knew a few
scumbags were flying around in choppers minigunning farmers! 

Author truthbtold (6 months)
I feel bad for that flamethrower
soldier!!.,strapping volatile
fluid in tanks on your back is
a guaranteed way to die!
I don't understand why they
would have used that weapon
in Vietnam when you know the enemy were a few yards away, but couldn't be
seen. I mean,...soon
as he started firing that weapon
he attracted attention to their
position on the hill!! Why didn't
they call in an air strike to sweep
the area instead!...Not very smart
on the part of the platoon leader!!

Author Matthew Rogeson (3 months)
won ever fight but lost the war.... 

Author Francois Papillion (1 day)
Vietnam soldiers were the best people of their generation, some say. I say
for all generations. They were told to go and they went, some never made it
back. These were poor kids! Fucking hippies protested with rich parents
behind them or no desire at all using the chance to lapse into nothing.

Author BuzterOne (2 months)
Intro narrator is Dexter?

Author Imre Demech (15 days)
Semper Fi do or die 1969-1971.

Author GrubleHD (5 months)
'AMERICA WILL NOT BE DEFEATED'..........they ended up facing iminent
defeat. LOOOOOL

Author Bryant 7 (5 months)
My family and I from South Vietnam. We are proud to be Vietnamese-American.
Even though, we fell under Communist hands but we still truly appreciated
for those Americans soldiers who fought and served in this war. Y'all will
be missed and always remembered.

Author Mukisa Jozy (15 days)
americans oooohhhhhh

Author Grey Seal (18 days)
The U.S. was quite clearly militarily defeated in Vietnam. The Americans
quit the battlefield and left it to their enemies after negotiating a
"peace agreement" with Hanoi they knew could not be enforced and which was
rejected by the Thieu government of South Vietnam. Indeed, Nixon had
started withdrawing U.S. troops from South Vietnam in 1969, more than 3
years before the Paris Peace Accords were concluded on 27 January 1973,
though the Accords were never ratified by the U.S. The Americans had had
enough and had lost the will to continue the fight and withdrew from
Vietnam leaving the battlefield to their enemies. Leaving the battlefield
to one's enemies is a clear military defeat.

During the period of American military intervention in the Vietnamese civil
war, the U.S. armed forces had failed to attain strategic victory over the
communist-led nationalist guerrillas of the People's Liberation Armed
Forces (PLAF) of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (NLF),
known in the West by the American-coined name of Viet Cong, or the People's
Army of Vietnam (PAVN), the North Vietnamese army, both of which continued
to fight though sustaining heavy casualties over the period of U.S.
intervention. The U.S. also inflicted significantly more civilian
casualties on the South Vietnamese rural population than they did on either
the PLAF/NLF or the PAVN through the prolific use of artillery fire
missions, particularly harassment and interdiction fires, helicopter and
fixed-wing gunship attacks, air strikes, and high-volume indiscriminate
small-arms fire from U.S. ground troops.

The PLAF/NLF and the PAVN were not forced to desist from fighting by U.S.
military action and continued to fight until the Americans had fully
withdrawn in 1973 which left the battlefield to the Americans' enemies and
their ally, the South Vietnamese regime. The PLAF/NLF and PAVN continued to
engage the South Vietnamese regime's armed forces until the PLAF/NLF and
PAVN had achieved their final victory over South Vietnamese forces on 30
April 1975 when Saigon fell to the PAVN and Vietnam was formally reunified
as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam a year later. U.S. military
intervention from 1965 to 1973 in the Vietnamese civil war had proved a
total strategic failure.

Author ALUCIEN ELUSMOND (18 days)

Author Joseph Nez (28 days)
Time for round 2! Bomb these vietcong back to the stone age this time so
all the haters can see the true power of our forces!

Author primeholyassasin20 (6 months)
Here is the one thing I do not get….why were us troops not allowed to hold
the ground they fought for when they took it from the enemy? That doesn't
make much sense to me. I saw it in the film Hamburger Hill, they were not
allowed to keep the hill. 

Author Khang Nguyen (8 hours)
Im Vietnamese!!!

Author LEBENSKRAFT (1 month)
Mexico is just as big a threat to the USA as any country anywhere in the
world, any time in history.

Author MrEagle Kinevil (3 months)
Were they not constantly trying to impose communisim on the country from
1948 onwards and the only reason the americans got involved was because the
south of vietnam requested aid that they got in the form of american
military advisors. A country that requests global aid must be the country
that is fighting for its liberty. i suppose it all depends on what point of
view you look at it from. i just dont think that the americans who died
there deserve to be mocked.

Author chales dor (1 month)
lying english baastards. this war was made up to get money from congress to
get new weapons. the US did not try to end it thats why they did not bomb
the north.

Author ZORO el ZORO (25 days)

Author manuel soares (3 months)
god bless america

Author MYRON BURROWS (3 months)
25:43 awesome footage of pyro bomb action

Author Imre Demech (15 days)
Did anyone ever see a "Two Step Snake"? After being bit you drop dead after
taking two steps.

Author andrew ray (21 day)
hey rigor go jump back in a bulls ass so he can shit you out in the river
where you be long........

Author Thyny San (1 month)
The war was not lost in Vietnam, the war was lost at home. It was US
politicians and the emotions of the American public that resulted in the
soldiers being pulled out because of what was being projected to them by
the media. The biased media was the true enemy of the US soldier. It was
the American public and politicians at the time who were ignorant to what
was happening on the battlefield and it was the US politicians who ended
the war; to appease the US people and for political gain. So it was the
American people who forced the American military out of Vietnam.

According to the Vietnamese government, over 1.5 million Vietnamese
combatants were lost during the war. America lost 60K+ and over 180k+ were
either WIA or MIA. General VoNguyen Giap lost over half a million men
before 1969. The Americans didn't lose a battle during the entire war "per
say" more like engagements and ambushes. But when the military went
somewhere, they'd eventually take their objectives, or were told to stop
for political reasons. The problem is that the Vietnam War was not a
typical war. It was an insurgency and a defensive war by the North. We
imposed restrictions on ourselves which made the war a lot more difficult
then it already was. It was VERY political war. We were propping up a
government that should never have existed and tried to force the North and
South to accept it. The war was finally lost officially when we pulled out.
However, we were not forced out by the Viet North in any way shape or form.
Rather, the American military "lost", and I use the word lightly, because
of its own people and by the stroke of a pen.

The following quote is from memoirs currently found in the
Vietnam war memorial in Hanoi written by General VoNguyen Giap, a
brilliant, highly respected and former supreme leader of the North
Vietnamese military.

"What we still don't understand is why you Americans
stopped the bombing of Hanoi. You had us on the
ropes. If you had pressed us a little harder,
just for another day or two, we were ready
to surrender! It was the same at the
battle of TET. You defeated us!
We knew it, and we thought
you knew it.
But we were elated to notice your media was
helping us. They were causing more disruption in
America than we could in the battlefields. We
were ready to surrender. You had won!"

General Giap has published his memoirs and confirmed
what most Americans knew. The Vietnam war was not
lost in Vietnam — it was lost at home. The
same slippery slope, sponsored by the U.S. media,
is currently underway. It exposes the
enormous power of a Biased Media to
cut out the heart and will of the American public.

A truism worthy of note: . . .
"Do not fear the enemy,
for they can take only your life.
Fear the media,
for they will distort your grasp of reality and destroy your honor."

Author Thị Nở (1 month)
Americans are not hero, theyre just stupid cruel invaders. In fact, the
vietnamese are!!!

Author Tommy Albright (1 month)
And most of it was based on POTUS Johnson's LIE about the Gulf of Tonkin
Incident !!!

Author LEBENSKRAFT (1 month)
US Troops were NEVER welcone in Vietnam. Only the puppet governments
cooperated with the US. The people were against foreigners, and all foreign
influence. Ho Chi Minh fought against both the French and against the
Japanese, as an ally of the USA. Americans who died there, all died in

Author SuperJeddy1 (6 months)
you think they would have learned from the pacific in wwii you need to nuc
these bastards back to the ice age

Author chales dor (1 month)
lying english baastards. notice how clean an neet the uniforms are. 2 weeks
in the jungile you are clean an neat. combat flim is not collor. black an

Author MrEagle Kinevil (3 months)
Rigor Mortis is a moron. Americans were dying to try and provide others
the liberty that anyone in the west expects which the N.V.A were taking
away from them by there constant invasions of there country all the way
from the korean war, the french-indo china war and eventually the vietnam
war. You shouldnt laugh at those who died to try and give others freedom.
it just makes you sound like a jack ass. And the war itself may have been
a 'cognitive dissonance' but the american policy was always to aid the
democratic government of the south of vietnam from 1948 onwards. a
democracy aiding a democracy.

Author MYRON BURROWS (3 months)
its just hard watching this but very powerful images that will stick with
those who are impacted by the war.

Author Imre Demech (15 days)
I miss my M-14 I trained with. I never trusted the M-16, but I knew I could
pick off a VC at 500 yds with the M-14 without a scope. I was a 0351 which
wasn't a high demand cause the NVA were scared to run tanks through the

Author Joseph Gutierrez (2 months)
I was there with the 101st ABN. My thoughts and prayers are with you my
buddies, my Friends.

Author andrew ray (21 day)
hey hd come kiss my ass then i;ll beat the shit out of you.........asshole

Author Vũ Đinh (1 month)
American invaders

Author Tommy Albright (1 month)
If YOU weren't there, YOU don't know what you are talking about !!!
And NO Television Channel can truly reenact what it was like, or the smell

Author Hoyschel Silversteinberg (2 months)
They were fighting against people who were putting others in ovens? what
fairy tale fantasy rubbish is that shit?

Author Kubla Khan (6 months)
The black veteran speaks pretentiously. I bet your daughter's virginity he
is a boastful dick. ⚡️

Author StephenAndrew777 (2 months)
"Ain't no such thing as rest for the weary." lol.

Author Ralph Deep (2 months)
we learned nothing from this .....we need to hang some chicken hawk
criminal politicians on the white house lawn 

Author robert mcghie (3 months)
is there no end to mans cruelty,we can be the worst of all beasts
never STOP loving

Author Liem Nguyen (3 months)
Thanks so much american soldiers. You're my hero

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