How To Root Android Phone Without A Computer

In this video I show you how to root your android phone using an app, no computer required.

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Author rafael reyna (4 months)
Its ovbius cause it modifies software

Author Sahib Singh (19 days)
fuck lier there is no gingerbread don't waste your time

Author JLoyal22 (5 months)
It's adware on mine

Author ZexyZmexy (5 months)
it works you need to extract it

Author Emam Akbar (6 months)
Funking lier It doesn't work

Author Dakota Morrow (5 months)
Thanks it works

Author Irene Remy (8 months)
Fuck liyer you got that from a other video fuck this!

Author Nevaeh Sabelle (5 months)
Can you root without sd card? Please reply! 

Author william forsman (8 months)
download 4share app on play

Author Damany Johnson (6 months)
Doesn't work. I downloaded the right thing but won't root

Author RUBEN SALCIDO (7 months)
You didn't finish process so i know its a fake and it does NOT WORK

Author JLoyal22 (5 months)
It's adware on mine

Author dragan hercka (8 months)
i search for gingerbreak but i can find him in 4shared please answer me.

Author Gilberto Solorzano (6 months)
It dont word lier

Author Kashif Kadri (7 months)
Lier! !!!!!!! I try to find it but I can't see GINGERBREAK!!

Author Simon Tuazon (1 month)
Damn does this work android jellybean? 

Author Dat Huu Vu (2 months)
What is reboot? 

Author david stidham (1 year)
If you cant find it, heres the link to another source

Author Alberto Aniello Scaringi (9 months)
sorry but i don't understand what is the site where i can find the app.
thak you ;-)

Author rappingmani (11 months)
its taking more than a few minutes to root!

Author ism7011 (1 year)
Didn't worked I tried this and z4root :/

Author Luke Clark (1 year)
I have been rooting for hours now amd it hasn't rebooted

Author robbieshafer12 (1 year)
Does it work on samsung galaxy 4s

Author PootisPresident (1 year)
And... No it doesn't :C

Author hideyoursorrows (1 year)
4shared doesnt have Gingerbreak anymore, just go to it has
Gingerbreak! I used it so, hey.. Wtf i got it and everything lol

Author DudeGator (1 year)
Good tut

Author aj1385ac (1 year)
Will this wprk on ics 4.0

Author you122789 (1 year)
Does not work for my LGL45C

Author Domagoj Vos (1 year)
alo matora sta seres koji kurac jebem ti glavu celavu!

Author Lino Zaki (1 year)
It never work just computer can help u with rooting this ginger break
z4root and the other never work it just make u android crazy tips if u
wanna root just computer can help with it

Author Stan Parker (1 year)
No sir, I have the LG Viper 4G LTE 2GB Internal memory 32GB SDCard and it
is a true gem, 209 APPS Installed and it's a rocket nonetheless, CheerzZz!
very very VERY Few system errors in LS840ZVI But could not root when on
LS840ZVK impossible to root to date...!

Author Nicole B (11 months)
gingerbreak ? is that like jailbreak!?

Author peanutbutter8601 (1 year)
Aplication not installed,????!!!!!! WTF!!

Author Raven De Vooght (1 year)
Will it work on samsung galaxy gio?

Author PootisPresident (1 year)

Author androidwinner (1 year)
Thumbs up Balkanci! :)

Author DashCRASH (1 year)
Does this work on ice cream sandwich

Author juan diego soto (1 year)
He is dead and he doesn't own android YOU ARE SO DUMB

Author Ingo Cuprite (10 months)
Shes a girl guys :/

Author Victor Martinez (10 months)
is that a girl?

Author damionremoe9 (1 year)
Ur gay it does ant work

Author Cameron Whitaker (1 year)
Do u lose ur information

Author makilolcar (1 year)
It works,but i couldnt find gingerbreak on 4shared i just googled it.

Author rem25studios (1 year)
"literally takes like 10 seconds." It took 1 just no

Author Watch12345679 (1 year)
help! i 4shared dont have gingerbread

Author Isak Gjerstad (1 year)
Hate when "how to" videos contains missing step like, I´ve already
installed this so I jus skip that step. Its always that place i stuck..

Author DaEpikGamer (1 year)

Author Jordan Beezy (1 year)
me too

Author Soloman (1 year)
duh, her name is Karlie and she sounds like a girl. do the math genius. lol

Author saiteja s (1 year)
is it safe

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